Argentina · 3 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

Odisea de Mortia en Entre Rios, Argentina

15 September 2017

Day3:At the morning after having the breakfast,we start our way to home.At first we go to the hot springs,in one part we had the hot springs,and in the another a water park that in my opinion it wasn't the best but some slides were fantastic.When que go out of the slides,it was very very cold.For lunch we eat meat with salas and flor the dessert fruit salad.We continue and visited the palace of San Jose(Urquiza's house),to then make an activite of an sketch.The winning group of the competition was the blue one ,then red and finally green.I shared lots of new experiencies and activities.My best trip ever.
Day 2:After the breakfast ,que went to hunting rocks.Our guide(Charlie) tell us the importance and the differents types of rocks there are in Entre Rios.One of the most common is the Agatha,that if it is in front of the sun you can see trought the rock.Then we go to a field to search some rocks,make some activities and make bread.We had lunch (milanesas with fried potatoes)we went to the Palmar ,a national park that preserves the palms trees (yhatai),and all ok the fauna and flora that is inside the park.First we travel with the bus around the para but then we went to a gallery,with a humid climate because of the trees that scatter the sunlight.At finally se did an activity and take a shower.This was the worst day ,because we didnt have water so we couldnt have a shower.For the dinner we ate show ok pizzas.

13 September 2017

Day1:First we needed to be in the school at 6:00 AM.Then we ride for about two hours.Throught the way we make some activities in the bus to met our team and counselors(captian).Then se rest in a gas station to then continue our way to the whealmeal,where our conselours and guide explain us the history of this important monument.The whealmeal was own by Forclaz ,a family of 9 children.Mr Forclaz wanted to make this whealmeal to work but he can't .After scientistis realice there was a problem with the structure.My conselour was Soho a Californian women that comes to Argentina to study english and espanish ,becase her native language was indian.She leads the green team,Branco the blue team and Alexina the red team.After eating our lunch (chiken),we go to an island where we set a campfire and play in the beach.Finally we arrived at the hotel and take a shower tren we have the dinner.Im very tired of this long day.