Mexico · 10 Days · 22 Moments · January 2016

Oaxaca - January 2016

10 January 2016

For diner we went to Las Danzantes
We explored ruins that were estimated to be build between 1300 and 1400 AD. We were allowed to enter 2 tombs and I am convinced we saw a spirit inside!
We stopped by a mezcal distillery, that had an open tour and provided plenty of samples. We even got to taste fresh mezcal!
After breakfast we wandered to a nearby museum with lots of oaxacan artifacts and art.
Quinta Real breakfast

8 January 2016

Our last day in Tejatitlan. We spent the morning trying to fix out water and power issues. Although we did get the power back one, our water issue was sort of handled. Heradio filled up the water tank so we would take showers and use the restroom. Then we went back to Hujuapan because he needed to get some clothes washed. But to our surprise when we came back all are water was gone. 😩 With no other option we went to have a last dinner with Heradio's aunt and grandpa. As we were sitting there talking a few bulls walked passed the house. I trying to take a picture but I don't think there paparazzi friendly. Off to bed now, it's been nice being disconnected from civilization for a few days. Off to Oaxaca tomorrow for some more adventures.

7 January 2016

Last night we took a trip to a neighboring town. They were celebrating one of their many saints. It was a small event but still fun to watch as people danced for the saint with a live band and all. They were even offering everyone dinner, us included. It's kinda crazy to believe but they must have fed a couple hundred people. A full meal: rice, beans, a red sauce pork dish and coffee. We continued to walk around and checkout a couple of food stands. Both of us spotted some churros for the road and headed home.

6 January 2016

Today was a mellow day. We had breakfast with Heradio's grandpa and aunt, and talked for hours. We took a break to pick up a "rosca" from huajuapan, we we returned we found that a lamb had given birth to twins! We had a nice diner, quesadillas, mole, rice and beans! We cut the rosca for dessert, Heradio got the mono, which means he is responsible for making the tamales.
After a long day at the festival, it is time for bed! Tomorrow is "Dia de Los Reyes Magos"
1/3/2016 We traveled from Oaxaca to huajuapan de Leon by "surburban" aka, a charter van; it took 2.5 hours. We grabbed a quick taco and headed to bed.

5 January 2016

At the festival we feasted on a "chancla" (beans, cheese, salsa, and deliciousness)! We went to the the bull riding competition, and ended the night watching the "toritos". This may be the scariest part, children run with a firecracker helmet like device the shoots fireworks into the crowd. You seriously feel like the whole town I going to catch on fire, but it doesn't.
We spent the morning sleeping in (traveling is exhausting). We had breakfast at noon, and spent the day visiting relatives. Around 5pm we decided to head to town for the big festival celebrating ayukila.

4 January 2016

We hit a few touristy spots while in huajuapan (our best effort of waking the calories off)
After dinner we grabbed ice cream and other local treats including esquites, which is boiled corn with mayonnaise, lemon, chili and cheese. We also grabbed "gelatina" to go! Huajuapan offers so many options it's hard to choose, I am looking forward to trying the "rosca" a bread that is eaten the January 6th to celebrate the three wise men.
The next day I slept in while Heradio and his uncles figured out the electricity and gas connection to the Rios house. After the best hot shower, we had brunch at his aunt house. Black beans, eggs with salsa and tortillas! That afternoon we explored downtown huajuapan and had pizza at Heradio's uncle's pizza shop.

3 January 2016

We stopped by this bar that had excellent micheladas, clean restrooms, chips and the spiciest salsa ever! Overall, excellent resting spot.
We explored "el centro" of Oaxaca. We discovered many artisanal shops and street vendors.
Last night we stayed at Hotel Victoria, with many of the guests from out of town. We slept in until 9 and headed down for breakfast. Hotel Victoria has a restaurant that is Buffett style with many traditional Oaxacan food and live music. I had fruit, pan dulce, chilaquiles, frijoles del ojaya, and a quesadilla with quesillo. Now we are off to explore downtown Oaxaca!

2 January 2016

1/2/2016 We attended a beautiful wedding with plenty of Oaxacan traditions, traditional food, and a lot of dancing! Overall a spectacular wedding with friends and family. (A note: In Mexico there are two ceremonies; a church wedding and a civil wedding. At the civil wedding they read your entire life history and those of your parents including but not limited to your full name, address, date of birth, place of birth, occupation...they really want you to know who you're marrying I guess)

1 January 2016

1/1/2016: 3 planes and 13 hours later (Guadalajara, Mexico City, Oaxaca). We finally landed in Oaxaca at 12pm
1/1/2016: We spent the day watching football, and relaxing. A family member took us to dinner where I (Andrea) had the best Mole ever. I also had pumpkin vine soup, only found in Oaxaca. Wish I would of taken a picture of it. *sigh*. We were walking around and found a elote vendor. Mayo, cheese and just a bit of chili powder on a corn on the cob. Yum. Now off to bed and we will continue the adventures tomorrow.
12/31/2015 11:30pm departure from Sacramento. We rang in the new year midair!