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nz and ozz

11 September 2018

Home time

6 September 2018

Highlights from the last week of my trip

4 September 2018

Back in Melbourne and off to Bairnsdale

31 August 2018

Diving on the barrier

29 August 2018


26 August 2018

Magnetic island day 2

25 August 2018

Magnetic islands

22 August 2018


21 August 2018

Airlie Beach

16 August 2018

Staying at Agnes water for a few days and I’m reminded of a few photos from a few years ago to the present,

14 August 2018

13 August 2018

Fraser Island #1

10 August 2018

Noosa, had a nice walk through the national park and went for a surf

7 August 2018

Went to the gabba but couldn’t get in, and a few shots from around Brisbane

6 August 2018

Getting into Brissy today. Cool city.

3 August 2018

Surfers Paradise

30 July 2018

Byron, small town but chilled got a few more days here

27 July 2018

The journey so far. Off to Byron tomorrow

25 July 2018

Port Macquarie... met a real cool lot of people. It was originally a penal settlement and despite seeing the first snake of the trip, it doesn’t seem that harsh of a punishment. Also saw some dolphins from the beach

24 July 2018

Last day in Sydney

23 July 2018

Day in Manly and the ferry journey

22 July 2018

A nice lunch with the oz fam

21 July 2018

Last day with Alby, visited the rocks and watched Sydney Swans vs Gold Coast in the AFL

20 July 2018

A visit to Newtown

19 July 2018

Views from around Sydney and a visit up the sky tower

18 July 2018

Spent the day staring at girls at Bondi Beach

17 July 2018

Arrival in Sydney and saw a spaceship
Highlights of Canberra... interesting

15 July 2018

Few cool days going shooting and watching the odd fottie game

13 July 2018

Wakeboarding yesterday, snowboarding today... Straya

12 July 2018

Sick day fishing, wake boarding, bodyboarding-ish and joined in aussie rules training with the boys

11 July 2018

A day on the boat in Bairnsdale, on the hunt for Koalas, a 90 mile beach and fishing

9 July 2018

Bairnsdale time!!! Met the boys from NZ and they’re putting us up for a few nights, tried our hand at Aussie Rules

6 July 2018

Tour of the MCG and museum tour and an AFL game in the evening.

5 July 2018

Victoria market & Penguin sporting in St. Kildaaa

4 July 2018

A good night last night watching England do the business

3 July 2018

A pair of mugs on a visit to Melbourne jail

2 July 2018

A few shots from around Melbourne. A visit to the library, the NVG and war memorial. We have also started a chess champo, current score is 3-0 to me and the pool champo is 3-2 to me in a close contest.

1 July 2018

1st gander through Melbourne
Last leg of the Great Ocean Road
A view from our hostel room, a stop at the ATM and Debra

30 June 2018

Great Ocean Road #3. The Twelve Apostles and Gibson Steps
Great Ocean Road #2 London Bridge, the arch and Loch Ard Gorge
Great Ocean Road... #1. A wild roo, bay of islands and the grotto

29 June 2018

Road trip!!! -Over night stay in Mt Gambier

27 June 2018

A few shots from around Adelaide, not one of my favourite cities so far

26 June 2018

Alby turned up ok! I had a nightmare booking accommodation but got a nice deal at a hotel to give a bit of a silver lining
Big crowd come out to see Alby arrive...
Flight out of NZ from Christchurch... Going to miss NZ ... Waiting for alby in Adelaide

25 June 2018

Met up with Corbs and Jade, a friend off the bus, at the place we decide to eat in. Also a few pics from around Christchurch

24 June 2018

Nina the German weightlifter giving me a lift from Dunedin to Christchurch. Much love

23 June 2018

The game
A last minute trip to go and watch the All Blacks in Dunedin...

22 June 2018

Cool day walking round Christchurch

21 June 2018

1st full day in Christchurch, it’s cool. Staying on Manchester Street too...

20 June 2018

1st impressions of Christchurch. It seems like a cool place and bumped into an old friend

19 June 2018

Said goodbye to Queenstown and visited Lake Tekapo. We had views of Mt Cook along the way

18 June 2018

Apparently the best cookies in the world ... Don’t think they’ve been to Greggs...
Me and Coxy nailing the biggest bungy jump in NZ, 134m

17 June 2018

Chilled day in Queenstown just having a walk around

16 June 2018

Massive day of boarding in Cardrona. Real good day of shredding with the guys

15 June 2018

On the way back from Milford we also visited the misty mountains from Lord of the Rings and saw some mirror lakes. I’ve also got an album cover for whenever I need it
Wow big day at Milford Sound #2
Wow big day at Milford Sound #1

14 June 2018

Fergburger in Queenstown claims to have the best burgers in the world... Jury’s still out
A few shots from around queenstown. A dog who sings with its owner and me and Coxy doing the hydro attack. I also had to pick up some mittens as Queenstown is rather cold.

13 June 2018

Meeting up with the big dog in Queenstown

11 June 2018

Rolling through the NZ country side from Franz Joseph to Wanaka, the pictures don’t do it any justice
The sun came out to play- Franz Joseph and it’s glacier

10 June 2018

Franz Joseph, we came here for a heli-hike on a glacier but the weather has stopped us and the views

8 June 2018

Fancy dress... The theme was things beginning with the letters WTF, I chose a footballer
Some spots on the west coast of the South Island. I’m currently in Franz Joseph recovering from a fancy dress party last night

7 June 2018

Lake Rotoroa and the views of the South Island on the way to Westport

6 June 2018

En route to Abel Tasman national park- views coming off the ferry
Left wellington this morning and on the ferry to the South Island

5 June 2018

A few more shots of Wellington and the views from mount Victoria

4 June 2018

The botanical garden and a few more shots from around Wellington

3 June 2018

Wata cave make film props and do cgi and stuff, really cool place, they are responsible for pretty much all of the lord of the rings stuff, navi people from avatar, sky lines in blade runner 2 and immortan joe from mad max. Wellington is cool so I decided to stay an extra 2 more nights
Wellington, easily my favourite place in NZ I’ve stayed

2 June 2018

1st day in wellington, very cool city

1 June 2018

Just arrived in wellington despite the rain it seems like a real cool city. There was also a bit of a rowdy one last night...

31 May 2018

Chilling with mount doom and the waterfall where golem gets the fish out the stream. A big lord of the rings day today... Tongariro national park

30 May 2018

Lake taupo, ‘the worlds coolest’ (coldest) maccies and a day playing mini golf + crowded house NZ’s most famous band. Mountain in the background is mount doom from lord of the rings

29 May 2018

A screen shot from the bungy today... #chills
NZ’s highest water touch Bungy, if you follow the link you should be able to see the whole video...
Huka falls en route to lake taupo

27 May 2018

Went looking for some hobbits but apparently they are too shire

26 May 2018

A few from black water rafting the guys on the bus and an intense game of jengaaaa
Hot water beach and a photo from a walk this morning

25 May 2018

A visit to cathedral cove, hot water beach in the evening

24 May 2018

The waterfall with the Aussie boys

23 May 2018

A walk to a waterfall today

22 May 2018

Trip to the tip of nz, had a ride on the 90 mile beach and had a bash at some sand boarding

21 May 2018

En route to the bay of islands

20 May 2018

A few more from the skytower, I got someone to wear my shoes and walk across the glass floor
Up the Auckland skytower, the glass floor wasn’t for me...
Auckland art museum where my very own ‘dream house’ was added to the exhibition and a walk to ponsonbury a very nice suburb of Auckland

19 May 2018

Stormy for a sec
Waihake island, great spot
Ferry trip over to Waiheke island

18 May 2018

Fishing this afternoon and a bird ran away with ma fish
Auckland this morningg

17 May 2018

Views on the way into Sydney airport, just 3 hours to Auckland now

16 May 2018

13 hours with 3 rows of seats to myself. Didn’t think I smelt that bad already...
Dubai airport
All packed up, flight is at 10:00