Australia and Oceania, North America · 11 Days · 64 Moments · August 2018


31 August 2018

Today my trip began with a ride on the Staten Island Ferry while eating a pretzel, exactly like I did when I was here as a kid so many years ago.

30 August 2018

The Pats ended up winning the game 17-12. It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to one day travel to Boston to see them play again.
My seat was really close to the field and I was able to see Brady, Gronk & Edelman warm up before the game. Even though none of them ended up taking the field it was so amazing just to see them at all.
Made it to MetLife Stadium for the Giants vs Patriots game. First thing I did was have some Dip n Dots.
Finally ate a blooming onion at an Australian restaurant called Outback Steakhouse. It was huge and I ordered way too much and couldn’t eat it all. Shouldn’t have gotten the tacos, they weren’t great.
We were then taken to studio 8H home to Saturday Night Live. It was so surreal to be in the room where some of my favourite celebrities and SNL cast members like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph have hosted and performed. We were also told stories about musical guests who decked out the simple stage for their performances all of which they had to pay for except my fave Adele who simply asked for a microphone and spotlight. As we were walking out I noticed they had a few iconic costumes on display including the pink outfit that Tina Fey wore as Sarah Palin when she was interviewed by Amy Poehler as Katie Couric. We were then shown studio 6B where they film The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon and it was so much smaller than it appears on TV!! Lastly we were shown the control rooms which look like they could be a hell of a stressful job and we then made our own tv segment. I was a guitar player in the band. It was so cringe haha
Did my tour on the NBC Studios this afternoon and it was simply amazing!! We were shown a studio where they film one of the news shows and it was amazing to see all the lighting that was used in every studio and at the anchors desk he had 4 tv monitors hidden under the clear table top which showed him a live social media feed, notes from producers, a feed of their competition and a feed of what was being broadcast because he is also an executive producer.
Had a PB & J macaroon and a chocolate & almond croissant for breakfast.

29 August 2018

Broadway show #9 - Mean Girls I love Tina Fey so much so seeing this was a must and it did not disappoint. The music was amazing, the cast were incredible and the new jokes added were hilarious. Again this needs to come to Australia.
Tried to get a rush ticket for Come From Away but missed out and was given a standing ticket for $32. It was a really different experience standing but the show only went for 100 mins so it wasn’t too bad having to stand and you could see the stage clearly. The musical was so amazingly uplifting and I. Any wait to see it next July in Melbourne!!
Had Chick-Fill-a for lunch. Was pretty average.
Had the most amazing cinnamon scroll from Cinnabon 😍

28 August 2018

Finished off the day with pizza the size of my head ❤️🍕
Broadway show #7 - Frozen ❄️ My seat was crap. The person in front of me was a lot taller and cut off a lot of the stage so I was constantly trying to look around her and there were so many kids singing, crying and generally making noise during the performance which was really annoying. But next time I’ll have a much better seat and hopefully there won’t be many kids because it’s more expensive. The show itself was incredible. Caissie Levy has such a killer voice and she smashed out Let It Go & Monster so well. The little kids who played Elsa and Anna were excellent as well. The lighting effects were amazing and the costuming was stunning. I can’t wait to see it up closer and notice all the smaller details.
Went to Dave & Buster’s and played heaps of really cool arcade games that we don’t have back home. Won nearly 6000 tickets
There was a big bee infestation in Times Square.
Went to 7/11 and got a grape slurpee. They have so many more flavours than we do in Australia.
Had lunch at Otto’s Tacos. The food was good but the service was very average.
Tickets from some Super Bowls
Pimped our helmets. Plus the Vince Lombardi Trophy
My hand compares to Tom Brady
Went to the NFL Experience in Times Square and hey had this board of all the team’s gloves
Had a chocolate donut and cinnamon knot for breakfast.

27 August 2018

Had Shake Shack for dinner. The classic burger with fries and a watermelon & basil house made lemonade & a concrete blueberry pie.
Broadway show #6 - The Phantom Of The Opera It was such a spectacular show. The music was phenomenal and the them for The Phantom was spine tingling. The Phantom and Christine were incredible singers. I can’t wait to show Norma the program that I got!!
Saw a Wicked taxi 💚💚💚
Had lunch at Walhburgers which is Mark, Paul & Donnie Walhburg’s restaurant. The fried pickles were really yum. It was a sit down table service meal and I was so confused about the tipping.
Spent most of the day in Central Park. It was so beautiful. I saw many different statues and came across a squirrel which made my day.

26 August 2018

Saw Wicked for the second time nice and close in row E. I loved it even more because I could see the little facial expressions that the actors did and got a much better look at the detail in the set that wasn’t with the Aussie production because it wasn’t permanent like this Broadway one. Also posted my photos to my photography Insta and Jessica Volk who plays Elphaba put them onto her story and instantly I added her to my fave Elphies.
Saw Skintight close and the performance was pretty much identical to the day before except towards the end someone’s phone went off and it rang and rang until Idina broke character and told them to pick it up. I wanted something like that to happen so bad as I knew that she has a history of doing it. Idina didn’t come to stage door again which was pretty disappointing as it was the last show but all in all it was really amazing to see her do her thing live.
At the best tacos of my life at Los Tacos No. 1. Steak on corn and flower tortillas. Was really cool to watch the cooks prepare the food in front of you.
Visited the M&M World store and got all of these M&M’s plus a heap of Peanut M&M merch for Rach
On the way back to Times Square I stopped off at a little place that sold bubble tea. I got the taro root tea.
Started my day off with an All-Star Acai bowl from Juice Generation.

25 August 2018

Broadway show #3 -Skintight with Idina Menzel. I was front row for this performance and it was crazy overwhelming seeing Idina literally a meter in front of me. The show was so great and really intimate. It was super funny and Idina really showed her range as an actor. I tried to meet her at stage door but she skipped fans and went out another door and signed and took a photo with an autograph hound which was pretty disappointing. But I met a group of women who were also talking about their disappointment and befriended them. One of them is friends with the person who runs Idina’s social media and she complained to her about what happened. The group also felt really sorry for me because I came all the way from Australia and missed out. Maybe I’ll get my chance tomorrow but I won’t be upset if I miss out.
Broadway show #2 SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical. Rach and I loved watching the show as kids and I wish she could have seen it with me. The theatre was huge and had lifts to take you up to the different levels. The stage design was incredible. I loved how while the audience was waiting for the show to start they had little models of SpogeBob, Patrick and Squadward’s houses on the middle of the stage. They also had a live band playing music before the performance started. I’ve never seen anything like it before. So awesome!! The show itself was incredible. The costuming, the lighting and set were all so vibrant and pretty. All the cast embodies the characters from the cartoon so perfectly and there were many little references to the tv show which was the best. And at the end of the show they blast bubbles and streamers everywhere and sing the SpongeBob theme song. Gosh I hope it comes to Australia one day!!
Finally made it to Target and bought some more cool food as well as some key rings for my work wives.
Along the way to Target I stopped off at a Dunkin Doughnuts and tried the doughnut fries along with a sweetened ice tea. The fries were pretty stale and I wouldn’t recommend them.
Walked in the wrong direction trying to find Target but ended up coming across an all year Christmas store and I was able to buy this lovely ball for the family.
Walked past where the film Stephen Colbert’s show.
Saw this cool Wicked banner while walking the street.
Had breakfast at Starbucks. A strawberry and acai tea and plain bagel with cream cheese.

24 August 2018

My 1st Broadway show. So fittingly it was Wicked, the show that started my obsession with musical theatre. I bought so much cool merch. My seat was up the back but was like a single seat so I had heaps of room around me. The show itself was so great. It was like being reunited with an old friend. It was really cool to see the different production differences when comparing it to our Aussie production. Stuff like different set design, lighting and the addition of trap doors. Can’t wait to see it again in a closer seat.
Visited the Nintendo NY store and bought so many t-shirts.
Popped by Grand Central Station. It was a buzzing hub of activity. Walked underground to get to it and it was so hot and stuffy I thought I was gonna die!!
Ate my bagels in Bryant Park
I then stopped off at a Target which is completely different to ours and also sells food and drinks like a supermarket. They had Micky Mouse waffles and blue Fanta!!
Went for a stroll down to Best Bagels & Coffee which Yelp told me was a great eat and it wasn’t wrong. When I got there the line was out the door but thankfully it moved along quickly. I ended up getting a plain bagel with grape jelly and a garlic bagel with bacon & cheddar spread.

23 August 2018

I checked into the Edison Hotel and was sooooooo tired. I immediately went up to my room, unpacked s few of my things and then had one of the best showers of my whole life. I had ESPN on the tv and watched a bit of the Phoenix Mercury playing in the WNBA while I got dressed. I then headed into Times Square which is like a minute walk from my hotel. It’s honestly just as crazy as they all say. The lights are bright and there are people everywhere. I stood off to the side and just took it all in for a moment while snapping a few photos. I then visited the Disney store which was a few meters down the street and when I looked across the road I thought that there was a massive line to get into the shop but it was just the foot traffic on the street!! The Disney store was pretty underwhelming. They didn’t have a lot of Star Wars merch and their mug selection was pretty average. I ended up buying a t-shirt with the Incredibles logo on it and a mug with all of Enda Mode’s quotes.
Had a pastrami sandwich for lunch on the plane. It was delicious!!
Just flew over NYC and it’s so crazy how clearly you can spot Central Park!!
Just finished watching Fahrenheit 451 and it was a lot better than reviews said it was. Feeling so tired but need to stay awake to combat jet lag.
Got off the plane and it was not, humid and cloudy. Went through immigration with no issues. Picked up my suitcase and then dropped it off for my connecting flight to JFK. No one inspected my luggage which surprised me. Then had a bit of a struggle trying to find where I needed to go to get my ticket updated for my new flight. Eventually found it and then went through the security screening which is so much more involved than Australia. They first check your ticket and ID and then you have to chuck all your stuff in a tray which you pick up and you have to take your shoes off. Which I remember telling Mum that I though I’d have to do. Anyway, now I’m waiting at my gate for my flight which leaves at 9:25am and should arrive in NYC at 6:17pm. Which kinda sucks because it’s later than what was initially planned but everything is open late and I might just go to Times Square and then call it a night and do the other stuff tomorrow.
‪Honestly my biggest gripe with the flight would have to be the size of the seat pocket. It legit fits nothing...‬
For the lunch meal I had kung pao chicken with rice, cheese and crackers and a chocolate mousse. For the breakfast meal I had an omelet with a chicken sausage and a tomato relish, a muffin and a vanilla (my least favourite flavour) yogurt.
So got maybe 4 hours sleep when I went to bed at 9:30pm. Then woke up around 1:30am and was wide awake so I watched Rampage on the screen in the front seat. It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Then I started to feel tired again so I got rid of my bulky headphones and chucked in some earplugs and tried a different sleeping position which helped me get maybe another hour of sleep. A flight attendant then came and told me that the flight was going to arrive late to LAX and I was going to miss my connecting flight to JFK. So I’ve been moved to a later flight at 9:25am. Glad that I don’t have to stress about it!!

22 August 2018

The inflight wifi is sooooooo slow 😑
Finally boarded my flight to LAX after it was delayed by about half an hour. My seat is close to the toilet but not too close. There’s actually a lot of good stuff on the entertainment box in the front of my seat. Will probably watch Westworld and Rise of the Tomb Raider at some stage. There’s also a young kid sitting in the row across from me and I’m praying that he doesn’t make much noise.
Duty free is crazy. So many shops!!
Andddd I just realized that I left my $30 neck pillow of my domestic flight. Idiot moment #1 😅
On the bus transferring to Sydney international terminal and there’s an old couple in front of me who are hell bent on taking as many photos as they can of transportation for some silly game they’re playing. So weird 😂