Malaysia · 1 Days · 4 Moments · April 2017

Nurul Syazwani's adventure in Osaka Prefectur

28 April 2017

We arrived on time and had to wait for Airasia group to arrive . Since our flight reschedule earlier and AA flight is delay, we have more than 3 hours difference. Well, it's time to find breakfast. Where is my food?? Oh! In my group, we have 12 people total including our tour guide Brandon. CEO, CFO, HR manager, Trader, Operation Manager, Assistant Manager, etc.. Well, you get the clue (big bosses) . So, we get first class treatment while waiting. Brandon manage to get us a 5 star hotel breakfast. Nice!
Landed! Oh my KIX. 😂 Can't believe I'm here.. 6 hours flight, lack of sleep and too much eating.. Here I am being yellow. Haha. Safely arrived at 5:20 a.m Japan time and everything amazes me. Clean airport, clean toilet. Not even a single litter. Shocking! Going through immigration is easy. But I don't why my colleague takes sooooo long to get through. Now, sleep has catching up and waiting is very annoying. Luckily, baggage claim and custom declaration is a breeze. Smile on your face and go go!
Necessities and dinner! Flying with MAS for international flight is a first for me. I know MAS have a good service. Little did I know, it has a great service. I really appreciate all the serving they did. I am guessing,they hardly have time to rest for a six hours flight! Good job MAS! Sadly, that means no sleeping for me. The lights is always on for most of the time. I know I can refuse serving, but who would deny such lovely snacks in the middle of night! Not my stomach defo.
Leaving Malaysia at 10:20PM. I am not feeling well that day but I can feel the excitement going to Japan with my friends. My colleague to be exact. Well, this is a company trip afterall.