Canada · 1 Days · 7 Moments · April 2018

N's tour through West Canada

15 April 2018

Our trip was really amazing and had pretty sights. We are on our way home, & we should get there in 3 hours. We half half of our flight home left! ✈
Today is the last day in West Canada. We decided to go to an animal sanctuary. It was really pretty! They had flamingos, turtles, & tropical colored flowers! 🌺
Took photos in front of a massive crystal blue lake on the way back to our hotel.
Around 4 00 today, we went on a Canadian glaciers tour. The tour guides took us in a massive bus with 2 meter wide wheels up a mountain. We got to walk on he glaciers and saw thin streams of ice cold water. In the distance we got to see some of the snow falling of he mountains. It was deadly cold though, but really fun! 😨
Today we went through another trail with a lot of pretty mountain views. The air there smelled like fresh cut grass ( If you know what that smells like 😄)
Visited 2 long nature trails and walked through a famous one, the 7 glaciers! We actually got to se 7 huge glaciers when we walked!🏔
West Canada is he last place I need to travel to cover all of Canada's prettiest sites. I'm going to start packing for our trip & I need to start collaging all the photos!❄