Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 47 Days · 107 Moments · April 2017

3 June 2017

Now in Oz and time to start a new adventure!

2 June 2017

So sad to be leaving Japan! We spent our last few hours eating good ramen, looking at the mejji shrine & going to a totally fabulous photography exhibition. Last foods: Ben ate some cheesecake ice cream, my lemonade was pink. I think we will miss the cute factor of things here. It's been an incredible part one to this mad journey. I'm so so glad that we jumped feet first into going & amazingly great-full to everyone that has supported us & provided all of the love. Genuinely one of our best decisions that would not have been possible if it was not for you fabulous people. Now off to Oz!

1 June 2017

Hanging out with our mates the hoot hoot boys. Also known as owls. Wonderful place to meet owls. Ben made all his make noises. And one does genuinely hoot. All the others made different noises. The barn owl mistook Ben for a tree branch and climbed up him. Nadia made super good friends with her bird. He wouldn't leave her after our hour was up! Right now we are saying see you later to Japan on a roof top buffet bar in the city centre. Lots of people, all you can eat. And self service booze machines! Don't even need to pour, the robot does it for you! Totally the future. Now onto the unlimited deserts
Ah last full day :( Even Japan is sad so it's raining.

31 May 2017

Today we are cramming in tons of art & zines. Found this totally rad gallery called guardian gallery. Probably one of the best up and coming galleries I have been to in ages. It's 2pm and we are kind of flagging so off to find some cheap food! We went to some super cool galleries & stocked up on Japanese stationary to make work with. In the stationary store was an amazing whole floor of just paper stocks. I was in heaven.

30 May 2017

Went back to Matsudo to drop off the rest of my exhibition and say goodbye to everyone. We stuck around to see a performance by another air resident. Very different to the type of work me and ben usually see.
Still at the Mori art gallery, there was a huge retrospective of this Indian artist. His humour, politics, colour & pattern use was superb. I think ben was super happy!
So the gallery had a marvel exhibit on, it had some actual props from guardians of the galaxy, Spider-Man & dr strange. Meaning that I was so close to Bendershatch sweat stains.
We are staying near a place called ropongi hills, it's all shiny and new (and apparently funded by yakuza) in the centre is a huge arts, shop & everything tower that we wanted to visit for the Mori art gallery. Unexpected bonus it has amazing views of the city!

29 May 2017

Disney was crazy! We walked in and there was a parade happening, apparently it's still Easter in Tokyo so we were welcomed with the song 'happy easter'. It was fun just walking around, but for a quiet day it was still packed! Everyone lets their hair down in the park & you even saw salary men with silly ears on. Highlights were the sinbad ride, which had a really catchy tune of 'follow the compass of your heart' which feels very apt for just now. Double decker carracel was also fun! Went under the sea, battled the lines for the rides. Bumped into Stich & captain jack. Ate Minnie Mouse ice cream. Finished the day off by going on a journey to the centre of the earth, which we were kind of putting off as it is a rollercoaster. We both actually really loved it as it took you on a journey & the rollercoaster element fitted into the story. Plus I think we both needed an excuse to scream at the top of our lungs. We spent around 8 hours at the park and had a blast!
A few shots of Disney fun.
Tokyo Disney sea! Trying out the theory that it's the happiest place in the world.

28 May 2017

Brilliant afternoons entertainment watching fat peoples fall over. Genuinely amazing pageantry and seconds of brutal wrestling

27 May 2017

So yesterday was a bit of a write off. I must have eaten something bad & Leon based stress made my general everything go wonky. So we just hid after looking at birds. It's 9am now & we both feel much better. Checking into our last accommodation today and plan on doing something joy filled (not sure what yet). :)

26 May 2017

Watching a dog show on Japanese tv. It's like a dog obstacle course (dobstacle course if you will) we're family dogs must do a range of weird game show style challenges in 5 minutes. Also it is to the ghostbusters theme tune.
Back in Tokyo. We spend all of yesterday on the train but before that we picked up this fine bag of a chicken from the local artist we saw on the tv. Shoyu is Japanese for soy sauce. So that's the chickens name. Right now it is raining and we took shelter in a shop called Pie Hole, that does fancy European pies. Going to rain all day so we are going to a bird cafe for another animal cafe to tick off the list

25 May 2017

Sun tan lines from sandals.
Getting the most out of train pass as we are in Kagoshima. This is famous for its cheeky volcano sakurajima which is highly active. It spits out ash regularly and we got briefed on the possibility of earthquakes at the hotel. Don't worry, the ash is light and you only need an umbrella and any shakes would be minor. Also we watched local Japanese tv and it was all about crafts in the town so we are going to investigate. Then we jump on the bullet train back to Tokyo for the final stretch. On the way here we crossed the closest point to Korea, and currently we are around 230 miles away. North Korea & Trumps submarines seem more scary than volcanoes.

24 May 2017

Itsukujima torii gate is that iconic shrine in the sea. It lives off an island called miyajima. We took a ferry over in the fog and the rain and it really lives up to the idea of a gateway from the human and the spirit world. Even in the rain it was packed with tourists but far more impressive than any photo I've seen of it. Bonus wild deer live on the island too. They were unimpressed with the rain and humans too
We just got sent a photo of us at the fish market in Tokyo from last week? Days are blending way too easily & time is all mixed up in my head!!

23 May 2017

Hiroshima was intense. Felt very quiet within the peace park & at the dome. Life continues & people were cycling through, frogs were chirping and cats lounging. Overwhelming but worthwhile.
My love for local transport continues with the trams of Hiroshima. Jumping on one to visit the peace park and ground zero.
Night out part 2; I'm more fuzzy of the timeline. Ben went into (but only for two mins) a Japanese place where it's basically a floor of porn & you rent a room for a couple of hours to "relax". No ladies allowed so I waited outside with all the hostesses. Funnily enough hostesses in Japan that are on the street are not prostitutes, they charge to sit next to you in the bar & tell you how witty and amazing you are! Ben managed to woo a Korean businessman at the last bar, he got a lot of kisses. Everyone was super friendly and laid back, totally the opposite of how you think of Japanese people would be. #breakingsteriotypes.

22 May 2017

So we went on our eating & drinking tour. Current status: hungover. So last night! It was a tour via air b&b with Osaka resident Kevin. A short history walk that described osaka as a merchant town and port full of friendly people reminded us of Glasgow. There was three official stops on the tour. The first one was an insane stand and eat place rammed full of locals. We ate whale sashimi and beef stew and some weird little fish heads. We detoured to a tiny bar and had Japanese whiskeys. Nadia had a cocktail. And as you may guess this was a slippery slope for both of us. Some of the whiskey was super smooth but after the second one I am not in the best of recollection The second bar food was a family run place, a lot quieter but excellent selection of food including not god awful tofu, something we think was chicken and pig ears. Ben had sweet potato sake. I think. I'm not sure how it tasted. The final stop was the tempura dippers which included lotus root and Pork.
So we got up early and have walked most of the mahout tourist spots of Osaka. Bumped into a cool little market & Ben ate some wagu beef on a stick. Currently having a wee break in front of the modern art museum (sadly closed on Mondays). Tonight we are off on a wee tour I booked ages ago to taste some Osaka foods.

21 May 2017

Walked to Osaka castle, it's mega bling.
Tick another world wonder off our list. Himeji castle was the first thing we did today. Got up nice and early to be there for opening. Still, it was popular at 9am. It's only recently been fixed up and given a lick of paint. Like the black crow castle this too has a nickname : the white egret. And like black crow we were able to get right inside to the very top. Spectacular views but also a great insight into how insanely armed to the teeth the fortifications were. Every wall has storage for weapons. The central pillar of 7 stories was made from a single tree. Every family that owned the castle had different stamps and any repair work in the past would have their seal on it. Our favourite was the Ikeda family with the swallow tail butterfly. While sitting out in the park we saw a dragonfly too. But by the time we got out the 3 walls of the castle the swarm of tourists was there so we are now off onto our next destination: Osaka

20 May 2017

Made it to Himji! Went for a walk down to the shoreline, of course we walk into the industrial but instead of the beach. Got some cool pictures. Found a roadside bento box place (basically a greasy spoon cafe) run by two old ladies, it was super delicious & cheap! So last night Ben went for an onsen (I couldn't go as I'm too tattooed)! He said is was amazing, but too many lunging wangs everywhere. Then we had a bento box in front of the castle & had a walk around the grounds. We made friends with the castle cats & gave them belly rubs. We also found a frog and ben poked it. Found cat beer, drank cat beer. Watched weird Japanese TV.
Pure toasty
In Himji!
Mainly chilled yesterday, hedgehog cafe was fab (we got a 15min deal which was perfect) they were both pretty sleepy but very used to being handled. Bens hog bit his finger & mines tried to eat my shirt. I'm seeing a trend in animals wanting to eat my clothes, first the fish, deer & now the hedgehogs.
We hung out with friends from my exchange in Utrecht. Miku and Asami. We went for top ramen then went to a bar hidden between some houses. It was like a living room run by two sisters who graduated art school. It was perfection. A beer and home made dumplings. Then we took photos and toddled back home. A superb night that reminds me I was good at art school at least at making friends!

19 May 2017

Did some one say hedge hog cafe?!!!

18 May 2017

Got up late today & walked through the imperial palace, it was closed for some reason so we skipped over to the philosophers path. On route we saw 13 black kites swooping around a bridge. Apparently they are well known in Kyoto & will even steal food out of your hand! Philosophers path was glorious & Ben went all introspective (well we laughed at fish). I had a bee land on me & lick me! It tickled so so much. We are just having a walk around today & are currently in a cafe with 3D latte art. Ben got a kitten & pig and I got a rabbit & bear art! We also are more huge pancakes, this time matcha green tea flavoured!

17 May 2017

After Nara we got on the wrong train so we were almost at Osaka :/ took us ages to get home & we were super hungry & tired so we went to McDonalds. We feel all kinds of bad about it, BUT you can have chicken nuggets as a side instead of chips!
Yesterday was a full day out. Jumped on the train to Nara. Nara is famous for two things: free roaming deer and a big Buddha. The deer just roam the street and the park and get fed by everyone. But they are totally chill, some even a little bit forward. We did get nibbled but nothing damaged. They just really wanted treats. When we say lots of deer the number is around 1,200. And the Buddha, huge. The whole thing was cast in bronze and the hands and 2m tall tip to wrist. This thing was actually stunning, again it was super old from about 700ad. One of the beams in the great hall has a hole in it and we watched school kids climb through it, the teacher was pulling them through. It was some sort of good luck ritual. We also witnessed deer using zebra crossings and also a deer was in the men's toilets. Some liked cameras so we got a photo shoot in with them. Nadia was like a little Disney princess summoning deer, thankfully she didn't burst into song!
Nadia getting interviewed by school kids. She is very popular. This is the third time today
Ugggh we are both sleepy from yesterday. So we have caught up with admin (kind of) did some clothes washing & had a long relaxed breakfast. It's 1pm now so we are off to a park that has deer (Nara)

16 May 2017

Hung out at Pop Coffee Cocktails. Nadia was drawn to the use of neon. It was a welcome break before heading out for a bite to eat.
Favourite shrine (followed by baby sitting Buddha) : big pig shrine. Hail to the pig! Bork for the pork! Save our bacon (and our souls)!
Waiting for the catbus at the bottom of Mt. Atago
Went past allotments and found a vending machine for veggies! A 21st century honesty box. And it was all 100 yen
By this point we were so tired & hungry. Ben managed to find this amazing proper yakatori place that was so delicious. Went home & crashed!!
After monkeys we took a bus up to the foothills of the mountains to see a super old street that has original buildings. We walked and walked until we found another shrine which is dedicated to stone Buddha statues people have made. We also are at a place that was very traditional & I had proper tempura & ben had plum soup. A vending machine had super cheap veggies in it on the side of the road too. :) The best part was sitting waiting for the bus back as the surroundings were totally totoro country. I'm pretty sure I saw one. - points to Boy Scout ben as we waited for our second bus connection for over an hour, then I figured out we were on the wrong side of the road. Hmmmmm. + the bus back was beautiful and there are worse places to wait for a bus in the universe. ++ our train back was so so cute, one carriage and the lady next to us was proper old & chatted to us about Tokyo in English!!
Climbed into the mountains, and there at the top beautiful views but also a monkey park! (This was the real reason to come) Real macaques just strolling about. Sleeping in trees, eating nuts out of our hands. Got to stay in a quiet part of the park and had a little monkey family walk right up to us and climb into a tree. And when I mean close I mean close enough to smell their stinky little monkey bodies. And as they sat in the tree the momma cleaned her baby right in front of us. Such a wonderful quiet moment to be privileged to see. We fed some peanuts to those gross little hairy monkey boys and ben was in his element.
Woaw! Kyoto has some amazing stuff. AM/ got up early, bought supply pastries from this delicious shop opposite our hostel. Took a bus to the bamboo forest, truly otherworldly place with birds and a seance of calm. Glad we went early as it gets way way busy later in the day. From there we walked up to a shrine that has a proper zen garden, we could hear monks meditating. In the stream we saw some wild river prawns! For some reason we always end up going on tourist things on the same day as school trips so we had to fight through the kids to get to our next stop. Afternoon/ Monkey park!
Deep in the bamboo forest

15 May 2017

At cafe nekokaigi and Nadia has been claimed by this little lady. Strange cat cafe, all the cats like being patted on the butt vigorously. No strokes or scratches, just butt slaps
Very early this morning in the imperial palace there was a huge parade to give blessings to a good crop. It was HUGE and lasted around 45mins. Heather you would have loved all the horses. Bonus points they had two huge ox in the precession too!
Omg we saw a kusama art in the wild!! Ben sniffed out this super chill area of kyoto beside a stream. It was hipster as heck but we walked past this polkadot rock & it was totally one of hers! Also dogs in prams are totally ok here.

14 May 2017

In Kyoto. What a wonderful city, a lot more laid back and truest in the sense of 'stepping back in time'. We walked down wild duck river and crossed the stepping stones and spent most of yesterday in the old town where everything is made of wood and most technology is hidden away to preserve the look. Saw many shrines that require you to touch and send prayers to cows and pigs and other animals. Nadia found a kimono shop and tried some on, snapped an explanation of the names of the parts of the dress. Saw many women in their Sunday best, such a sight. Even guys were in traditional dress. We also saw the original Nintendo hq, and as we took photos we ran into a Buddhist procession and we got blessed by the lion dance by being bitten on the head ( not real lion btw) Right now we are waiting on a ceremony parade that dates back to the 6th century.

13 May 2017

Woo made it Kyoto. The hostel we are at is so super swish, seriously better than most hotels in the UK. Everything is fresh, clean and airy. Bens been out investigating but I'm having a bit of a stay inside wobble (using the time to catch up on plans, looking at jobs for Australia & booking our last accommodation for Japan 😭) The river here is beautiful & everyone just hangs out there. Lots more of people wear traditional dress & look so fly!

12 May 2017

Kanazawa for the last day and a bit. We made it to the beautiful gardens but we were both really tired so it was more of a chill stop over somewhere nice and quiet. Oh! And we had the biggest, fluffyest pancakes ever. They whip deliciousness into them. Also we saw a Casino millionaire dog. Currently on the thunderbird express to Kyoto!

11 May 2017

Stayed a night in Nikko so we could go to Matsumoto castle. Unexpectedly Nikko is lovely! Ninjas came here, giant shrines. Also super good ramen & a local dumpling thing that was packed full of flavour (I had pumpkin & ben had greens)
So at the Buddhist temple, which is rumoured to have the first Buddha statue ever brought to Japan, we saw a moat full o terrapins. This one made friends with us because it thought we would feed it. Foolish animal. We had Oyaki which are little pancake dumpling things from Nagano. The delicious adventure around Japan keeps on giving

10 May 2017

An evening in Nagano. The site of the 1998 Winter Olympics. A place of laid back vibes and excellent noodle shops. Got a bite to eat at a place that stays open til 5am. And it's noodle refill for 70p. Total stuffed. Earlier we went to the the Tosho-gu. A shrine and mausoleum to the shogun who unified Japan and had his descendants rule for 250 years. Important man. Good taste in animal statues. The place is being updated with a new lick of paint and repairs, last time it got spruced up was early 20th century. Went into the temple and got blessed. The whole place is a unesco site and it definitely felt like stepping back in time at some points.
So we traveled reasonably far yesterday. Today we have been around Nikkō Tōshō-gū which is a huge golden temple for this old dude that died (Ben will put up a post with a clearer idea of what / why it is here) We saw so many shrines & gods. Clearly there were ghosts. We climbed the equivalent of the height of the sky tree - 634 m. Now off to travel Nikko - Nagano!
So we made it to the countryside! Japanese trains are so so good! Our hotel was in the Japanese style, with floor mats & paper sliding doors. Top point was the veiw from the room, you could see the river, waterfalls & mountains. The only noise you could hear was the river. Hotel also had an onsen which was exactly like a HUGE hot shared bath (except I was the only one in there as male and female are separate due to the fact you have to be butt naked) Ben looked fly in traditional onsen clothes.

9 May 2017

Just on the bullet train out of Tokyo. Picked up some super cute cakes.

8 May 2017

Went for a huge walk down to the river in Matsudo, there was so much wildlife , especially birds. Followed a few of them & saw some more bad ass butterflies.

7 May 2017

We went on to a shopping mall full of things that made Nadia go 'wow'. Highlights include modern kimonos that had the most beautiful contemporary prints. We also found the BEST shopping centre, if we were millionaires we would have bought everything. Most things are limited edition or handmade (of course in neon colours and plushy cats sewn on). We also went to some fan fiction book store (Mandaray) in a part of town more geared towards single ladies. I picked up a gay fan fiction book about Cumberbumble Sherlock Homes. Also also! Teenage ben rejoyced as we went to the Pokemon centre & we picked up some cards!
Wow yesterday was a whirlwind! We went to harajuku and it was intensely busy. It was a little like Camden though, used to be cool but is not the same subculture vibe of the 80's / 90's. That being said there were some amazingly dressed people (even down to a guy dressed as a harajuku girl who was 7ft tall) Also one of our top experiences so far- we got in a lift and when the doors opened there were 7 Japanese girls laughing and singing all dressed like belly dancers, of course they giggled got in the lift and explained they were surprising someone for a hen do. It was amazingly surreal.

6 May 2017

Today has started with a BANG πŸ’₯at Matsudo station (our nearest station) some beautiful Hawaiian dancing was happening. Now off to confirm our japan rail pass for our big upcoming trip!! Our itinerary changed a little so we will let you know asap!!

5 May 2017

Hanging out at Ueno Park with the spring festival for children. We fed the birds and looked around the super super busy park. Definitely a great place with the Tokyo art school, zoo and about 5 museums. It was also children's day, so many happy kids running around as they get presents and special filled pancakes that are in the shape of a fish. We also found out my shoe size is only available in man sizes. And bonus info: saw the biggest butterfly ever in our lives. Thought it was some weird small bird but no. Massive bug. Was black with little bits of orange? Will investigate

4 May 2017

Lazy day today while I finished off my project. Tomorrow festivals!

2 May 2017

We went to the Parrapa the rapper cafe! Then the moomin cafe! Totally pooped today so early night for us!
On our way to the last station of my project! 20 stations, 3 solid days of train hopping!! We are going to have a celebration dinner & ice cream βœ¨πŸ’•

1 May 2017

Omg we just saw a dog in a jumpsuit!!

30 April 2017

Today we are going to every train station in Matsudo for my project. Ben made friends with pigeons as he fed them some custard bun. My presentation got cancelled so that was bad / good. Currently drinking something that tastes like that watery bit at the top of a yoghurt.

29 April 2017

Thunderstorm is chasing us!
So sadly the wait for pancakes was amazingly long as it's emperors birthday (a national holiday πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅) so we went looking for art instead (also a bad idea, all the galleries were closed). Third plan of go for a cool photo walk worked out!! Ueno park is amazing, it's so beautiful. Also we made friends with a cat, and saw the worlds biggest radish. Tomorrow I have to give an art presentation and pretend to be a proper artist. 😭😭
Got shaved ice in Roppongi and it was just what we needed on such a hot day. Everything was closed or super busy because of the holiday but this was a good alternative
Off to have an art day & eat Japanese pancakes ( which apparently are so fluffy I might die)

28 April 2017

Been travelling around Matsudo on a photo walk. Looking at temples and meeting people off praying or hanging out in the park. Unfortunately one temple closes at 4:30 so totally missed having a peek. Something for another day.

27 April 2017

So we went to a bar that was dildo themed. Surprisingly it was quite classy & seemed to be a hip place to take a date. So so many vagina paintings on the walls. Also right after we found a man / goblin that looks like ben when he is hangry.
Drinking at the Whale of August, a cocktail bar that makes drinks based on any movie. Nadia has the LEON Ben drinks the Brazil #classylassies
So today we got a proper Matsudo art tour! Found out that yes indeed our apartment used to be a love hotel πŸ’˜KINKY πŸ’˜ I also got my phone fixed, because just maybe I dropped it a couple of days ago. RAMEN update 27/04/2017 - round the corner from us is an amazing ramen shop. The portion sizes are overwhelming, meat so so tender and the broth so garlicy and wonderful!
So yesterday we went to Studio Ghibli Museum! Not only was it full of happy kids but the building itself is totally built for kid height. Lots of displays showing how animation works and what it takes to make traditional film work. There were two giant cat buses: one for adults to sit in and a one for kids to climb! Everything was a maze of little nooks and path ways and if you look carefully there were lots of hidden surprises. Like on the rooftop next to the robot there is a rock pool with fish and snails. There was a 3D zoetrope that was purely enchanting. We could have watched it for hours. Also the original studio set up of the animators was on display and totally relatable. (As in it was a mess) Another highlight was the library which is curated by Miyazaki himself. Books he thinks all kids should read, beautiful picture books to classic novels. Such a great place. And of course the special film that is only shown at the museum. Loved it. Actually a hoot and super sweet
Gambling pays. Ben won around Β£100 at a pachinko machine that had mermaids on it.

25 April 2017

Just stopping for a quick strawberry lemonade βœ¨πŸ’•

24 April 2017

Today we did: Morning- went shopping at a supermarket called mammi mart, there was so much choice for fruit, veg & noodles. On the way back we saw a dog with wheels. He is hayai inu (fast dog). We went to this amazing second hand place (like cex) but with clothes, books & video games too!! Afternoon - went camera looking at. There is SO much stuff it's unbelievable. Most of the shops are in the area we are just now. Evening - so we went to this HUGE HUGE camera shop that was over 2 huge floors of gear. Every lens & camera you can think of. I picked up a Fuji instax & some colour 5x4 (swoon). We are at a maid cafe just now. It would be extremely hard to be sad here. It's so so cute and full of life. Like oh my flip my food looks like a bear!! Off to go to the arcade, then home!!!
Ben thinks he is a Roman (apparently)
So last night on the train home I offered up my seat to an elderly lady. Normal thing to do. But she was very grateful and handed us a bag to say thank you as she left. Inside the bag. Were these beautiful flowers. We are genuinely stunned and humbled. Culture shock therapy

23 April 2017

Waiting in line for Afuri (our lovely friend Ivy recommended it to us)!
This was one floor of mega stationary shop LOFT. no lie about 100m straight of pens for sale. I think it has 6 floors.
Sojetlag. Yesterday was a bit of a write off as we accidentally slept for a million years. We got into my residency space, it's an old hotel and has some interesting decor. I'm totally going to photograph it to death. Today we are being mega tourists, hoping to visit EVERYWHERE.
We have been on a mega walk! Went across the shibuya crossing, it's mental how many people are moving around but no one bashes into you. Everyone here is so amazing, kind and patient with our terrible - non existent Japanese skills. Ate more ramen. The shop we went to was super super tasty. Bens getting a haircut just now, all the hairdressers & barbers are SUPER posh. I'm interested to see what Bens hair will look like after. Also everyone here is so stylish. Well some people not so stylish but amazingly eccentric. We saw a lady dressed in all the colours of a watermelon today. Other things of the day, we went to shibuya 106 which is a clothes shop I have wanted to visit since I was around 15!! I got a pair of jeans with dogs on!! Ben got a jumper with a lobster on. #wearecool Kas! There is so much stationary here, you would be in heaven. I was very good and just got a couple of things for the residency, will deffo get some stuff & post it to you.

21 April 2017

In Tokyo there is a shop for a special someone. Yes the clothes are all bright and colourful and yes we did pick something up!
No one replaces our boy but we are loving the cat cafe mocha. Penthouse cafe full of softies
Negotiating the subway for the first time. Wish us luck!!

20 April 2017

Mini adventure #2 In my tired state I may have left my camera in the back of the taxi. Plus points to me. :/ Lovely lovely people at the hotel & taxi company have found it and it's currently on its way back to me. Airport is super super swish and everything went as smooth as an eel. Toilets do sing at you & there were way too many buttons. I'm sure ben will investigate further and provide more detailed information. It's sunny & has not hit either of us that we are actually here!!
We made it!

19 April 2017

It's our plane!!
In Jakarta now. 26 degrees at night. Hanging out in the lounge with free food. Not much sleep. Mostly sitting with eyes closed.

18 April 2017

Waiting in the place that does food. Departure board behind. 2 hours of pizza and beer
Train #3 aka the last train of the UK for a while! Ben is also excited at Snap elections.
And we are off. Already nearly left ben behind as I had only booked one person down to London πŸ™ƒ Wait till he finds out I only booked one flight to Japan, muahaha.

17 April 2017