United States of America · 53 Days · 11 Moments · November 2017

November —- December 2017

27 December 2017

Cold day at Northfork

24 December 2017

Outdoor adventures with Meg

23 December 2017


20 December 2017

Visiting Marilyn

2 December 2017

For weeks, the wind had been blowing too hard to burn a branch pile outside, so we decided burning them in the fireplace would be a great idea. The Centennial Valley Volunteer Fire Department had some great practice putting out a chimney fire that day.

25 November 2017

Ray, Tori and I drove to Breckenridge to visit Meghan. We met her roommates, had a delicious dinner, and went for a beautiful hike. We had hoped to ski at her workplace, the Gold Run Nordic Center, but the snow did not cooperate.

23 November 2017

Thanksgiving at Dad’s. The sunset out there by Wood’s Landing was incredible

19 November 2017

Beauty at North Fork

18 November 2017

This year, we planned to have an early Thanksgiving with Mom and Grandma in Fort Collins. I drove down the night before with the turkey and fixings. Then a blizzard arrived, preventing Ray and the kids from leaving Laramie, Meg from leaving Breckenridge, and Mom and John from leaving Akron. Grandma and I had a lovely day and feast anyway!

10 November 2017

Roger, Suzy, Meghan and Taylor all came to watch Tori in the Addam’s Family musical

4 November 2017

Fun with Julie, Tim and Justin at the Library! Julie and Tim came to Laramie for the football game and then wisely decided to stay at the warm, dry Library with the Kents.