Norway, Denmark · 7 Days · 69 Moments · July 2017

Norway, Stockholm & Copenhagen

8 July 2017

Soleil Levant ! The life jackets in these windows are collected from refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos.
Nyhavn ! Love love love it 😍 I have no words ! We sat there for atleast 3hours. Had food, drinks and we could hear the Jazz music.
Nyhavn ! Couldn't get enough of this place.
It was Copenhagen Jazz festival from July 7-15. I am not into music much, but still we had a lot of fun just listening to that Music.
Me posing and vishu trying to use depth effect πŸ˜‚ Almost killed him and took 100 photos πŸ˜†
Rosenborg Castle ! It had really great exhibits. I am not a museum person, but even I could spend an hour there easily. It was planned as a summer house initially, but once it is built, King Christian IV had some of his important events in this castle. It became his favorite palace.
Beer Bike 🚴 I think girls on those bikes were having a Bachelorette party πŸŽ‰!
Copenhagen cathedral
We picked Cultural Copenhagen Day trip in Google trips. Started with Copenhagen City Hall ! Visit City hall square. There was a wedding happening when we went there

8 July 2017

We rented bikes for our complete stay in Copenhagen! Its a bicycle friendly city. They took inspiration from Amsterdam I guess.

7 July 2017

Reached Airbnb in KΓΈbenhavn ❀️ This place is soooo great! Sleeping without having to worry about waking up early. HEAVEN πŸ’ƒπŸ»
24 hours well spent in Stockholm! Cute city to spend a day. Taking a train to Copenhagen. Dying to spend multiple days in one Airbnb so that we don't have to pack every single day πŸŽ’πŸ‘
Near the The Royal Palace !
Visited these old style homes again in the morning 🏑
Roamed on that Drottninggatan street for 2 hours. I did not find any exclusive swedish style. It was just H&M zara etc.
Stockholm city hall !
Such a pleasant day today ! Plan is to shop in Drottninggatan (All shops close by 7 PM) and roam in Gamla stan. Visit Stockholm city hall, Royal place and Stortorget.
Stockholm subway art is beyond words πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨πŸ’πŸ»πŸŽ¨
Leaving Norway by train πŸš‚ Going to Stockholm πŸŒƒ
Our version of Norway in Nutshell 😎 Renting a car is expensive in Norway compared to other countries. We rented a car for the whole journey because of time crunch. Also we took an automatic car this time, so i finally drove a car in Europe! Accommodation is very reasonably priced. So we booked everything on the go. We wanted to keep options open if we had to deviate from our plan. Vishu drove without breaks even when i slept in the car πŸ€— Bye Norway! I will come back here for Molde, Geiranger and to drive on The Atlantic Road πŸ›£

6 July 2017

Went to Ice Bar ! It was super cold (ob) but the drinks were good 😎
My favorite click of the day 😍
Houses in Stockholm old town (Gamla Stan)
Dinner time !!
So much like NY. But super small may be 1/10th of Manhattan.
Heylooo Stockholm! Reached Stockholm in the evening. Took a 24 hour pass for trains. Going to old city now.

5 July 2017

The Bergen Railway. It's a rail road between Bergen - Oslo. Amazing transition from ice capped mountains to never ending farms ! #5 of 5
Flam Railway ! Flam - Myrdal - It was really beautiful. Exactly as described in blogs. So many mountains, waterfalls and farmsalong the way ! It took 20 years to build this 20 kms long track from Flam to Myrdal 😱 There are 20 tunnels along the way. Eighteen of them were excavated by hand and each metre claiming up to a month's hard labour from rail workers. 🎩 off ! If you want to take photos of the scenery, stay at Vatnahalsen hotel. Lot of people rent bikes and drive all the way down to Flam. #4 of 5
It was sooooo HOT 😳 I spent just 20 minutes out of two hours taking pictures. I got headache πŸ€• This part of the trip was just ok #3 of 5
While waiting for the fjord cruise at NΓ¦rΓΈydalen valley πŸ›Ά
Rainbow 🌈 near Sivlefossen waterfall
Bus ride to Gudvangen from voss was beautiful with a lot of cute houses 🏑 Also it was a winding road down to Gudvangen 😱I am not a fan on such roads. This road is called Stalheimskleiva. Apparently it's one of the steepest stretches of road in Northern Europe. It ends in Nærøydalen. That's where we have to take the fjord cruise 🚒 #2 of 5
Bergen - Voss in train πŸš‚ #1 of 5
Returned the car at around 7:30. We booked Norway in a nutshell tour for a day. You can tailor this tour based on your schedule from a day trip to 3 day tour. This tour takes you through beautiful fjords of Norway. We are heading back to Oslo by taking this day trip.
Just reached Bergen, in the first look this city reminds me of Manhattan. Very vibrant at midnight, lots of one ways, and road blocks because of constructions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Unfortunately didn't spend time there because of the jam packed schedule.

4 July 2017

On our way back we realized lot of people were starting their hike late in the night, they hike half way through and camp. Complete the rest of the hike to Trolltunga early in the morning and come down. This is one way to beat the crowd. It all depends on your schedule and skill to camp. Driving back to Bergen. It should take 3 hours.
We hiked down in 3 hours 20 minutes. By the time we reached the base camp, it was eight. I found a place which served Chicken Tikka masala 😱That's icing on the cake 🍲 We survived on PB&J s for two days. I won't eat bread for months after this trip.
Trolltunga !!!! Sitting on the edge of that rock and looking down was well worth it. I wish I had few more seconds there. The weather was super β˜€οΈ! This is a super popular spot. So there is a queue to stand on the rock and take pictures.
πŸ†™πŸ†™πŸ†™we go 🏞
My favorite moments ❀️
Beautiful views after 6 KM point 🏞 It's June, hence there is still so much snow on the path πŸ”
Few people came with kids. This guy is carrying his 6 year old daughter. His elder daughter is 8 year old. It's hard to match her pace 😎 Her mom was following her πŸ˜‡
2 βœ… 3 βœ… 4 βœ… πŸ€—β€οΈπŸž Finally done with hardest part of the hike. 3rd mile was literally climbing up a mountain to go to the other side.
Midway baby ! I wanted to reach there as fast as I can, I don't want it to rain when we reach the final spot.
10 more to go. First mile took more than 45 mins 😱I really felt like going back. Only thing which kept us going is that 4.3 KM point where the path becomes relatively flat.
First 4.3 KMS is the hard part according to the map. After that the path is relatively better. Its 22 KMs roundtrip. You can hike on your own from June 15 - Sep 15 only.
We wanted to do the hike anyway. Informed AirBnB that we are going to checkin after midnight.
Woke up at 10:45 πŸ˜’πŸ˜«πŸ˜– I thought vishu kept alarm. He thought i kept alarm. 😫 Because of yesterday's hike, we slept like logs πŸ˜“ Trolltunga is a 10 hour hike :/

3 July 2017

We reached the base camp at around 11. Our Airbnb host was very helpful, giving us everything we needed in this late hour. Interestingly we saw a group who were starting their hike to the top at this time.
LΓ₯tefossen waterfall ! Next stop: Trolltunga base camp ⛺️
On our way to Odda πŸš—
After hiking in those harsh conditions, we have 5 hours of long drive to Trolltunga base camp ⛺️
It took two hours to come down. I fell down really badly 😒it was raining while coming back. At the end, i was trying to come down quickly, and i ended up with a fat lip πŸ™Fell down on the rod which support the chains. It hit me right at upper jaw πŸ˜– Ate nice soup after the hike. Driving to Odda !
On the rock baby ! When i looked down, it was dead scary. I would say coming back is the hardest.
Me climbing like an ant 🐜! It was shit scary. It was β˜”οΈ. We finally did it πŸ‘
Almost there ! Views near the last mountain β›° There is a lot of snow near the end.
Follow the T's πŸ†™ I saw a lot of stone piles along the trail. We saw a lot of stone piles in Iceland too.
Halfway there πŸ€—πŸž
There are chains to hold while climbing. There is no grip at few places, you have to hold the chain for safety. I fell down multiple times.
First mountain done ! Two more to go πŸ’ͺ
Its steep 😳My legs are not warmed up πŸ˜– These views make it worthwhile πŸ™
Climbing the first mountain πŸ”
There are three mountains you need to climb to reach the rock. Started our climb at 10:30 AM. Because of detour we reached late.
On the way to Kjerag ! Its so prettty 😱🏞
Driving to Kjerag ! I am super excited to do that hike πŸ™‹πŸ»

2 July 2017

Even though it is 7 hour drive from rental in Oslo to Stavenger hotel, it never felt like it. There were small towns in between hills ❀️ After Iceland trip with KK, I got addicted to Timelapse videos. I made a 1 minute video of our journey by stitching all videos.
Driving to Stavenger. We want to do Kjerag hike tomorrow. Stavenger is a town which is 2 hours away from Kjerag. But it had some BnBs which can be reserved online. Lysebotn village is much closer for Kjerag hike but there are no BnBs which can be booked online.
In train to Oslo Central Station. Rent cars πŸš— in Oslo downtown. It was much cheaper than airport.