United Kingdom · 9 Days · 20 Moments · April 2017

Northumbria, Edinburgh & Skye

22 April 2017

As of 10am this morning we are back on the mainland

21 April 2017

Sunset over the Western Isles. A beautiful farewell from Skye.
A final afternoon reading by the window
The beach by our black house was very breezy. Empty lobster pots waited beside old boats - Aaron says Scottish lobster is the best in the world
A visit to the fairy glen at Uig - lots of conical hills and very green - almost luminous - colours.
Stopped for lunch at an Arts Cafe - in actuality a couple's living room converted for the Summer tourist trade. Lovely food though and we bought a candle
Sheep based traffic jam
I went for a run...and really discovered the hills.

20 April 2017

So many sheep...
Stopped off for a visit but didn't even make it halfway through the tour due to lightheadedness. Still it's a very pretty location

19 April 2017

Looking down the coast from Neith point - the westernmost tip of Skye - as the clouds rolled in
We sampled some very local and excellently cooked food at The Three Chimneys. Scallops, langoustine and crab from the loch outside the restaurant, lamb, pork and vegetables from the farm in the next village. Inspiringly good food.

18 April 2017

Aaron tackles a plate of local langoustines at the Stein Inn - the oldest pub on Skye

17 April 2017

Walking the Quirang - suitably terrifying for me but apparently only classed as a moderate hike
We stopped off at Kilt Rock for a view over to the highlands

16 April 2017

Arrived at our cottage in Skye! It's beautiful but there's no wifi or 3G for me. Aaron can get a slight signal outside in the garden though
Eirean Doren castle - the star of so many movies - near Kyle of Lockash

15 April 2017

Stopped for a break in Cairngorm coffee in Edinburgh

14 April 2017

Walking on the headland at Newton the morning after the wedding with Wendy and Stan

13 April 2017

Day one of the holiday - Beth and Gary's wedding!