Canada · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2016

North America Holiday Part 1

15 August 2016

Outside the shopping centre we saw a sidewalk artist but we could quite tell what he was drawing because he had just started. So we went inside being the shoe obsessed person I am I asked to go into EVERY shoe shop we passed 😂 but we didn't buy any shoes anyways. Millions of shoe shops and toy shops later we went into probably the biggest book shop I've seen! My cousin, Patricia, really loves reading so she went straight inside! After a while my dad said I should follow her and see if I like any of the books so I did. I managed to find a book called "Finding Audrey" For me it's quite hard to find a book I'll get my head into but I felt this book would work. When we got to the counter my uncle kindly offered to buy it of me. So we walked around a bit more then went outside. We saw the town hall, a massive Toronto sign and loads more. On our way to the car park we saw the sidewalk artist again and he was almost finished and surprise surprise it was a Pokemon drawing 😂
15/08/16 So I some what conquered my fear of dogs. I spent about an hour of my morning playing with Cookie through the baby barrier. For breakfast my uncle bought some blueberry bagels and some muffins. Somehow I found the guts to go and walk the dog! It was fun ngl. On the way to the park my brother held the lead but Cookie kept running off and my brother dropped the leash so I held it at first it was scary but then I realised Cookie was harmless and we even made some doggie friends on the way. When we got home my cousins were awake! So we messed around on snapchat and played a load of games whilst our dads went and got an 8 seater van for our road trip next week. Once they got back we went downtown it was really cool there because I've never seen anything like it: tall buildings, orange cabs, fake Borris bikes and so much more. After thousands of pictures 😂😂 we went to the shopping centre...
14/08/16 We left our home in London at 6:30 AM to go to the Airport. There were a few delays but we got to Canada safely which is all that matters. I met my uncle, aunt, two cousins (Yana and Patricia) and their dog (Cookie). Having a fear of dogs really didn't help when I first stepped into the house I ran around a coffee table and Cookie chased me and I flipped out. From now they hold Cookie when I'm in the kitchen - where Cookie spends most of her time. We also went to a mass since it was Sunday. I felt like I was in the Philippines because the congregation was mostly Filipino which was kinda cool 😊😊