North America, Europe, Asia · 360 Days · 107 Moments · August 2016

Digger stowaway gnome World trip w/ philip

18 August 2017

Digger sits in on our introduction to throat singing with master Jenya

16 August 2017

Digger's cap made the international group competition

15 August 2017

Digger missed a day of festivities A small wardrobe issue as His hat broke off during all the transit Waiting for super glue !!'
Solo throat singers

14 August 2017

Opening ceremony for throat singing
Checking out the yurt competition 17 regions of Tuva
Oh yes there are Camels
Horses go deep in the culture Of Tuva - every year they have festival that includes hose racing, 6 out of 7 are bareback, and some with kids of 12-14, who are excellent riders . This is part of Naadym the annual summer festival of horse racing, wrestling and archery

13 August 2017

Sculpture of the Royal Hunting in Kyzyl is amazing and digger was amazed they were More alive than him
Zoom in to find digger
Digger at the geographic Center of Asia Here we are in Kyzyl, Tuva What s beautiful monument -
Tuva !!!!! What a welcome !

12 August 2017

Train back to the Domodedovo airport - good 55min hole but nice and relaxing Philip packed me up for another red eye tonight Moscow-Abakan ! Wow they sure stack electronics here !
The Moscow Metro (subway) Reminds me of Montreal with the unique architecture of each station What a network !!!
St Basils Cathedral One of world"s most famous buildings
Красная Плошадь Red square !
Inside view of the dome inside the underground mall near the kremlin
Russian McDonalds !!!
Beautiful domes of underground mall
Starting to walk around the Kremlin !
Train from airport to Moscow !!!

9 August 2017

Time for hibernation - it's a long trip 2 red eyes and more - 12 hours time change
Land of horses and shamans and nature and way more
Digger off on the final leg of his world Tour - Tuva. Google it

3 October 2016

A car ride to Cleveland and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

25 September 2016

What a thrill - my first canoe camping adventure !
Freshwater jellyfish About 2cm diameter Who heard of such a creature
The paddle out So much to appreciate on this beautiful trip
Nature is amazing What is this colourful creature?
Nutella is home in Minnesota ! Glad to see the musical connection!
It's nice to warm my bones beside the fire
Such a cool sunrise This is why we get up early !

24 September 2016

Blue sky, nothing but blue sky Nice way to wake up after a nap
Napping after that tough workoit
22 pushups challenge I'm in
Canoe lessons Balance is a challenge for me I am stiff as a piece of concrete

23 September 2016

Firefly larvae also glows !!'n
I feel the testosterone boost as we men gather tomchant around the fire
Settling in after 2 portages and setup camp
Loading the canoes !
Well well Digger bumped into a lonely gnome in Kingston on our way camping
Digger off on his first camping trip

22 September 2016

Prague Our friend Sally also found an elf to join her on her adventures ! His name is Nutella

21 September 2016

Safely loaded onto the plane !
In the high tech sleep pod for the long flight home
At the Nürnberg Airport, My european vacation has come to an end. Back into my travel pod for the trip back to Toronto
The Ship of Fools statue ! Old city of Nürnberg Am i on such a ship now, after leaving home so many days ago ?
Rabbit after Dürer In old city of Nuremberg Doesn't look very healthy going by the colour of his skin
Nuremberg Opera house and city wall and inside old city walls I see myself standing with my best shovel at my side - singing my favourite song: I'm a lumberjack amd I'm ok

20 September 2016

At the Weltenburg Abbey - Incan see you through the keyhole Making beer since 1050 - that's a lot of practice Better be good
On the Danube between Kelheim and Weltenburg Abbey Beer since 1050

19 September 2016

So what is this gnome stealing - taking on and adventure and returning him home ? It is an invitation. Some don't notice, don't answer, or aren't interested, but some get it, or are intrigued, drawn in by simple curiosity or to lift the veil. It's all good. Welcome to the sand outside the box
Statue of Mozart in Mozartplatz, Salzburg And the fountain of Papageno from the Magic flute Opera by Mozart He looks much more serious than i think he was most of the time
Catching the birthplace of Mozart in the old downtown
I am really a stowaway about this Scenic River Cruise
The Hohensalzburg Castle atop the highest point in Salzburg Good thing i like castles Lots of them on this trip
Crossing the bridge of locks in Salzburg, where couples lock their hearts to another What about me ?
Found some distant cousins from an underground organization Brothers of the Spade
Dwarf Gardens at the Mirabell Palace, Salzburg
Thr Gazebo used in the marriage of the Sound of Music, and the gardens in Hellbrunn Castle, Austria Not so amazing...

18 September 2016

I met the knights and bragged about my travels to them They replied i was not free until I had fought for Freedom. the totally amazing Aggstein Castle ruins outside of Vienna. Built in 12 century..... Yes 900 years ago....
I remember the hours I spent digging the foundations for this particular Aggstein Castle 900 years ago. Feels like it was yesterday
Taking in the sights at Melk Abbey, no sign of any monks and pretty lavish - a gift from one of the kings back in the day
Sharing my travels as a gnome has inspired others to join in ! This is Norman - Dayle's elf
Dürnstein Austria is known for imprisoning Richard the Lionheart on his way back to Britain after his successful crusade The real game of Dungeons and dragons goes back a long way

17 September 2016

I admit i was a bit nervous waiting for my turn with Bones to participate in the Silly Walk Competition at the Vienna StreetLife Festival 2016. We won an umbrella, a book of the architecture of Vienna and a bag of nuts. You are what you eat.
Bones holds me so i can connect with my artistic side with some graffiti during the Street Festival in Vienna Oops - that paint doesn't come off Art has left its mark on me
Snuck into the Succession building to see the fabulous and giant Beethoven Friese by Klimt in Vienna. Wow ! One piece 3m high and 35m long - 3 sides of the room
Ahh the Naschmarkt Vienna's famous open market Eye candy

16 September 2016

I made a new friend from our river cruise - Sally from Minnesota We are st Belvedere Palace, Vienna
They wouldn't let Me into the Klimt exhibition in the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, but i did catch the Ai Wei Wei exhibit
Thinking about surfing on Vienna's surf artificial wave 3 City Wave I have this feeling i would sink like a stone
St Steven's Cathedral Vienna Looks as old as me
Trinity Monument in honour of the decline of the plague Vienna City Centre Fortunately my body is not susceptible to the plague But it is more brittle than i would like

15 September 2016

Hanging with the snail of one of the great story tellers - Hans Christian Anderson Didnt understand a work he said - i think he was Speaking that slowtime language
I feel more than a pawn in this game But i look like less than one
Our river boat Scenic Ruby They have not caught this stowaway yet !
Taking a well deserved nap next to my Swan So soft next to my hard skin I wonder if they sell skin softener in the store on the ship
At St Michael's Tower in Bratislava True knight's armour Hard like me

14 September 2016

Here's our bus ! Time to introduce myself to the passengers
Bumped into some large relatives on our way to Bratislava - They seemed like Giants and were not very social

13 September 2016

Taking in the sights in Budapest including the Museum of Applied Arts, where we saw the Bikeology show

12 September 2016

Finally out of that pod Shaking off that sleep Wow ! What a view of Budapest
I have arrived in Budapest, but i am still in a deep sleep
I am tucked away somewhere in the cargo hold is in my sleep pod

11 September 2016

At Pearson International Airport taking my first look at an airport, and my last look before sliding into my sleep pod like on a mission to mars. Wake up in Budapest tomorrow !

10 September 2016

Can't believe they forgot to bring Me to the Toronto International Film Festival !!!

7 September 2016

I bug up some of the stone for this tower in Maitland Ontario 1828 A windmill then a distillery, eyes on the Patriot war of 1838

6 September 2016

I confronted death when a partridge crashed into our truck. So many feathers all over, soft fluffy feathers, and a life over after one small mistake when the impulse to fly away from the noise of the oncoming truck took it exactly to the wrong place at the wrong time. It was over, it was such a loud bang. So sad, so fast. We are all fragile and one quick decision away from death
I stayed at an Artist's overnight - Nicole Guillemette not too far from Quebec City Nice vibe

5 September 2016

I didn't realize Santa's workshop was in Rivière du Loup, and I had never seen Santa. But here I was and here he was - fellow gnomes and elf cousins were making a good steady living here. It reminded me - Digger - of the mines, but this big red guy didn't act bossy like Snow White. He seemed so jolly this "Santa" guy. I must have stared for quite a while mesmerized - by the white beard or the round is a shape guy's laugh. Should i stay ? The call of the open road was too strong.
I go whalewatching from Rivière du Loup Saw humpback, beluga, large fin whales, lots of minke whales, porpoises and harbour seals Great to see the ocean again!

4 September 2016

Admiring the view ! I think i chiseled that one there.
So satisfying This took me only took a few days in gnome time. Soft and the ocean is easy to work with
Digger visiting a previous work site Hopewell Rocks Bay of Fundy, NB World's largest tide We are at low tide

3 September 2016

Digger does Dal. !!! Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia

1 September 2016

Nova Scotia Digger at the World Famous Peggy's Cove Lighthouse and Village
Digger arrives in Nova Scotia
New Brunswick I can say I dig Sackville and the boardwalks through the marsh

29 August 2016

Hold on to your shovel Digger, Quebec is going bye bye ! Where will this adventure lead ?
Visiting the famous Ristigouche Salmon river in Matapedia

24 August 2016

Perce Rock - Digger's first landmark on his trip with our family I am not denying my involvement in this hole thing So I have a shovel...lots of gnomes have shovels
I took Digger onto the tour boat amd asked the couple sitting next to me to help with my gnomes. They loved the idea !
Digger's first glimpse of Perce Rock
So of course every gnome needs a story ! This morning as I was leaving the Gîte - I met a gnome from over the mountain. He said he had worked with the seven dwarves - it is where he learned to dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig the whole day through he said did the grunt work but kept in the dark - and never saw Snow White - so he left - I wonder if that means those diamond mines are actually real and somewhere near in the Gaspé
Continuing the hilarious tradition of "borrowing" a garden gnome from a gardem without the person knowing, taking it with you and taking pictures of the gnome in exotic places, them returning the gnome to the surprised owner with a travelog of it's adventure. So when I saw "Digger" on the stairs of the BnB i was staying at "La Gîte Normande", I could not resist. I had already pedalled 10km away when it crossed my mind but I thought how could I resist - it was perfect timing so I rode back and got it...add 23km to that day ! I was going to call him Norman Given the name of where he came from was La Gîte Normande But it sounded to close to Gnoman