France · 9 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Norma Angelica's tour through France

15 July 2017

We visited the beach resort town of Val Andre. It was our warmest day yet in Brittany so I actually went in the ocean! The town was very charming and had an adorable lollipop shop with flavors such as gin fizz, banana, and anise. Unfortunately the casino was the only place serving food, and they forgot to bring Jack's food as well as the bill. Small price to pay for another day in paradise.

14 July 2017

The bay of Saint Brieuc. After our picnic in the forest we wanted some fun in the sun. Leila had a great time collecting seashells, not only filling up her pockets with them but mine too! As we left we could see people riding horses on the beach. Just another magical moment in Brittany!
Le Chaos de Gruett, a nature preserve. We didn't make it around the entire 10k loop, but it was magical nonetheless. We followed up our hike with a fantastic picnic complete with wine (of course!) under a maple tree (thanks for preparing it, Kara!).

13 July 2017

We had a very memorable day in the beautiful town of Dinan. Some of our activities: Crepes for lunch, a little shopping and beer tasting, watching talented musicians in the street and looking at the incredible architecture. Oh, and the hunt for the best candy shop in town for Jack (and Hale).

12 July 2017

Mont Saint Michel! Wow. I couldn't believe how well preserved it was. So many steps to get to the top but well worth it.

11 July 2017

Here are some charming homes we walked by after our dinner in the center of Lamballe.
Cap Frehel! Some of the best views in Brittany are from this lighthouse, one of the most visited sites in all of France.
Right by our home in Lamballe is a beautiful lake with a walking path and fitness trail. A great way to start the day!

10 July 2017

We stopped by a manor in lower Normandy for an impromptu picnic since most restaurants are closed from 2-7pm. Only in France! We finally arrived in Lamballe, where the kids were happy to find lots of backyard entertainment.
We stayed a night in the town of Bayeux, Normandy in order to get our dose of history at various WWII memorial sites, with the last one being Omaha Beach.

9 July 2017

The cliffs and beach at Etretat were amazing. The kids entertained themselves collecting rocks. Somehow I nearly fell asleep on the rocks...the sounds of the birds and waves were very relaxing.

8 July 2017

We enjoyed some drinks outside La Trinite church in Paris. Later in the evening, we enjoyed the free wine, beer, and snacks at the Hilton's "executive lounge", chilled back at our hotel room, and the night ended with le grande McFail.
On our first morning in Paris, we walked to the Seine, Place de Concorde, and got to see Champs Elysses getting prepped for the Bastille Day parade.

7 July 2017

A walk to the park was just what we needed after dinner. Beautiful old church right in the middle of the park.
Our first dinner out in Paris at Mollard, just across the street from the Hilton. My chicken in mushroom sauce was delicious. Bon appetit!
Our hotel room at the Paris Hilton Opera had the nicest bathroom! Under cabinet lights glowed at night.
Leila was a trooper throughout the long flight. No complaints at all from her! Flying over France...almost there!