Indonesia · 4 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

Noor Kasmara's voyage in Indonesia

15 August 2017

Now I'm on my way to Yogyakarta. The train departed from Bandung at 7.20 this morning. It is estimated to reach Jogja by 3.15 pm. Owh, not to forget, I also had my breakfast on the train just now. 😃😃

14 August 2017

My friends from Malaysia suggested that I try batagor, which is made of soys and wheat starch. While sis Lela Purwanto bought me sekoteng, a drink comprises of 'jahe' or ginger. I ended up finishing both. Wish I could eat more batagor, but my stomach was still full.
Later, we went to Kawah Putih, located at the eastern side of Bandung in West Java. It is another active volcano site, but different from Tangkuban Parahu, this time we can go into the site. The air was thick. You can smell the sulphur as that was the main reason the water appears white -- sulphur is beneath the lake. Visitors are advised to stay not more than 15 minutes. I took out my monopod, but this time took pictures mainly using my DSLR camera.
The next day, on 14th, Pak Agus picked me up at the hotel. We went straight to Tangkuban Parahu with his 'supir' or driver. I also enjoyed the views on my right and left along the way. As we reached the top, I sprang out of my seat and quickly grabbed my monopod. It's selfie time! Recorded a lot of videos and photos. Hey, it's my first time closed to an active volcano!

13 August 2017

Pasar Antik & Koper-Jakarta Jalan Surabaya A place you need to visit and encounter
Now I'm on Argo Parahyangan train, heading towards Bandung. Planning to stay there for two nights before heading to Yogyakarta. Will savour this 3 1/2 hours trip looking outside. Hope I can stay awake until the end of it.

12 August 2017

Watched another theatre performance last night. This time by Teater Mandiri group. The show is at Taman Ismail Marzuki TIM. Minimalism at its best. Managed to have a picture with the director and script writer, Pak Putu Wijaya himself.
Went to Antiques & Copper Shops along Jalan Surabaya, just behind the railway station. Not an avid antique lover, but this place is worth a visit. You'll many interesting subjects, just open your eyes wide!

11 August 2017

Spent some time watching theatre performance by Teater Koma group at Jakarta Art Centre. It was a marvellous show.
I went into the city to buy a new sim card. As I walked pass a river, I saw this graffiti on the riverside.