Australia and Oceania, Asia · 169 Days · 21 Moments · May 2017

Nola's journi to Israel

4 November 2017

4 November 2017 Last Tour Day We’re on the way to Mt Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land. The journey up the mountain was winding and so very steep. The views from the peak are stunning, no wonder Moses could see the Promised Land, the views went on forever. After this, we headed to the mosaic factory, they are beautiful pieces of art, very expensive. We drive a short way to Madaba, the place of st George’s Church, which houses the oldest map of the Holy Land. It’s an ancient mosaic piece and truly beautiful. And this finished our wonderful pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Jordan. This place has been an amazing place to see and an emotional area in which you can feel God touching your spirit. With thanks to God , we have visited the places that are so biblically important . This will remain with us forever.

3 November 2017

3 November 2017 Petra to the Dead Sea We’re going through the desert today to Kerak to the Crusaders Castle. Arrived at the destination after 3 hours, and what a castle. From the times of the Crusaders and build high on top of a mountain. The view is clear to the Dead Sea, the structure is well preserved We’re approaching the Jordan Grand Canyon, Wadi Majib. Another great place for photography, scenic. A short way further is the Jordan River where Jesus was supposedly baptised. Could be, no one knows for sure. Onto our next hotel, Marriott on the Dead Sea. Wow fantastic place to end our trip.

2 November 2017

2 November 2017 On to Petra , We off to Petra for the day today. After a short drive ,we arrived nice and early. After a brief briefing, we walked through the gorge to the Treasury. The gorge walk was amazing, so high and beautiful colours in the stone. Suddenly the Treasury appears, beautiful as though it was a new building. A camel ride was fun before we continued the exploration of the ruins. The whole city is as it was left over 2000 Years ago, mind blowing. We set off up 1000 steps to the Monestary ruins, a difficult walk but worth it . Again stunning, what a place!!

1 November 2017

1 November 2017 Amman to Petra Another beautiful morning greets us as we continue our journey to Petra. On the road early for a trip to Wadi Rum for a desert trip. We have a 4 hour trip to get to the 4 wheel drive depot, then a scenic ride through the desert where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. We are 1000 metres above sea level, amazing. What a fantastic experience we had in a 4 wheel drive Ute around the Bedouin desert. Had lunch in a tent first then the tour around Laurance of Arabia desert.WOW

31 October 2017

Jidarah, top of mountain
31 October 2017 Goodbye Israel , Hello Jordan All packed up and ready for our trip to Jordan. All Americans have left and we’re picking up some more travellers for Jordan.passed so much desolate countryside on the way to the borders. Military personnel at the border, as well as a coach and guide change, not too bad, not long time wise. We came through customs and passports control unscathed and headed towards Um Khalifa , a preserved Greco Roman city. The country is a lot poorer than Israel. After a lunch to go, onto Jerash, another architectural site. We arrived at the Jerash ruins,what an absolutely breathtaking place, so large and original,not reconstructed.

30 October 2017

30 October 2017 Masada and the Dead Sea After a short trip, we arrived at the Mt. of Olives, a massively high mountain overlooking Jerusalem. The view is outstanding, theTemple Mount being the most prominent. We walked down the very slippery road to the Garden of Gethsemene. Awesome, spiritual. Onto the ancient history site of Masada where King Herod built a massive fort, palace, synagogue structure. The whole site is more like a confined city on top of a mountain.

29 October 2017

29October 2017 Free in Jerusalem We’re having a free day in Jerusalem today, a late breakfast followed by a leisurely walk around the town. We changed some money, more Shekels required. We need money fo Departure tax in Israel. A local Baptist church for a Sunday service, a bit too long.Another walk after lunch to the same area, so interesting, people and places. We indulged in the most enormous ice cream ever, yummy

28 October 2017

28 October 2017 Jerusalem, the old city An overcast morning greets us in Jerusalem today, the Sabbath.First stop was the Church of the Holy Seplechre. Finally saw the supposed tomb after more than. 2 hours . Ornate and overrated, typical Orthodox or Catholic. A walk through the restored Jewish quarter to the Upper Room where the Last Supper was rumoured toga e been. The Tomb of King David followed. Then to the House of Caiaphas. Back through the markets to do The Way of the Cross. A very intensive and exhausting day. After a short rest, We headed out for dinner and a fantastic sound and light show. Out of this world , awesome

27 October 2017

27 October 2017 On to Jerusalem After 2 hours travel we pass Jericho, desolate country pic, 1 Jericho. We arrived at the Church of St John the Baptist, The Garden Tomb was amazing, to see the sepulchre and the city wall was a mind blowing and emotional experience. The Church of the Nativity was next after a souvenir shop. The queues were horrendous, took nearly 2 hours to see the nativity scene and the mangers. Interesting but not to the extent of other places we’ve been. Onto the hotel, it’s the Jewish Sabbath , should be interesting

26 October 2017

Lake Galilee A beautiful sunrise on Lake Galilee, we went to The Mt Beatitudes, where Jesus preached. A beautiful garden and church was there. Went on to where the miracle of the loaves and fishes took place, Tabgha, as well as the Church of St Peters Primacy, where Jesus said ‘Feed my lambs’. Onto Capernaum where the deciples were recruited. Peters house was there as well as the synagogue. Real historical facts. After this, onto River Jordan where Jesus was baptised. Tony and Emily were commemorating their baptism and Pastor Don did the honours. Ian read The Gospel. Very moving. After this ,onto Roman and Byzantine ruins,

25 October 2017

25 October 2017 Galilee What a beautiful day for cruising on the Sea of Galilee, the feeling of being on the lake where Jesus was was extraordinarily ethereal, another world. After that we went to Cana , the bus dropped us off and after a short walk we arrived at the Church where the wedding feast was held. Thanks toDon H, we and 4 other couples renewed our wedding vows. So special and wonderful. After that to a shop then on to Nazareth, where we went to the Church of The Annunciation, Mary’s house where she met with the Angel Gabriel and said yes to the most important question that has ever been asked. The Church of StJoseph followed, more Byzantine architecture under the foundation. Lunch and back and onto Bet She’an. An amazing architectural structure

24 October 2017

24 October 2017 Jaffa, Cecesaria, We boarded the coach and the first stop is Jaffa, an ancient town with New Testament association. The first stop was Jonah and the big fish. This is where he received the message from God to go to Nineveh. A walk around the city to a Byzantine church then to the water front.After Jaffa , onwards to Caesarea, a wonderfully historic place . There’s links to Pontius Pilates and Herod. In the New Testament, Paul made several visits as well as being imprisoned. Onto Mt. Carmel, the plaza e of Elijah’s sacrifice. Fantastic views from here. Megiddo is theee next stop, the palace of. King Solomon ,very ethereal place ,almost sacred as well as amazing. To think that you’re standing there where shall this biblical history took place. The water systems were so advanced for their time , walking down the canals amazing 😉 Meddigo next
Day One of tour, Tiberias What a great breakfast, the only thing missing was pork, naturally, everything else in creation. We’ve got a7.45 am start, all set to go!!

23 October 2017

Israel 🇮🇱 at last. 23/10/2017 After three long flights we are finally flying over Israel. The journey is taxing but the arrival is sweet.The first view of Israel in the morning sun. Arrived at the hotel to be told that we’re too early, so a walk around to check out the scenery. All good, similar to Geelong. Hotel is great as is the room. Welcome dinner tonight should be interesting. The briefing was very ordinary to say the least. Dinner was good. Smorgasbord and extras, ok. Tomorrow it all really begins

22 October 2017

We’re off 22/10 2017 We’re all ready to go. Tinka has been taken to Kristen and Karen has taken us to the Gull depot. It’s raining but who cares, nothing is going to spoil this special time. All checked in and about to board the plane ✈️ first stop, Bangkok. Everything has gone to schedule, perfect.

21 October 2017

Well all is done, packed, organised, tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for. We are going to The Holy Land, to God’s chosen land. How blessed are we to be able to have this trip while we are still in good health.

19 October 2017

Almost time for our long awaited trip to the Holy Land. Organising the last few details, money, medication, Toiletries. All systems,GO.

17 October 2017

The time is only 5 days away before we go to Israel and Jordan. It’s been hectic but we’re finally ready for our awesome pilgrimage.

2 September 2017

2 September Well, wears going to the Holy Land next month. It all sounds so surreal, like a dream. So much is happening at the moment, a new house, thanks be to God for this blessing, unexpected and undeserved.

30 August 2017

30 August Time is approaching for our long awaited journey to the Holy Land. This is going to be the most awesome trip , a truly wonderful experience.