Australia · 123 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Surprise, a Cool Departure

15 August 2017

July 21 After an amazing day and night it's time to think about going home , we have a quiet breakfast and finish packing the car. There's nothing to pay as all was prepaid. Thanks to God, a magical birthday present well executed and the ride of our lives.

20 July 2017

July 20 Today's the day we've been waiting for. The snow chains are to be collected and away, we're off. The drive to Mt Buller is quite a pleasant experience, snow starts falling and its picture perfect. On arrival at the car park, we discovered that the fees are high, $48 a day, another surprise, free for pensioners, gotta love that. Thanks, Lord. We find a spot near the toboggan slopes. Have a bit of fun there before getting the shuttle to the summit. It's snowing 🌨 and it's so beautiful. We explore for a while before we have a coffee. Time's going fast and down we go to the car park where Brett and Neisha are to meet us. About half an hour later were being driven to the destination. Neisha shows us around the dogs ,explaining the business and the dogs thoroughly. Very impressed. Next we're shown our sleds and drivers and off we go. First we are driven down the slopes and then it's our turn, what an amazing experience. Having 10 huskies under your control!!! The ride of our lives.

19 July 2017

19 July
17 July Almost time for the snow,clothes are out, packed and waiting. Car has been prepared and all systems go!!!
12 July Almost time to go to the snow!!!

13 July 2017

What a wonderful surprise Birthday present was certainly a wonderful surprise for Don, he never had a clue about it. Awesome. Less than a week to go, excited about this experience.

29 June 2017

Almost time. Only a few days left before surprise time, hope I've done the right thing 🤔

16 June 2017

16 June Hooray. made the last payment for the Merrijig Accommodation, all systems go. Sure are on the countdown now.

19 May 2017

Only two months to go before we go Dog Sledding. Excited about this trip

14 April 2017

11 June Only a few weeks Togo before the birthday present, can hardly wait!!!