United States of America · 5 Days · 19 Moments · December 2018

NOLA Trip with Boys

26 December 2018

We finished the evening playing What Do You Meme? with the Jones’. The game was a gift from them to CJ and Judd and is hilarious. The littles read books and played together and CJ slept lol. We’ve so enjoyed seeing these amazing dear friends.
It was hilarious to see this more outgoing personality from Lyle. He informed us all that he was the leader and was always directing everyone. Granted sometimes it was more like being really bossy, lol, but for the most part it was leadership. The rain started the last hour we were there, but we sure had a good time anyway.
It was so amazing seeing roses and other flowers blooming in December lol! The lights were just gorgeous! We donated a lot of change to city fountains on this trip, too. Lol
When dark fell, the lights were gorgeous! It was like City Park in Watertown, except you could walk around and not freeze to death 😜.
We met the Jones’ at the city park for Celebration in the Oaks. It had a great park and amazing trees. Lyle dubbed the ones with Spanish moss “ghost trees”. Of course, CJ and Judd and I had to play king of the mountain...er...tree.
There was so much information and so many things to see. We didn’t even make it to one building! You received a dog tag and were able to select a soldier and “follow” his journey through the different theaters of conflict. It was pretty incredible. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to take the boys, especially CJ. I think it solidified his incredible decision to selflessly serve his country and follow in the footsteps of so many before him.
From parts of the giant airplanes, while airplanes suspended from the ceiling with catwalks in between, movies and videos and interactive battle info; you really walk away with a greater understanding of all the sacrifices made in that war.
I’m going to make several posts about the museum because it was just too dang awesome. The place really is incredible and even spending four hours wasn’t enough. There are so many interactive exhibits and the 4D movie produced by Tom Hanks was sensational.

25 December 2018

We finished the afternoon by riding a carousel, some mini golf, curling and a ride back home. I had bacon wrapped chicken breasts with creole seasoning waiting for us in the crockpot. TJ has made us a delicious squash casserole that we at with our chicken. All in all, it was a pretty wonderful Christmas. It was odd being away from snow, cold, huge preparations for meals, baking, and our amazing new family (the Brages/Beckings/Reichlings) and other loved ones, but it has been a lot of fun to give these amazing experiences to my kids. I’m very thankful!
We had a morning opening presents from Santa, and wonderful gifts from the Jones. I made eggs and bacon and pancakes and we fought with the smoke detectors 😉 The littles and I played a Matching game and then we all watched half of our favorite movie “White Christmas”. Then we left for the convention center where there was quite the SnowFest! Ice skating, carnival rides, indoor sledding (can you imagine?) and so much more! The boys definitely enjoyed their first carnival ride experiences and it was great seeing them smile. More next!
Just a few of my favorite selfies. There will be some videos on FB.

24 December 2018

We walked further and checked out more sights and the boys marveled at the huge oak trees. We also went and rode a street car (trolley) and finished up the evening with the Jones. Such a wonderful time!
What a day!!! There was so much to see and do in the French Quarter! We started at Cafe De Monde and met up with our wonderful friends the Jones! We had beignets and chicory coffee which was amazing!!! Then we walked around and saw all the sights and visited shops. Zandin got pulled from the crowd for a street performance, and while the performers didn’t keep him in for the actual trick (probably for liability purposes) but gave him an incredible motivational speech. While I’m sure he tries to do it with a kid at every show, the impact it made in Zandin with some recent things was pretty huge. He also was given $20 from the performer for being brave and told him imagine how much he could earn if he studied and works hard. It was pretty amazing! More next!!

23 December 2018

We have a lovely little two bedroom, one bath rental with kitchenette. I thought it had a big kitchen but that’s ok! We’re flexible! Misa brought over a griddle and crockpot to use, and there is an electric hot plate, so minus a campfire, I’ll just pretend we’re camping! There are two fridges, a Keurig, and dishes, so we will be fine! We have so much planned, and yet lots of exploring, and are exhausted since we’ve been up since 1 am with just a couple cat naps since then. I’m so thankful to be here with my boys. Hugs to all!
Definitely a highlight of this trip is seeing my bestie Misa!!! We’ve been best friends for over four years and seen each other through some of the hardest times of our lives. Spending time together in person was like we’ve done it every day of our lives!
On da bridge!
Three hour layover isn’t bad when there are cool I-beams, homework, and observatories to check out! Are a huge breakfast and enjoyed exploring our wing of the airport. Getting ready to board now!
This is the newest plane I’ve ever been on! So purty!!! Boys are excited and love the movies!
Today the boys and I take our family trip to New Orleans for Christmas! This is a trip picked by CJ to see the WWII Museum in NOLA. This will also be Zandin and Lyle’s first trip on an airplane! We will be seeing my sweet sister friend Misa and her family as well! All in all, it’s going to be an amazing Christmas! We spent Friday and Saturday with Darin and Pearl and the rest of the family, and it was wonderful being together. We will definitely be missing them the next few days. Update soon!