North America, Asia · 4 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Noelle in Israel

6 July 2017

DAY 2 Today was our first day of ulpan in Israel. The ulpan is designed to teach immigrants Hebrew in an organic way. We were immersed into the language by listening and practicing. Our teacher, Chagit, says something in Hebrew and uses body language to supplement what she is saying. It's kind of like playing Pictionary because as a class we have to figure out what she's saying. She does not write anything on the board or speak to us in English. Personally as a learner and speaker of multiple languages I enjoyed this method and caught on quickly. I wrote down everything I heard. I listened to everyone take turns practicing the different questions and answers. Therefore my belief is that the expectation is for everyone to have a personal experience internalizing the language- writing down the sounds they hear and engraining then into their memory. Chagit explained to us that by using this method students gather information better than learning isolated words. Shalom!

5 July 2017

DAY 1 After a long flight from one continent to another, we finally arrived in Israel! On our way to the hotel, all I could think about was how similar the streets of Tel Aviv are to those of Thessaloniki. We settled into our hotel rooms, inhaled our first scoops of hummus, and went for a night swim in the warm waters of Mezizim Beach.

3 July 2017

TAKEOFF Saying goodbye to my loved ones in America! Lots of hugs and kisses!