Portugal · 1 Days · 7 Moments · July 2016

Noah Lea

Noah's odyssey through Portugal

31 July 2016

We went to Èvora to see the landmarks there that were within the roman city walls that surrounded the town.After a short walk, we saw a cathedral and decided to go inside.There was a viewing point at the top of the church, that we later found out was the roof.I do have to admit, it was pretty scary, even though I am not scared of heights!Then, we walked to a cafe, and had toasted sandwiches.After our lunch, we saw Roman ruins that made us feel that we were in Greece!We had a gelato afterwards and looked at the architecture before going to a playground just outside of the walls.Then, we walked back to the hotel and had some tea at a restaurant inside the hotel.😎
More Èvora pictures.😎
Day 2:The sights of Èvora.

30 July 2016

Villa Gale Èvora is the nice stopover for 2 nights after a 1h 10min drive from Lisbon on our way down to Martinhal.😎
BA orange juice!
What a view!
Take off from Heathrow on British airways!😎