Israel · 5 Days · 7 Moments · July 2018

Noah's Study Abroad in Israel

5 July 2018

Visited the church of the Holy Sepulchre. Very interesting talking to those in the church and asking what significance it holds to them as Christians.

3 July 2018

Our professor payed for a great meal in Jerusalem after the first day of class. This is a beet gnocchi. Delicious!

2 July 2018

Went to the Old City at night. There’s a light show taking place this week, but we got there just as the show ended that night. Toured an underground cave that went under the walls, and then went to a bar.
Toured Hebrew University’s campus. It’s located on a hill called Mount Scopus in East Jerusalem. It’s beautiful, you have scenic views from almost everywhere on campus.
Navigated from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in the morning using shuttles and public busing, but not before having a delicious Mediterranean breakfast. Enjoying the view from my dorm now at Hebrew University.

1 July 2018

Biked from the hostel in Tel-Aviv to the beach. Came back to the hostel and watch the World Cup with a bunch of international students.
Israel’s coast as the plane flew in.