China · 12 Days · 27 Moments · June 2017

Noah's adventure to the land of China

21 June 2017

We took a sled down to the bottom and left the wall, it was amazing.
We drove for an hour and a half to get to the Great Wall. (Look to comments below to see the next event )

14 June 2017

We woke up early and left for the Great Wall of china at 6:00.
We passed through the Hutangs and found a lady selling pig blob things and my mom bought us each one for 5 yuan.

12 June 2017

We got on a lift to the Wall and hiked for about 4 hours until our feet hurt so bad.
We then went to Mini So which is a good store if you want anything from cheap electronics to travel items to toys. It's worth checking out.
We went to eat at the APM mall and had grandma's home. Our total price for the meal was only 24 US dollars. I would definitely recommend to check it out.

11 June 2017

We then went to the Forbidden City, but had to leave because it was closed for the day.
Since daddy was still asleep, we went to the pool and had to pay twenty dollars each for a mandatory swimming cap. Hung out in the jacuzzi and swam for an hour and a half.
We went to watch a show called "Acrobatics World" where there are a lot of stunts. The lobby of the theater smelled so good. My favorite feats were the motorcycles in a circular cage, stacking chairs, and the double gigantic hamster wheel.

10 June 2017

The temple of heaven ( tap and turn side ways to see full pano)
Air pollution is crazy
Hangin' out with sis
Checking out the hotel amenities
Our favorite thing to do...
Hangin' with the fam
Eating at the W buffet " The Kitchen Table"
I sit here while watching " The Intern" ( hurry up daddy)
I woke up and got dressed, waiting for daddy to wake up so we could have breakfast.
We slept in the the totally comfy bed and that was the day.
The W Beijing Chang'an was pretty cool and as all W's do, it looked hip.
We finally arrived at the huge Beijing international airport and waited 45 minutes to pay $40 for the mini bus we took to the hotel.
The four hour flight wasn't as bad as the other flight, and I got some time to sleep on the plane.
We got to Tokyo, and that wasn't even everything. We had to walk about one kilometer to get to our gate. Once we got there, we were two hours early. Me, my mom, and my sister walked all the way back to the way front to eat yoshinoya ramen, which I admit was really tasty. We were going to bring daddy something but there was no takeout. We stopped at the toto toilet gallery and the coffee shop (for daddy) before we boarded the not even close to full flight.
We got to our flight to Tokyo and boarded the plane. The flight was 10 hours, but probably the longest 10 hours in my life. I watched movies and played video games.
It took about 45 minutes to get these tags at check in.
We left to the airport 40 minutes later than we had planned. We took a lift with a guy driving a sienna LE van, listening to the bands Pink Floyd and Chicago.