China · 1 Days · 40 Moments · November 2018

No wasting sunny weekend in winter

18 November 2018

Da Ci Temple is located at the heart of the city downtown with a long history which can be dated back to Tang Dynasty. When you walked into this historical conservation areas, you would be awed at a stark contrast between ancient houses and modern buildings under the same blue sky.
Walking through the pedestrian street you could see more interesting artistic decorations and sculptures. Then I occasionally decided to pay a visit to the DaCi Temple which was just next to the Taikoo Li commercial area. As I approached there, the first scene I saw was the red wall and golden leaves of the old Gingko tree stretching out of the temple wall. The brilliant leaves and red walls looked so amazing under the blue sky. I couldn’t wait to explore.
Every part of this street was pretty nice. Just looked at the red sunshades at the foot of a traditional building wall, the strong contrast between red and gray colors will leave you an incredible impression under the blue sky. And there were some artworks worth appreciating in the street. The most attractive one was the revolving sculpture which was installed on the ground floor at the intersection of two streets, and another one was placed at the center part of a footbridge across over the street. But what's really fascinated me was the minibus food stall in the corner under an escalator.
Soon I came to Taikoo Li Chengdu in the city center, and here was a square equipped with a dry deck fountain near the Apple Store.Many people were enjoying the waterscape, especially those children were very fond of playing in the interactive fountain water. Leaving the waterscape Square then you came to a back street where you can see a twin-tower skyscraper piercing into the blue sky as a background in the distance.
This was the view on my way, even the soaring high-rises were more charming in the shining day. Nice weather will bring a good mood. 😎
It’s almost middle noon when the first half agenda ended. When I came out of the depressed meeting room and soaked up in the bright sunshine at once, a temporary escape plan came to my mind that I got a strong determination to leave in the afternoon. Here was the start point, I planned to walk to the city downtown for a sightseeing in the sunny afternoon.
After the Germany expert shared his professional practices and theories to the audiences,another expert who also was the last one that morning made a speech about his professional practices in landscape architecture in China in recent years.
Some listeners took out their smartphones to take pictures of his slide contents from time to time during the period.
The slideshow was fascinating and everybody listened attentively to his report.
The second speaker was from Germany and he shared one of his park design project in Munich and its implementation of ecological theories.
The first speaker introduced his research area and academic views on relationships between countryside and urban construction with slideshow.
Here is the venue of the meeting that is supposed to have at the third floor of this building. When I entered the meeting hall the opening ceremony was in process and several industry leaders were making opening speeches.
The moment when I stepped out of the exit of the subway I began to hesitate to implement my previous plan which was scheduled to attend an academic meeting held in the hotel because the weather was so nice today. Just look at the sky, the stretching cloud striped high over in the sky which indicated a rare sunny day in the late autumn.