Greece · 7 Days · 4 Moments · July 2017

NivvySees's adventure in Athens, Central Athe

26 July 2017

Churches, monuments and statues at Plaka Athens.

20 July 2017

Another worth seeing monument is the Temple of Zeus. Also damaged by a war. The place is solely for Zeus and no other temple or monument. If you prefer, take pictures from outside to avoid paying 6€ ticket.
ACROPOLIS. 20€ entry to climb all the way up to witness Acropolis monument with Parthenon side by side. Along with the hike up, you will see Athena Nike temple and lots more damaged monuments. The war by Venetians and Moreans in 1687 left only parts of the acropolis (highest point in Athens). Now, there are constructions going on to rebuild all of the monuments. Awfully crowded, takes ages to climb up. But the view of Athina is AhMayZing! Easily accessible by metro (Akropoli) station in less than 5€.