India · 2 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Nilesh's adventure in Hong Kong S.A.R.

28 May 2017

Visited Victoria peak
Meal on the flight....Fish, rice, daal, salad, gulab jamun, tea favoured ice cream. The last one sounds esoteric but not good at all. Jui and ira skipped food and slept all the way in the journey
Landed in Singapore. In transit. Will fly to hong kong from here
Some more food and entertainment on the flight

27 May 2017

Boarded the flight. Spacious Airbus with comfortable seating and loads of onboard entertainment and a coloring book for children
Small dinner before we board the plane. Dosa for ra, cheesy french fries for jui and and mutton burger for me
We check into the airport. Ira seems to enjoy the shops esp with kids stuff. She is running all over.
All my bags are packed and I am ready to go... Boarding a cab to the airport after a hectic day of packing and last minute arrangements.
Got the most important activity of currency exchange. Hong kong dollars at an exchange of 8.8 Rs per Hk dollar. A friend provided with singapore dollars for our onward journey to singapore
Day 1 . 27th May 2017 I return from a 2 day unavoidable official tour to delhi, eagerly awaiting for the holiday to begin. Don't have to think About work for the next 7 days. I M so glad that the phone will not ring during this trip A trip to hong kong, Macau and singapore has been booked 2 months in advance through kesari. All expenses paid trip as this is the first foreign tour and we wanted it to be special. Especially with ira along, it was all the more important that we don't stress ourselves in planning a tailor made tour. It's 1 am and I quickly make list of last minute additions to the prep list hoping that I don't end up missing some essential items... The most important task of getting rupees exhcnaged for dollars was successfully complied. Packing, unpacking and again ensure you are carrying all essentials Last minute google search of what's not allowed in cabin luggage.