North America, Europe · 16 Days · 65 Moments · July 2017

Canada,Ireland,Iceland Summer 2017

30 July 2017

The End Back home and back to my life. All I could think about was how this trip was by far the best vacation I had gone on and was such a beautiful experience. I was extremely blessed to see such amazing places in the world and see all the new cultures. It showed me how traveling can make you discover new things about yourself. An experience that can never be forgotten! "TRAVELING. IT LEAVES YOU SPEECHLESS, THEN TURNS YOU INTO A STORYTELLER." -Ibn Batutta

29 July 2017

Toronto Pearson International Airport It was time to go back to Atlanta 😔. I was avoiding this moment so much and didn't want to face reality again. I tried to enjoy every single moments before getting home. Anyways, at the airport, we again had Starbucks and we waited for check in. Once we got inside the flight, it was my first time seeing such an empty flight. Not many people were on it. The flight duration was 1 hour and 45 minutes and the fact it was so short made me sick to my stomach. I had finished reading Old World Encounters for school and I saw a beautiful sunrise while I was in the plane. I just knew I had to enjoy everything I had seen on this trip and be happy.

28 July 2017

Saravanaa Bhavan Restaurant Again in Canada, we ate at another restaurant. It was super crowded and to me, I didn't really like it that much and plus I was super tired 😴.
Guru Lakshmi Restaurant Right after getting to Canada, we went to get Indian food. It was a popular store for making signature dosas. To me, I really liked it and the sambar was really good, but my dad didn't like it so much.
Dublin Airport I was really sad our vacation was basically over and was very disappointing, but I knew we had to get back to reality. I had some Starbucks like usual before getting on the flight and we had bought more souvenirs for other friends. It was pretty depressing to go back.

27 July 2017

Bigg Boss Last day in Ireland, we watched Bigg Boss while eating. My dad has chicken biriyani that my mom made and I had pizza I had bought earlier at an Italian restaurant. I was really sad we had to leave the next day and school was going to start soon.
Gemelle's Restaurant My dad had wanted fish and chips so we went and ate at this restaurant. I had tomato soup 🍜 and my mom had pita bread with dahl. I didn't really like the food that much, but it was alright.
Shopping at Galway Last day in Ireland, we decided to go shopping in Eyre Square. We went in a mall and my dad and mom got rain jackets for really cheap. I still wanted to get a sweater as a souvenir from Ireland and also something for Mishal and Maliha. The street was super lively and several people were performing. I got a green sweater and I got a Mishal and Maliha a Aran Island handmade winter hat.

26 July 2017

Trouble with ferry ⛴ Our original ticket to get back to the mainland was at 5 but we tried to get on the earlier ferry, since we were done looking around the island. We waited in line for 30 minutes to see if we could get on the ferry, but sadly they stopped letting the later people with 5 o'clock tickets right after we got to the front of the line. Right then it started raining and thundering really badly and it became so terrible everyone had to stand under the bus area. The weather was super terrible. Finally they let us on for five o'clock ferry at 4:30 and we got on. The weather was so terrible that it made me not like Ireland even more...
Sweater Shop in Aran Islands It started raining so we ran into a sweater shop so in the meantime we looked around the store. My dad a got a new hat as a souvenir for Ireland.
Seven Churches We visited the Seven Churches after visiting the fort.
Dún Aonghasa First stop at the Aran Islands was this incredible fort. It is the one of the most visited places at the Aran Islands and lies on a 300 feet cliff. People don't know exactly when it was built, but it is super old maybe dates around the Iron Age. I really enjoyed looking at structure that was built such a long time ago and learning about its purposes and it's history.
Reaching Aran Islands 🌴 Finally reached there and we planned to rent bikes, but the minute we get out of the ferry ⛴, it is windy, cold and rainy. It was very disappointing and we had to go on a bus tour😪.
Going to Aran Islands It was very hectic to get to the islands. We started early to get to the place where they were selling the tours and we had to buy tickets. We had to find a parking place and everything was so disorganized. Once we finally figured out where to park, we had to wait for the bus. It was a two story bus which was a cool and new experience, but it did get boring since we were on the bus for 45 minutes. I was super sleepy and throughout the whole vacation, I didn't get much sleep so I kept falling asleep on the bus ride. Once the bus ride was over, we had to get on a ferry to get to the island and that also was another 45 minutes, but the seats were more comfortable than the bus and I had a nice view of the ocean to pass time. Just getting to islands was pretty tiring that it seemed going to the islands wasn't worth it.

25 July 2017

Cliffs of Moher We arrived at Cliffs of Moher, the most popular and top place to see in Ireland. We got there and to be honest, to us it wasn't that amazing. It seemed pretty regular and not something out of the world because after seeing Iceland nothing seemed amazing in Ireland anymore. Even though it was still very beautiful and I learned that in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had a scene from Cliffs of Moher which is pretty cool. It stretches about 5 miles across the coast of Ireland and the maximum height the cliffs reach is 702 feet. Pretty high!
Dunguaire Castle On the road to Cliffs of Moher, we saw this castle on the road. It is a 16 century tower house on the shore of Galway. It seems super popular but we decided to not go inside, since we didn't want to waste time.

24 July 2017

Visiting brother We decided to eat dinner with my brother and he picked the place. There my dad had this chicken curry 🍛,my brother had a chicken burger 🍔,my mom had bean burger 🍔 and I had a vegan lasagna. The vegan lasagna wasn't very good. It was okay, but not terrible. On top of that, these pigeons kept attacking me.After we had some icecream 🍦 and had to drop my brother off at his room.
Kylemore Abbey It was the biggest castle I had seen in Ireland. It was pretty cool and the inside was royal 👑 and nice. We looked around the castle and near the castle was a gothic church. It was built by Henry, the person who had built the castle. He had built it in honor of his wife after her death. The wife had died at a very young age in her 30s after going to Europe. They had 9 children and Henry dearly loved his wife.
Aughnanure Castle We found this small castle in the road when we going to Connemara National Park. We stopped and went inside the castle. I've never been inside a castle so it was pretty cool experience. In the parking lot, I saw several dogs 🐶 that were the same breed and one of them was limping. It was super sad to see the dog.

23 July 2017

Reykjavik Airport It was a sad day because I loved Iceland. It was such a beautiful country probably the best place I've ever seen with its unique landscapes and landforms. Something I've never seen. I got a sweater that I really wanted, but I said no from the beginning because I found out it cost 160 dollars 💵. My parents insisted so I finally got it. It was a handmade sweater made from Icelandic wool and I even met the person who made my sweater.

22 July 2017

Reykjadalur Hot Spring and horses🐴 My dad really wanted to go back to the hot spring to show my mom because he loved it and wanted to go in the river. I really didn't want to, but I decided to tag along. Right before we started the long hike, we saw horses and ever since I came to Iceland, I wanted to see Icelandic horses. There are super beautiful horses. Then we started the hike. It was super windy like nothing I've ever seen in Iceland. It literally pushed me and I kept stumbling because of the wind. For some reason though, the hike to the river seemed shorter, since we actually knew how long it was. Once we got to the river, a dog that had been walking along the trail was there too. Her name was Lotta and was super cute. My dad stayed in the river, while I decided not to go in. He stayed for an hour and I was freezing. My nose was red and I wasn't wearing a big jacket. On the way back was the mort terrible because the wind pushed against us making it even colder❄️.
Glacial Lagoon and Dimond Beach Basically Glacial Lagoon was small glaciers that were ripped off by the river's current from the actual glacier. So we saw a river with chunks of ice and a different shapes of the ice looked really unbelievable. Right next to the river was the beach. The glaciers would float to the beach where the river and the beach's waves would collide and would push the ice to the seashore so that's what Dimond beach was. Dimond beach had several unique formations of ice and the ice looked shiny like diamonds 💎.
Night time Bigg Boss 📺 Everyday since we been in Iceland, we continued to sleep at 12 in the morning or past 12 because of the light and we finished late at night with going to places too.We tried to catch up on the tv show Bigg Boss so we sleep super late and wake up super early like July 22.
To Glacier Lagoon It was our last day in Iceland and was pretty devastating. We decided to go to another glacier called Glacier Lagoon. On the way, we could see an extraordinary view of the glacier from a far distance. We also found another hitch hiker and we let her in and apparently she was the same girl we picked up the day before. It was weird how she was able to get the same distance from just hitch hiking and how people are so friendly to let hitch hikers. She apparently was also heading to the same place, Glacier Lagoon. While in the car, she told us about her job. She changes abandoned factories in different parts of the world and changes it into something the locals could use like how her next project is to help women in Afghanistan.

21 July 2017

Black Sand beach and Reynisdrangal We stopped to make some dinner at Black Sand beach. We thought it was the place where puffins were so my dad and I decided to go look for puffins while my mom made dinner. We walked all over the beach and the wind 💨 was super powerful. It kept pushing me and really cold. My teeth kept chattering. We walked trying to find the puffins, but we had no luck. Once we walked back, my mom was done with making dinner and we decided to search online again to make sure we were at the right place to find the puffins. Then we realized we were at the wrong place so we quickly finished dinner and drove off to the correct place. Once we got to the right place, we got out of the car and it was even more windier. It was just too cold to be outside. We walked a bit to the beach and found several puffins flying above us. To me, they looked like tiny penguins 🐧 with wings. They were adorable. There was a pretty big cave at the beach, but the puffins were more interestin
Solheimasandur Plane Wreck Really close to the glacier was the popular plane wreck.The plane crashed in 1973 because it ran out of fuel, but luckily everyone survived.We started walking and was a really flat rocky road and we tried looking for the plane but there was no sight of it. While we were walking, we kept thinking a small boulder was the plane, but we were disappointed when we got there. We kept doing this and kept on walking, but there was no sight. Finally after we got to the plane wreck, we realized the walk was about 2.3miles.Inside the plane,there were metal pieces hanging from the plane and I even dropped my phone and cracked part of it, since a metal piece got caught on my pants and yanked me back. I climbed on the plane's wings and I even saw people on top of it. When we were walking back was the terrible part, because earlier we were looking forward to getting to the plane, but going back seemed like forever. The hike back and forth was 4.55 mile
Sólheimajökull I was super excited to go to this place. It was a 14 kilometer glacier which is considered to be really big, but for Iceland it's probably one of the smaller glaciers there.After my dad told me your only allowed to see the glacier from a far distance, I was pretty disappointed, but once we got there I saw people who walked all the way to the glacier so it got my hopes high. It was pretty cold and windy there but from my excitement, I wasn't worried about the cold. We started walking and it was such a beautiful view. There was a sign that said you aren't allowed to go beyond this point, but since a lot of people were, we decided to go. While we walked down to the glaciers, the glaciers were covered with some weird black power, but it made it look more prettier. My dad told me that this glacier will soon melt in a couple of years which is extraordinary because water would cover several villages. I absolutely loved this place❤️.
Seljavallalaug Zwembad My dad really wanted to go to this thermal pool. It was about a 20 minute walk to the pool and once we reached, my dad got into the pool. Apparently the pool wasn't that hot and was just warm so my dad didn't like it that much. Anyways I had learned to fly the drone while at the thermal pool and was able to record the several waterfalls that surrounded us. I was able to go really close to the sheep and chase them away. It was pretty fun to play with. We stayed there totally about an hour and half.
Skogafoss The next place we to see that day was Skogafoss. It was really chilly there and a pretty big waterfalls and the water kept spraying us. We only stayed there for a couple of minutes and left.
Seljalands Foss It was a huge waterfall where you could walk behind the waterfalls. It was pretty awesome to see from behind and the plain,flat land that you could see from the falls. Just simply walking behind the falls would got us soaking wet.Near the falls there were several tiny waterfalls in all in one place. We walked to see some of the falls and flew the drone. This is probably one of my favorite falls in Iceland.

20 July 2017

Reyjkadalur Hot Spring Thermal River It was a 4.55 mile hike to the hot spring. The view was really pretty. My dad even thought it was the best place he has ever seen in his life. The hike was super steep going to the hot spring and near the end they were geysers and mountains surrounding us. It was something I've never seen before except for the fact these little bugs kept attacking us. We left at 7:45 and only came back at 9:43. Going there was one hour and twenty minutes and leaving was only forty minutes.
Kerio or also Kerid It is a volcanic crater that is surrounded by bright volcanic rock and inside the crater is clear blue water. The grass and the red volcanic rock contrasted really well. It was a spectacular sight to see.
Gulfoss Falls It is one of the best waterfalls in Iceland. It's made up of two Falls and all surrounded with cliffs and boulders. So much water ran through the Falls so powerfully.
Geysir It was beautiful and the first time I've ever seen a geyser. It was magnificent and the geyser came out ever ten minutes. The blue hot water exploded and it makes me wonder how this is natural and real.
Pingvellir National Park We just made a quick stop at the National Park and looked out in the scenic view point. Right before we got in the National Park ,we saw some sheep right next to the road too.We were able to see the two tectonic plates and saw a rat crawling through. Before we left, I had Oreo mousse and my parents had icecream🍦.
Oxararfoss Falls The first Falls we saw in Iceland which is in Pingvellir National Park and is on the golden circle route. We had to walk a little bit and walked through two cliffs. It was beautiful and very enchanting.This is where we first tried the fly the drone.

19 July 2017

Blue Lagoon It's a beautiful hot Lagoon and it's really expensive. We had to pay about a 100 dollars for an adult. We went there at 8:30 and had to take a shower before getting in. It was freezing outside but once in the water it felt really nice. We put on the silica mask and algae masks on ourselves and I had a blueberry smoothie too. We stayed till 11:15 in the water and took a shower after. The silica would not get out of my hair even after putting so much shampoo.
Stop for food 🥘 🍝 We stopped at a nice, quiet area to make some dinner. My mom had made veggie noodles for me and chicken noodles for my dad. It was nice and cozy to eat inside the camper, but chilly outside since we had to keep the door open while cooking.🍽
Cave on the way to Blue Lagoon We saw several cars lined up at a small parking area. We decided to go see what was there and we found out it was a small underground cave.
Cozy Campers We got to the cozy campers place to pick up our camper. It's super nice and comfy!!! Everyone was super nice and friendly!
Fly bus🚌 After getting off the plane🛩, we needed to go on the bus for 45 minutes to get our camper and saw beautiful views on the way.Love the weather! It's 50 degrees outside!
Dublin Airport🛫 We went through security and everything and walked to our gate. The gate was pretty far from the all the food places and we were hungry so my mom and I walked all the way back to get some food. My mom got Burger king for my dad and I got some Starbucks for myself. By the time we finished it was 11 and my dad texted everyone got on the flight so we hurried back over to the gate and got on the flight. The WOW flight is bright pink and we had to walk outside to go to the flight. The flight to Iceland is 1 hour and 50 min and on the flight we ate the Starbucks and Burger King we bought at the airport.
Getting to airport Our flight was at 11:40 so we had to leave Galaway and go to Dublin Airport which was 2 hours away. We left at 6 in the morning and on the way we had to drop off some luggage at my brother's place,since the airlines WOW only let's you bring extra luggage if you pay.

18 July 2017

Trouble at parking lot Once we met my brother, we went back and parked our car in a parking lot that was the closest to the hotel. We got the ticket to go inside and payed and we left to go to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel, we realized that we didn't know where the ticket went so we walked all the way back to the parking lot around 11 to trace the ticket. We looked in the car and everywhere and we couldn't find it,but then my mom found a help button on the ticket machine and it called the security and he gave us a new ticket. Once we got back to the hotel, we found the ticket in the room so all that trouble was for nothing.
Drive to my brother's room🚘 After coming back to get the car, we headed for my brother's place. We put the directions and everything and we drove there. Every time the gps kept taking us to the wrong place. At one point we passed a group of student sitting in a circle and that's where the directions lead us so we were really confused so we left again. The directions after lead us to the same place and after texting and talking to my brother we found out the students that were sitting in a circle were next to the building my brother was in. In total, it took us about half an hour to find him. We only got to his place at 10.
Street in Galaway After eating at the Indian restaurant, we headed back to the hotel by walk, since we were going to go see my brother and get the weight machine to weigh all the luggage for Iceland. On the way,the street was lively with music and people.
Tulasi Indian Restaurant At the hotel, it was about 6 and we wanted to eat out with my brother, but we couldn't because he was busy and was going to play soccer. Instead we just went out on the street and ate at an Indian restaurant called Tulasi.
Hotel in Galaway,Ireland We got to the hotel at Galaway at 5 and there was a fancy elevator I've never seen. You had to keep holding the floor button you wanted to go and you could see the elevator going up. In the room, the view from the window was several colorful buildings on the street and the inside the room,everything was white. It was neat and tidy.
Mullaghmore:beach loop drive Clare,Ireland On the way to Galaway, we thought we saw a castle so we tried driving there, but it apparently it wasn't a castle and was private property. But while we driving towards the castle, we ended up in Mullaghmore and there was scenic places to stop and look at the rock formation. We took some pictures and kept heading to Galaway. In fact, while we stopped, my dad didn't know he was going off the road so we almost drove down the cliff but luckily I told him.😂
Slieve League In the morning we left around 6:45 in the morning to go to Slieve League. We had to hurry because we had to go see my brother in the evening in Galaway that day and pack for Iceland. It was about a two hour drive to Slieve League and once we reached we saw a parking lot with only one car and a road that was closed with a gate. A bus in front of us opened the gate and went through so we decided to do the same, but we didn't close the gate once we got in. We were worried because we knew we weren't technically supposed to go that way, since it was closed. The road to go there was very small and it kept going really close to the cliffs of the mountains. After a couple of minutes, we got to a big parking lot and there were a lot of people there and we were relieved. It was super windy and chilly and we got our jackets and headed up a trail. It was a beautiful trail that overlooked the mountains. We didn't finish the trail since we didn't have time,but we walked pretty far up.

17 July 2017

Domino's Pizza🍕 We ended the day with some Domino's Pizza. We ordered a large pizza with onions,tomatoes,herbs, and mushrooms with some potato wedges. I also ordered a brownie filled with fudge. My dad had chicken wings.
The Dark Hedges🌲 Also apart of the Game of Thrones. It's a huge road with giant trees traveling along the path of the road.
Dunluce Castle This castle was built between the 15th century to 17th century and is a fairly small castle. We came too late so the castle was closed so we walked around the castle. We went on a short path and there was an extraordinary side view of the castle. We also saw a small cave that went all the way to the ocean.
Back to Great Causeway The trails we saw earlier were still on our minds and we really wanted to go so we decided to go back on our way back to the hotel. When we got there we decided to take the bus for a small distance since we had walked over 7 miles at this point. We got there and walked to the Giant's Causeway Chimneys which was a rock formation that stood out of the cliffs and on the way we saw the Organs that where tall pillars of rock.The contrasting of the red trails and the dark green grass looked outstanding. There was another trail that headed back to the parking lot so we decided to go on that, since it went up the cliffs and we knew it would be an amazing view. On the way up the encountered the Shepard Steps which consists of 162 steps! Right after climbing the tiring steps we looked into the blue ocean which splashed against the spectacular steep cliffs and boulders. We continued down the trail and saw the vast greenery of Ireland and soon got to the parking lot.
Right outside of Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge When we came back, we saw an island that looked like it had a castle on it so we tried getting closer to see what it was. The extra parking for the rope bridge seemed like it was heading towards the island so we went down the hill to see. Right when we got to the parking lot, we saw a sign saying it was another part where The Game of Thrones was shot so there was no castle, but we still looked around. The parking lot was surrounded with,bold limestone. As we ventured around the area, we saw a beach with tiny limestone rocks all around. It was a view that no one should miss. Right on the beach, I found a cave and climbed up and looked at the royal blue shades of the ocean.
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge This was the number one spot in Ireland I really wanted to go. It's a small shaky rope bridge that can only hold 8 people. It was built for fishermen to cross the bridge to go fishing on the small island the rope bridge led. Once we got there, there was a wait for 15 minutes(1:15) which was perfect,since we had to eat. We ate some naan we got yesterday from Saffron. Right after we finished we headed to the rope bridge. To get to the rope bridge we had to walk 0.62 miles. While walking we saw parts of the rope bridge from a far distance and it looked pretty intimating from the tall height. We got to the bridge and I looked down at the huge drop from the bridge. On the other side of the bridge we absorbed the beautiful view.
Giant's Causeway Once we were at the Giant's Causeway, we parked our car and got our tickets and headed into the park. We had to walk to the Giant's Causeway down a hill and on the way we saw the beautiful waves crashing into the rocks of the shore. Once we were at the hexagonal shape rocks which where were created about 60 million year ago during a volcanic activity, we looked into the magnificent deep blue sea. We saw trails heading up the tall cliffs and really wanted to go, but we didn't think we had time for the trails.
Sightseeing on the road After the Lion's Gate, we saw several buses lined up so we decided to look at the breathtaking view. Tall cliffs surrounded the vast blue sea. We were astonished at the cliffs plunging into the sea.
Lion's Gate Right next the the Burning of the Seven(Downhill Beach) was the Lion's Gate. We were curious what it was so we ventured around and from a far distance that's were we were able to see the Burning of Seven.
Burning of the Seven at the Downhill Beach We left our hotel and were on our way to see some sightseeing places in Northern Ireland and we used a Game of Thrones flyer as a guide.This is one of the locations of The Game of Thrones and we were trying to find it, but we didn't actually go around and walk there. We just saw it from a far distance.

16 July 2017

Londonderry, United Kingdom🇬🇧 After we arrived to Ireland from Canada, we drove to Londonderry which is in Northern Ireland and considered part of United Kingdom.This is where our hotel was. After getting to the hotel, we roamed around the area. We saw the wall of Londonderry and looked around the town. Then we decided to eat at an North Indian restaurant and while we were waiting I noticed a police officer outside and I wondered what happened. Then the waiter came to my dad and asked if the gray Range Rover was ours. Apparently he had forgotten to turn off the car,since it was left hand driver which altogether confused us(Day 2 of car troubles).Apparently several police officers were surrounding him and he had to explain it was ours😂.
Dublin Airport🇮🇪 Finally, we arrived at Dublin airport around 10:15 and after went to get the car. We were worried about the left hand side driving and the small roads.

15 July 2017

Anjappar Restaurant After Niagara Falls we came back to Toronto to catch our flight at 11:15, but before we came back we ate at an Indian restaurant called Anjappar and it was really good!!!
Niagara Falls,Canada🇨🇦 We left from the airport and got our car to go to Niagara Falls. On the way we had trouble with our car since originally it was set to manual, but later we figured it out. It's a norm now having car troubles since every trip there has to be some problems with the car😂. Anyways we had lunch once we were close to the falls where I had Starbucks again for lunch and my parents had McDonald's. Once getting there we booked a tour. We stood in line where it was scorching hot like for an hour to get on the horn blower boat to go near the falls then we walked near the falls. We were there probably till 5.
Atlanta Airport: We packed everything for our Europe trip and left home at 3:30am. We went through security and sat and had some Starbucks. Then it was time for our two hour flight to Canada where we would go see Niagara Falls.