North America, Europe · 9 Days · 24 Moments · June 2018

Our voyage in France & Spain

19 June 2018

Spent our last day on the beach and a lil more shopping 🤩 got a last scoop of fresh black berry ice cream and had yummy paella for dinner !

18 June 2018

We had a free day today so we took a taxi to the beach ☀️ we tried to walk home and got lost for almost 2 hours lol. The beach was worth it though it was beautiful. We shared a pizza on the beach. I also had a mini pizza for dinner too hahah. After we went to a flamenco show where they dance and tap their shoes like this emoji 💃🏽

17 June 2018

Today we had a bus tour in the morning around the city and then went to Park Güell, and it was beautiful. Then we went to Sagrada Familia, the #1 attraction in Barcelona, which makes sense because it is absolutely insane. They started building it in the 1800s and are still building parts today. It is projected to be finished in 2026. After that we had free time the rest of the day
Todays food: hotel breakfast, a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch since our stomachs weren’t feeling the best, and we went to 3 different restaurants to enjoy a variety of tapas. Croquettes, little sliders, fries w a cut up poached egg, cream cheese ok toast w a berry dressing, mozzarella w cucumber & tomato, and an angel food type of thing and churro dipped in chocolate for dessert

16 June 2018

Today we flew to Barcelona and arrived around 11. We walked to a popular market and explored different foods and the culture. For lunch I had a raspberry/apple fresh squeezed juice, a beef and onion burrito type of thing. After we walked to this old church in the middle of the city where we saw they effects and ruins of bombs and bullets from the war. Later we got to explore the city on a bike ride that lead us through super cute streets, and all along the coast. It was beautiful. For dinner we went to a nice restaurant called Ostis Pedrín. The app was a goolash type of thing and the main meal was a meat with a veggie and onion sauce that it was soaked in.

15 June 2018

Today we got to go to the city of Versailles and tour the palace as well as the HUGE garden. Then we had free time to walk around and shop. At night we went to a super fancy restaurant and had a mozzarella ball for appetizer, meat and potatoes for entree and a lil lava cake, cream puff, and macaroon for dessert. When we got back we had the opportunity to go to the top of arc de triumph and see an amazing view! Last day in Paris was well spent

14 June 2018

Today we visited the Louvre, got to see a wall where it says “i love you” in every language, and got to travel to a neighborhood called Montmartre where we saw the coolest things and the best view!
Breakfast was the same as yesterday, at the hotel. We had to have a quick lunch because we had reservations to get into the Louvre. Some different but good sauces at mcdanks tho. For dinner we split into groups and traveled to actual families houses in paris. At Emily’s and I’s we had 3 melon salad w feta cheese and basil. Main dish was noodles veggies and veal. Dessert was a creamy chocolate thing that was so smooth and amazing! Our house/apartment we were in was a penthouse suite. View was AMAZING, it had the eiffel tower and notre dam
Dinner this french home was amazing. We had a melon and fetta cheese starter then a veal and noodle stew and finished with a chocolate creme dessert. We learned so much about the culture and talked for hours!!

13 June 2018

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel, then we had a city tour on the bus and say the Eiffel tower for the first time, then we went to the cathedral and got to look around inside. After that we stopped for lunch and we all had crepes today. We then walked back over to the cathedral where hundreds of pigeons were and “played” with them after that we visited a garden where the original thinker is. Then we got to ride an elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower. After that we had dinner at cafe gustave. I had steak haché á cheval.
After dinner we took had a boat ride on the Seine with beautiful views and got to visit the Eiffel tower again, and see it lit up. It sparkles every hour on the hour. Then we took the metro back to the hotel. Looks a lot like the subways in NYC! Fun and eventful day
Second day was absolutely beautiful!!!!
Our itinerary for Wednesday 😊

12 June 2018

The cute little street our hotel is on, and a view of the arc de triumph from the corner of our street!
We walked to the Arc de Triumph after dinner, had a bit of a problem trying to get to the top so we stayed on the main ground (to get there you have to go underground since the road way has 12 streets that intersect around it, super busy!)
We ate dinner at le 16 cafe: appetizer was a slice of quiche (egg base w/ cheese curds) main entree was a piece of pork w/ noodles and some kinda of horse radish tasting sauce & finally desert was a super rich brownie!!
First afternoon in Paris! In love already!
Emily and I’s room and view in Paris.. our hotel is about a block away from arc de triumph!! 🤩
Just landed in Paris!!
Airplane food; for me dinner was rosemary chicken and veggies. Breakfast was honey yogurt and a peach muffin. 8/10, pretty good for airplane food!!

11 June 2018

Besties are all checked in and ready to get on the first plane to Atlanta Georgia!! 👍🏼😁✈️