Italy, Singapore, Australia · 22 Days · 58 Moments · June 2017

Nic's adventure in Australia Summer 2017

6 July 2017

July 5, 2017 Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay We had purchased online from home a Singapore Explorer Pass that included the main attractions of Singapore.
July 5, 2017 Singapore arrival at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel We arrived early in the morning in Singapore, at 6 AM. You were so surprised to claim so quickly our baggage and plus all the security checks. At 7 o'clock in the morning we checked already into the iconic Singapore hotel, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Luckily our room on the fifth floor was already ready and we could use it immediately. Of course we checked out the infinity pool on the 57th floor with an amazing view over to skyline off Singapore, really cool. What a great way to start a new day and completely wake up. We got up to the roof just in time to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Only overnight hotel guests are allowed to use the pool and access is strictly controlled with access cards for everybody and step through a gate. Even though it was early there were already people swimming in the pool. Later we had breakfast at a restaurant on the ground floor, almond croissant, coffee and juice.
July 4, 2017 Lonepine Koala Sanctuary We also feed and pet the free-roaming kangaroos in the kangaroo reserve. There are also many colourful Australian parrots and cockatoos, as well as other Australian birds such as kookaburras, emus, and cassowaries. We saw the bird of prey show with several kinds of raptors showing off their speed agility and keen eyesight. As well as being a wildlife sanctuary, there is a small 'farm' and we participated to the "Sheep Dog Shows". All in one, it was a great experience and we relaxed on our river cruise back downtown. There we went to the Museum of Brisbane and later back to the hotel, where we used again the pool to refresh ourselves of a busy day and before taking a cap back to the airport. We showered in the airport lunge and had diner before taking off for the 7.5 hour night flight to Singapore around leaving at 11:55pm.
July 4, 2017 Brisbane Lonepine Koala Sanctuary To properly wake up in the morning in Brisbane we decided once more to jump into the pool before breakfast. It was a nice heated pool with view on the surrounding sky scrappers. We didn't pack again our suitcases and had breakfast in the little restaurant bar please at the entrance of the hotel Mantra Midtown, egg Benedict for the kids and a big breakfast for Stefano and me. We checked out and went down to the river to catch a cruise to the Lonepine Koala Sanctuary on the Miramar. It was so worth while. The cruise lost it for one hour and 50 minutes along the river banks of Brisbane and even worse approximately 12 km, we post some beautiful mansions in some really nice rich neighborhoods. Wildlife in the sanctuary includes: koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, and various species of reptiles, as well as a platypus that arrived at the sanctuary during 2010 from Healesville Sanctuary (near Melbourne).
July 3, 2017 Brisbane The format from Hamilton I want to Brisbane was just around one hour and 20 minutes. The luggage arrived very quickly and we took immediately a cab from the airport to the Mantra Midtown hotel, a short 20-minutes ride. Check in at the Mantra was even faster and by 4 o'clock we were out already to do some shopping and look for a place for diner. The receptionist recommended a place on the river, close to the Financial district. We chose an outside restaurant similar to a luxury Biergarten and we had some delicious hamburgers, very nice atmosphere and lots of locals for being a midweek evening. In the afternoon it was still 20°C, but in the evening it cooled down considerably and we used our down jackets.

5 July 2017

Singapore Flyer
Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

4 July 2017

Lonepine Koala Sanctuary

3 July 2017

July 3, 2017 Brisbane
July 3, 2017 Hamilton Island - Brisbane Finally the weather has cleared up and by 7:30 we were already in the heated pool in front of our hotel. Today we had breakfast at the Pool restaurant of our hotel and then checked out. By 9:30 we got to the beach, but it was low tide, so we couldn't use the kayaks or stand-up-boards. I swam all the way out to the boye and gave it a try on snorkeling, but visibility was terrible, just around 1 meter. There were some nice corals and small fishes, but if they were turtles or rays, I wouldn't even have seen them. Around midday we went back up to the pool and at 12:30 we got out of the water and showered in the courtesy room. At 1 pm we had our transfer to the Hamilton airport, a short 5-10 minutes ride. Check-in was easy and quick and we got another Australian pie for lunch before boarding the aircraft at 13:45. As everyone was on board we left early. The flight with Virgin Australia was 1h19.
Hamilton Airport, Virgin Air
July 2, 2017 Hamilton Island On Hamilton Island we usually get a big breakfast at the buffet at the Sail restaurant close to the beach. The weather forecast was right also we hoped for an improvement. Today was tennis day, we played in the morning the four of us and in the afternoon only Julien and me. In between we played ping pong and used our heated pool. Stef and me walked down to the Marina to get lunch from the bakery and Poppey's. By 4pm it was high tide and we went kayaking. Heated pool, shower and packing, as tomorrow in the afternoon we leave Hamilton Island to fly to Brisbane. We went back for diner to Takos in the Marina.

2 July 2017

July 2, 2017 Hamilton Island

1 July 2017

July 1, 2017 Hamilton Island At 7am I participated at my first park run, 5km two loops in Catseye Beach. Most of them were real run freaks, I completed in 27.05 minutes and arrived 1st in my age group. Julien waited already and waved from the balcony, ready to go to the pool. After such an amazing effort I was soo hungry and we went to Sails for breakfast. Right after we hired a buggy and drove for the next two hours around the island, up and down. I visited a villa from the outside with Julien. Around lunch time we got dome pies and sandwiches from the bakery and had lunch there in the Marina with the birds. Back in the room we relaxed for a while and went then to the beach to play Australian football. Kayak and SUP were next. Unfortunately no sun and the water temperature was only 22 degrees Celsius. I once felt into the water, but it wasn't too bad. A quick swim in the lagoon pool and longer swim in the heated pool and a hot bath in the room.

30 June 2017

June 30, 2017 On the way back to Hamilton, we cruise along the 6km beach of Whitehaven and around the Whitsunday Islands. Today we didn't see the sun... We had an early diner at the Marina Tavern which consisted in a nice hamburger and chips to be in time for the 7:30om movie at the Auditorium of the Yachtclub, they showed 'Tammy', a pretty funny movie.
June 30, 2017 Hamilton Island Whitehaven It was surely not the perde day to run up to The highest hill top of Hamilton Island, but the steep climb still great once I reached the top after 45 minutes. The cyclone Debbie of end of March this year, left a lot of damage to the tree top. The peak itself was in the clouds. By 8:15 I was back, downhill was much quicker and I took a shorter trail. What a nice surprise, we discovered, before breakfast, that the reserved pool for the hotel guests is heated up to 28 degrees Celsius. For breakfast we decided to go to the restaurant 'The Sails' next to the beach club. The birds stole one of Julien's toasts from his plate!!! We then spent the morning at the Minigolf and went to the Marina by 12:30 to get ready for the Whitehaven cruise. Unfortunately the weather was overcast with some light rain showers, so we didn't the famous nice colors of Australia's number 1 beach. We still went for a long walk along the beach, played and went for a swim
Hamilton Island Whitehaven

29 June 2017

June 29, 2017 Airlie Beach - Hamilton Island Our apartment at the Mantra Boathouse was awesome and we prepared our breakfast on the terrace overlooking the harbour. We then went "downtown" Airlie Beach to hunt for some souvenirs (Koala sign + T-shirt for Julien, a wooden necklace for Annette and me, some cooler x Pob and Stef got some other things for Alissa and Opal earrings for his sister). By 11am we were back at the Boathouse and stayed at the pool until the 2pm ferry to Hamilton. We finished all our pic-nic foods before leaving. The cruise through the Whisundays was smooth and after an hour we arrived already in the Marina of Hamilton Island. A shuttle drove us to the Reef Hotel and we checked into our huge room with Oceanview. Sunset drinks on Hill Top viewing point and Mexican diner at Takos in the Marina.
Airlie Beach - Cruise to Hamilton

28 June 2017

June 28, 2017 Airlie Beach We stay for the night in a brand new 2-bedroom flat from a Mantra in the new port of Airlie Beach, it's a beautiful apartment on the top floor overlooking the port and ocean. We jumped in the cold pool before getting ready for a Brazilian feast in a restaurant downtown.
June 28, 2017 Magnetic Island Julien woke up early as well and we went running and meeting the rock wallabies again. This time it was just us and the wallabies and they came and we could feed them, what a great moment, they were sooo cute. We feeded one with a puppy... then we went on to Alma Bay, the Bay with a shark protection net!!! And back along the beach until the other side of Geoffrey Bay. Then it was time to cool down in the pool in front of our room and last but not least breakfast on the terrace at our pool. This morning we took the bus back to the fort walk, the Koala trial. We saw a Koala with a tiny baby climbing backwards on a branch, wow we couldn't get enough of them. Further on we saw 4 or 5 more a Koalas, I lost track of how many there were. To make the 12:15 ferry back to Townsville, we took a cab back and just quickly stopped at the Arcadia Motel to pick up our luggage. 275km south and 3.5 hours later we arrived by 4:30pm in Airlie Beach.
Magnetic Island

27 June 2017

June 27, 2017 Magnetic Island The island is 8km Townsville in Tropical North Queensland is a very beautiful and special place. More than half the island is national park, it's huge granite boulders and towering hoop pines dominate the mountain skyline, the rugged natural beauty, a heaven for wildlife such as Koalas, rock wallabies, possums and wide varity of tropical bird live. We stay for tonight in the Arcadia motel in Geoffrey bay. After lunch on our balcony we headed directly to the Fort walking trail to search for Koalas. It was just a short bus ride from Geoffrey Bay in direction of Horseshoe Bay. We were so lucky and got to see three Koalas, two were babies. They were soo cute!!! Back on the bus in time to meet the rock wallabies on our beach. They come every evening, because they know that get food from the tourists. Diner in the restaurant next to the hotel was nice, burgers for everyone except me, I had an advocado, smoked salmon salad.
June 27, 2017 Mission Beach - Townsville - Magnetic Island Early in the morning I went running along the forest trail and back on the beach. Running is actually a great way to discover and get to know new places. When I got back Julien, Stefano and me stayed quiet a while in the great pool in the lush gardens of Eco Village. We then prepared breakfast in our cabin, juice, coffee, hot chocolate, toasts with Nutella, scrambled eggs, cereals and Greek iogurt. Laundry again... Off we were heading further south to Townsville. It was 240km, a 3 hours drive through sugar cane fields. We made it on the 12:55 ferry with Sealink, the 20-minutes passenger ferry to Magnetic Island.

26 June 2017

June 26, 2017 Mission Beach Several villages are part of Mission Beach and our hotel is situated pretty isolated in north Mission Beach. Our cabin has a small separate part with a triple bunk bed, full equipped kitchen and TV. As the weather was overcast, we didn't want to use the nice pool in the garden, but first went grocery shopping at Woolworth for diner and lunches for the next two days. Then we went to see the different villages that form Mission Beach, most of them were residential areas. At the end North Beach, close to where we stay, seams to be the most animated one. Shops were closed already, by 5pm they all close. We found a fun outside pub with a pool table and darts and had fun during our Nachos and beer pré-diner outing close to the beach. Back at the cabin we prepared some pasta and got reorganized with our luggage. As in Green Island we will leave the big bags behind when we take the ferry to Magnetic Island tomorrow. The car stays in Townsville.
June 26, 2017 Daintree Rainforest - Mission Beach We left the beautiful Coral Sea Villas after another self catered breakfast in the outdoor kitchen and living aerea. Down the hill and half an hour to the river crossing with the ferry brought us in time to our Solar Whisper Wildlife cruise on the Daintree river st 9:30. Quiet with an electric motors the our small group glided peaceful through the waters of the Daintree river. We spotted six large salties and two baby crocodiles. We had a croc cam, the guide focused the camera on animals allowing to get close up's of the magnifying wildlife. It was soo quiet and only the sounds of the animals could be heard. We were the only boat at this early hour, at least the first part of the one hour tour. Later we headed south in direction of Mission Beach, passed Cairns. A short lunch stop 'en route' at McDonalds. By 3:30pm we arrived in Mission Beach and checked into the Eco Village in our cabin with rainforest view.
Eco Village Mission Beach
Sea Coral Villa Diwan Wildlife Cruise on the Daintree River with the Solar boat

25 June 2017

June 25, 2017 Daintree Rainforest After this we were ready for an ice-cream at the Daintree Icecream Company situated between Diwan and Cow Bay. It was more than just ice cream, they grow their own fruit and the ice cream flavours depend on whatever fruit available. We then wandered through the orchard to see the exotic fruit trees used in the ice cream. By 4pm we went back to Daintree Discovery Center. Today we saw the white parrot birds eating red fruits under the crown of a palm tree. The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most fascinating and diverse eco-systems on the Earth and covers an aerea of 1200 square kilometers. It is the largest tropical rainforest in Australia. It has continued to evolve for around 180 million years, surviving through the ages of the cataclysm events that wiped out the dinosaurs and other life forms. The Daintree is the world's oldest rainforest. Back at the Coral Sea View Villa, I went for a long swim in the private pool overlooking the rainforest.
June 25, 2017 Daintree Rainforest We prepared our own breakfast in th2e outdoor cuisine at the Coral Sea View Villa and left for a special adventure. Jungle surfing through the rainforest at Cape Tribulation, we participated the 2-hour guided zipline and tree platform tour through the Daintree Rainforest. The six platforms range from 5 to 19.5 meters above the ground and each one reveals a different level of the rainforest ecosystem with unique and spectacular views into the canopy, over the treetops and down to the cascading streams that lead to the Great Barrier Reef. It was AWESOME!!!! Thereafter we headed north to the Cape Tribulation wherein we took a short walk on the beach at a safe distance from the shore. After a pic-nic lunch at Cape Tribulation, we went for a short board walk to the Kulki Look-out. Later we did another hike at close to Noah Beach, the 1.2km Marrdja Boardwalk.
Daintree Rainforest

24 June 2017

June 24, 2017 Palm Cove - Diwan Another short stroll on the Esplanade of Palm Cove and off we went north in direction of the Daintree Rainforest. We passed slowly Ellie Beach, because of a bad car cash. Then we visited Port Douglas, in particular the Flagstaff Hill Look out. Furthermore we stocked up on grocery at the Woolworth store in Mossman as we planned on self catering for the next two days in Diwan. As a start we got an entire chicken with a salad we ate at Newlett Beach. Then we crossed the Daintree river on the ferry and went for a couple of hours to the Daintree Discovery Center, what a great place. It allowes to discover the rainforest from the forest on different levels and has a 23m observation tower. The center is only 19 minutes from our home for the next two nights, one of the two cabins at Sea Coral View. The cabin had a great terrace with hammocks and a fantastic view over the rainforest and sea. We cooked pasta with tomato and ricotta sauce in the outdoor kitchen
June 24, 2017 Palm Cove - Diwan Daintree Rainforest NP I woke up before everyone else and went for my second run of this vacation. Uff I felt that I haven't been running for almost a week. I did lots of swimming and walking, but that isn't the same. Anyway, it must have just stopped raining, the streets were still wet. I wanted to go down to the beach, but went in the wrong direction and ended up on the golf course which was fine too. I then turned around and run up and down the Esplanade where we had diner the night before. At the end a path started and I bumped into an outside yoga class, but they had started over half an hour ago. Back at the hotel I woke up the kids and we went to the tropical pool with a crocodile slide, beautiful setting in a lush garden. The great thing here in Australia is that over most pools are covered with triangle shade umbrellas. We then really got hungry and changed for breakfast at the hotels buffet. I treated myself to eggs, bacon and hash browns.
June 23, 2017 Cairns to Palm Cove It was just a short from the airport in Cairns to Palm Cove. I had booked the Gran Chancellor Hotel on a back street to the beach where we had a huge twin bed room on the ground floor. It was time again to do two loads of laundry, we are probably the travelers that make most laundry, every second day at least.... We enjoyed a lovely diner on the beach front street, with French staff. Lovely presentation, steaks for Alissa and Stef, king prawns for Julien and me.
Palm Cove + Daintree Rainforest
June 23, 2017 Green Island Early morning snorkeling at 7:45 before tourists arrived. Very cold, but great visibility. We saw several turtles and a sting ray. More or less what we saw the night before from the jetty. The very best buffet breakfast we had in Australia followed, any kind of dried fruits you can desire, cheeses and cold cuts, several kind of cereals and iogurt, warm cooked breakfast, bread, toasts. We were packing up and leaving the room by 11am, went for more snorkeling on the beach, played soccer on the beach, had fresh fruits (pineapple and papaya), chips, biscuits and a tea at the pool. Later we went a second time on the glass bottom boat tour and it was much better than yesterday, better captain and better visibility. In the afternoon we had a private guided tour through the rainforest of the island which was most interesting. At 4:30pm we departed on the last ferry back to Cairns, picked up our luggage we left behind at the Shangri-La and took a cap to get the car.
June 22, 2017 Green Island No sunset as it covered up. I wanted to organise a special diner today and ordered a luxury diner hamper with lanterns and rugs. The idea was great and food delicious. Just the weather a bid windy and cold, it almost stayed dry. At 8pm we went with a ranger on the jetty and he explained the fish life, lots of Green Turtles, several sting rays and a big black tip shark. At 9pm we did the night walk, again with a huge torch around the island on the beach and ended on the Jetty. We had to put raincoats on at one point. Tropical rain showers are very frequent in this area at this time of the year. To warm up we had a hot bath before going to bed.

23 June 2017

Green Island
June 22, 2017 Our destination today was Green Island. A little Island and the style of the Maldives just about 40 minutes my ferry ride from Cairns. We took the ferry early at 8:30 and by 10 o'clock we were settled in our beautiful room. The island is bigger than Thudufushi, it takes about 40 minutes by foot to go around it. A lot of tourists, especially Chinese, come only from 9:30 to 4 o'clock. We have a big room one the first floor with a nice terrace overlooking the pool reserved for the hotel guests. There is another pool close to the jetty and little commercial street for the day guests. From the dive shop we got masks, fins and stinger suits and went immediately snorkeling as the tight was getting really low. All fishes are much bigger as in Thudufushi and corals more colorful. The water being winter very cold, we measured 22 degrees. Not quite like in the Maldives. At 5 we all met at the jetty for the fish feeding, lots of batfishes. Sunset sparkling wine at the bar followe
June 22, 2017 Green Island

21 June 2017

June 21, 2017 Darwin - Dove - Cairns Wow, our wake-up call was at 5:30 and after a short transfer we reached the airport of Darwin, basically across the street from the Mercure Hotel. During our flight from Cairns to Dove even a warm breakfast was served, Airnorth did a great job on such a short one hour flight. We all got off the plane in Dove for about half an hour and then we continued our journey to Cairns. The second flight was about 2.5 hours and drinks and a sandwich (we would only eat later on our ocean front terrace at the Shangri-La) were distributed. Being tired we all closed our eyes. In Cairns we took a short taxi drive to the Shangri-La were we stayed for one night. Nice big room overlooking the ocean. We chilled out at the huge cold pool and only left in the evening to wonder around the Esplanade. Grocery shopping and laundry followed. Sushi as starters and Kebap as main, from Japan to Turkey. I gave half of my Kebap to a hungry aboriginal clochard that tried to chat.
Darwin - Cairns
June 20, 2017 Overnight at the Mercure Darwin Airport Hotel Stefano dropped the car (Hyundai Tucson) at the airport and we settled in at the airport hotel. The tropical pool was great fun, unfortunately Alissa didn't get to use it as she had diarrhea, probably from the air conditioner. Julien even played with two Aussie kids in the pool. We had diner at the hotel and a possum showed up on the terrace.

20 June 2017

Diner at the Mercure Airport Hotel
June 20, 2017 Kakadu National Park After a second night at the Mercure Lodge in Jabiru and a hearty breakfast we left the hotel and headed to our first stop in the South Alligator region. We went to the Mamukala Wetlands. We did a fairly long walk of 3 km On a trail adjacent to the wetlands. It took about one hour and at the end there was a great observation platform that allowed to view the bird life and lillies on the Billabong. A mural illustrated the seasonal changes that occur through the year. The second walk let us to Gu-negartelo. It was a slightly longer walk of 3.6 km through Monsoon Forest, Woodlands and along the margins of a billabong. For lunch we stopped at the hotel named Aurora (second Aurora in the Nap) along the way for a swim in the pool and picnic. After two hours we arrived back in Darwin. We visited the Australian Aviation Heritage Museum, a huge hall with a B-52 and a Japanese Zero that crashed during the 1942 strike in Darwin. Julien took tons of pics.

19 June 2017

June 19, 2017 The fairways were very dry, but the green's fine. We all used the same clubs and played 5 or 6 wholes, it was hot and we then wanted to dedicate the rest of the day to the Kakadu sights. We drove down to the Nourlangerie, had a pic nic, did a short loop to admire the rock art, amazing!!! Further we went on to Coiinda, where we boarded a sunset cruise on the Yellow Waters. It was sooo worth every penny. Three crocodiles, lots of kingfisher and other birds and a beautiful sunset. It was really relaxing. Tonight we tried the Aurora Kakadu restaurant. To freshen up, we first used their pool and enjoyed then a nice Baramundi from the grill.
June 19, 2017 Kakadu National Park I had the first night good sleep since we arrived in Australia three days ago, I guess My jet leg is over. I got up early before everyone and went for a 70 minutes run around Jabiru lake and down to the golf course. I didn't plan such a long run, but I got lost and at 7:30 nobody was around. The run in the track around the lake was beautiful, I asked at the reception about crocodiles and the Asian girl said no. Well, in the middle of the lake lay a big crocodile trap and when I got to the end of the lake a big yellow sign "Beware of crocodiles" speeded up my run away from the water. Kids were still asleep when I got back around 8:30, I woke him up and we had breakfast at the buffet at the Mercure Hotel, they had a special panecake machine. Before taking off for the day, we had a swim in the hotel pool. Then we went to the "wild" golf course of Jabiru, in a shed we could choose the clubs we wanted to use, a golf bag and cart and lots of golf balls.
Yellow Water Cruise

18 June 2017

June 18, 2017 Adelaide River and Kakadu We left Darwin behind us in the morning and drove southeast towards to Adelaide river. At 11 AM we had a reservation for the Jumping crocodile cruise. What fun that was, seeing all those huge crocodiles jumping out of the water trying to catch the meet offered by our captain. We got some great shoots. Further we visited the Wetland Window visitor center, a great display about the habitants of the Wetland, mainly water birds and crocodiles. We enjoyed a windy pic Nic with great views over the wetlands. We just had to watch out for our salad flying away... From there it was another 2.5 hours to Jabiru where we checked into the Mercure Crocodile lodge, the best place to stay at the Kakadu NP. We jumped in the refreshing pool before our sunset visit and hike at Ubirr. It was Awesome, the View over the landscape of Arnhem Land was so peaceful, especially after the crowds had left and we had the magic place to ourselves with cool beer and snacks.
June 17, 2017 We went for the first time to the supermarket in Australia to Cooles to go to stock up on groceries for the next two days for picnics and drinks at the Kakadu National Park. Before dinner we went for a quick swim to the pool at the hotel. Tonight we had dinner at a very nice Mexican place with a special mission,each plate we had, gave one plate food for a person in need.
June 17, 2017 Visit of Darwin We had a nice breakfast at the Doubletree by Hilton hotel outside on the terrace close to the pool. We then headed to the Museum and Art Gallery of Northern and Territory, a great museum that explained all the animals and a special section was dedicated to the cyclone Tracy that destroyed Darvin completely in 1974, very impressing. We then went to the second museum The Defense of Darwin museum. On February 14, 1942 Darwin was totally destroyed by the Japanese during World War II. 188 planes attacked to town. The museum explained the history very well. All those museums made us hungry. We went to the market in Saturday food market that sells lots of different Asian foods. We went for Vietnamese food some spring rolls and noodle dish, fruit smoothie followed. We enjoyed our lunch at the Alexander lake where we relaxed in the afternoon for a while. Downtown we visited the only two remaining buildings that survived the cyclone Tracy and the Japanese attack
June 16, 2017 Early arrival in Singapore at 7 AM. It was only a short 1.5 hour stop over, just enough timt to stop at Starbucks. The second flight was 4 1/2 hours with Silk Air from Singapore to Darwin. We landed in Darwin at 2:30 in the afternoon. Custom was very quick and we got our luggage immediately, same story at Herz rental, easy and quick. The airport is very very close to town only 30 minutes drive by car. For the next two nights we will be staying at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel on the Esplanade and central downtown Darwin. We just left our luggage at the hotel and went for a swim in the swimming lagune, crock free!!! Nice and refreshing. In the evening we went for dinner to the Stokes Hill Wharf, I went for a Laksa, the orders for fish and chips, Stefano tried Baramundi. After diner we listened to some live music, they closed a street in the center for the event.
June 15, 2017 Finally the long planned adventure to Australia arrived. During the next 3.5 weeks we will visit Northern Australia and Queensland. On the first day we departed from Malpensa Milan at 3 PM on Thursday afternoon with Singapore Airlines. The 12 hour flight was nice and smooth and went by very quickly. I watched three movies, the first one was "Hidden Figures", second "Patrick's day" and third one was "Logan". Unfortunately I didn't get any sleep but st least a few hours rest.

17 June 2017

Alexander lake

16 June 2017

15 June 2017

SQ377 Singapore Airlines flight Milan/Singapore