Switzerland · 17 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Island'17 Gangsters on Tour

30 July 2017

The last evening in Iceland we spend in the wonderful blue lagoon. A must go for everyone who is travelling in Iceland. The next day we spend with packing and bringing the things we rent back. And then it was time to say goodbye and faster as I liked we were sitting in the airplane with next stop Oslo. In Oslo we had to wait eight hours. Wich means we have a lot of time there but sleep was no option. So we spent the time with listening music, watching videos or sneaking around the airport. At half eight in the morning we finally had our flight back to Zurich. Were our families expected us. It was a great experience and I would do it again. I will never forget it. And with this post our story will end but we will return. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and maybe also want to travel to Iceland which would be great. And again sorry for my englisch I hope it is not to bad 😂 ~Nico

28 July 2017

Today we started with a longer ride back to Reykjavik. It was kind of weird to be back here because it means we really drove around  whole Iceland and are back now where everything started. We spent the afternoon in the city. We walked trough streets which we last time not saw. This included a lot of colorful houses, grat graffitis and interestings stores. Later we visited the harbor. Afterwards we drove to Grindavik. Where we will stay the night. Later we will go to the blue lagoon and then spent the last night together in our tent.

26 July 2017

Yesterday evening we went swimming in the hot pool which was very cool. The pool was very hot around forty degrees but it was pleasent to swim in there. Today we started a bit later than the days before. We drove a long time. After around three or four hours we arrived in Grundarfjördur where the legendery Kirkjufell is.  After a stop there and tons of photos we went back to the little city (which is bigger then I thought) and eaten a piece of cake with a coffee. Later we drove to Arnastapi where we will stay the night
Today we mainly drove a long way with our car. We drove from Akureyri to the Westfjords. The way was about 400km long and we drove around six an a half hour. After the first three hours we made a stop at a gas station (or something like that 😂). There we bought some food (mainly sweets) and wehad eaten a hotdog there which was very good. The hotdog was with fried onions which tastes very yummy. Afterwards we drove antoher four hours when we finally arrived at the camping in Reykjanes. It has a hot pool here which we will test after the dinner.

25 July 2017

Today we first went to the whale museum in Húsavik. The museum was interesting and informativ but also impressive because they had there skeletons of giants whales. 😊 After we drove to the Godafoss. Another waterfall but not as impressive as he looks like on photos. He was nice to see but not as big and giant as I thought. Afterwards we spent the afternoon in Akureyri. There we found a place called Hamborgarafabrikkan. We eat there delicious hamburgers and tasty fries. It was very good.😎 Then we walked trough the city and later we decided to spent the night on a camping a bit away from the city.

24 July 2017

Our first stop today was at the Grjòtagjà. This cave is very popular for fans of Game of Thrones. Because in this cave Jon snow lost his virginity 😁🙈. After we drove to Hùsavik were we finally eat something because we had to make grocerie shopping first 😂. Then we booked a three hour whale watching tour. The tour was amazing. We saw a lots of humpback wales and sweet dolphins. It was stunning. Thank god the weather was great today so it was an unforgetable trip. Now we camping in Hùsavik and stay the night here

23 July 2017

The first point on our list today was a 3 and a half ride to the Hafragilsfoss. The stones there had a amazing violet and red colour which we have never seen before. The waterfall was okey but not that spetacular. Afterwards we drove to the Dettifoss. Another waterfall also not that spetacular. From there we walked 1.2 kilometer to the Selfoss which was more interesting. Then we made a stop at Namafjall wich is a high-temperature geothermal area. Wich where was a very strong smell of rotten eggs. In the end we arrived in Myvatn. We found the Vogur campign where we will stay the night.

22 July 2017

Today our trip went to the sweet village Borgarfjödur Eystri. Our first stop was at a little green house, which is nothing other than a drink machine. It was build by a habitant. Why? I don't know. After an hour and a half (or so) we arrived in Borgarfjödur. First we visited a giant rock where the elve king should live. 😇 Then we make a photoshoot with islandic horses 😂. After this we decided to make a break and to eat something in Alfa Steinn. (waffeln und Gulaschsuppe) Then we went to a little Island where we saw a lots of Puffins. 🐥🐦 We made a tone of photos from the fluffy birds. After a great afternoon we drove to Vopnafjödur where we will stay the night.

21 July 2017

Today was another day full of driving and watching out of the window. We drove to a little village somewhere in the mountains when we found out that the street stops there so that we have to turne around. 😂 But on the way we had time to make few beautiful photos. In the end we ended up in Seydisfjördur. A nice little city in the end of a Fjord. 😊

20 July 2017

After we get up earlier today then usally we drove around 150 Kilometer. Between we made a few stops do take photos of the breahttaking landscapes. 😁 After we made a hiking tour to the beautiful Hengifoss. Another 2.5 km walking but in a beautiful landscape. Then we decided to sleep at a nice lake where should life a seamonster 😂

19 July 2017

Our first and only stop today was at the Jökulsárlón. This is a lake below the glacier wich beginns to grow around 87 years ago. The ice in there is around 10'000 years ago. After we have eaten a hot dog or a crab soup we visited the black diamand beach. Then we travelled again a long distance with the car another 150 km.

18 July 2017

After a good night in the new tent our first stop today went to the black beach with basalt stones near Vik. It was very windy and it rains hard but the beach was nice to see. After that we had a long way on the road to do. Like 100 Kilometers later we made a first stop to watch the glaciers and make fotos. Then we made another walk to the Svardifoss. We walked and hicked around 2 kilometers 😁 Then we drived another 100 kilometer were we finally around Höfn where we will stay the night. (Sorry for my English 😂)

16 July 2017

Today we made a trip to the hot river Reykjadalur. We had to walk around 3.5 Kilometers. A long way but the sight and the river were amazing. Bathing in the hot water was a exciting experience. And now we can sleep in front of the Skogafoss in our new tent. 😁
Skogarfoss, Black-Sand Beach, Dyrhólaey und eim Flugzeug-Wrack 😊 viel gelaufen, doch war schön 😄 Doch am Schluss mussten wir leider feststellen, dass der Wind unser Zelt zerrissen hat 😠

15 July 2017

Geysir, Gullfoss, Selljalandfoss und noch anderes 😁

14 July 2017

Reykjavik 😊

13 July 2017

On the way to Iceland.