Europe · 24 Days · 20 Moments · July 2017

de Arcangelis on tour!

31 July 2017

Now in Bellagio - lake Como. A very beautiful place and so different from anywhere else we have been so far. Unlike the other major lakes in the North of Italy, Como is surrounded by mountains which gives it a tranquility unlike any other place We have been. We are just opposite where they filmed some of the scenes for Star Wars! You can also take a boat trip to see George Clooney's villa too!!

29 July 2017

Our little tiny hotel in Venice. Not quite as opulent as the larger hotels in Venice, but very tranquil unlike the rest of the streets in Venice! I have never seen so many people and especially so many Chinese people!

27 July 2017

Beautiful Verona! We even managed to fit in a trip to see the birthplace of Amarone... legend goes that a barrel of sweet red wine (Recioto) was left fermenting too long and it lost its sweet qualities and became dry. Instead of throwing out the forgotten wine, the winemaker served it to family on unimportant occasions. Eventually, the trend for wine turned and people had a preference for dry, complex wines. Amarone fitted this perfectly and now it is one of the most expensive wines you can buy! It is made by drying the grapes for 4 months to concentrate the sugars. The left over skins after pressing the Amarone are then used to make Valpolicella Ripasso (literally they take the valpolicella wine and pass it over the Amarone skins and it takes on some of the flavour and complexity).

26 July 2017

A stop off in Modena - we visited BOTH Ferrari Museums and Pavarotti's House. This was not the house that he was born in, but the house that he died in. It was surprisingly modest for someone who had about £500m in assets when he died!

25 July 2017

The first stop on our return leg - San Marino. We decided to change our trip and spend a night in San Marino rather than Rimini - very glad we did. Excellent hotel complete with terrace and hot tub and a view from the top of the world!

23 July 2017

A trip in to the Picasso gallery and the castle walls of Castiglione dei Lago.

12 July 2017

Madeline has found an interesting alternative use for the pool net! She is getting very brave and even jumped on to a lilo by herself today...

10 July 2017

Time to let TE51LAL drive... note that I drive the stretch with the really windy motorways that was really tricky and couldn't really use Auto Pilot and Luca took over as soon as it was flat!
Quick stop off at the tower of Pisa...
Forte dei Marmi supercharger - and a quick drive down the boulevard alongside the sea... food at the hotel where the supercharger was based was surprisingly tasty...

9 July 2017

View from our room on the second night - little holes cut out of the blinds so you can still see the vineyard!
On the Italian side - the Valle dei aosta supercharger somewhat more chaotic than those experience to date - even had a family having a picnic underneath it!
We decided to take the Mont Blanc route and pass through the tunnel so we could appreciate the view! Should have checked the weather forecast!
We arrived so late at our first hotel that the girls were asleep!

8 July 2017

Reims supercharger at sunset - don't want to risk another down to the wire 60mph stretch of our trip!
A quick stop off in Reims to take in the sights and some food!
Our second charge point - St Quentin - they even had a gym and playground
Our first charge point - the UK side of the Channel Tunnel!