Germany · 224 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Nicola's Europe loop May-Dec 2017

18 December 2017

ATTENTION: My Europe Loop is now split in several Journis. Here, I will only post more general stuff and thematic specials. Please view my other Journis for pictures of: 1 Poland (completed) 2 Baltic States (completed) 3 Scandinavia (completed) 4 British Isles: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales (completed) 5 Mediterraneo: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco (completed)

30 November 2017

Benches special 1: Viljanda, Estonia (columns design of castle in ruins) 2: Tartu, Estonia 3: swinging bench, Tartu Estonia 4: wooden bench chaise longue style, Kaunas, Lithuania 5: Stockholm, Sweden 6: Örebro, Sweden 7: Göteborg, Sweden 8: Dublin/Clontarf, Ireland 9: Dublin city, Ireland 10: A Coruña, Spain

23 August 2017

Beer & bread special (only posting recommendable stuff of course) 1: Pöide Kena Island Ale, Saaremaa island local brew, 5.3% alc/vol. Local rye bread from the market in Kuressare, Saaremaa, Estonia. 2: saku Karl Friedrich, Estonian lager. Obviously bought that for the label but it's nice in fact. Local rye bread from the market in Kuressare, Saaremaa, Estonia. 3: Pihtia, local beer from the windmill in Kuressare, Saaremaa, Estonia. Looks like washing water but tastes quite nice, fruityish and of rye. 4: Scotland delicious ale 5: adding Skye Black to Skye Gold. Surprisingly fresh for a black beer. Skye is winning!

7 August 2017

Relaxing at my friends' in Hamburg. Nice to be in a real home for some days (-:

9 July 2017

Cats Special Baltic States (+Stockholm) 1: Vilnius (Lithuania) 2-4: Kaunas (Lithuania) 5: Riga (Latvia) 6+7: Tartu (Estonia) 8+9: Tallinn (Estonia) 10: Stockholm (Sweden) The minimal cats are from Kaunas, and I found one again in Tartu! OK maybe the design is not all that special but I found it interesting all the same

4 July 2017

Hostel life... Currently in Godby on Åland islands (Finland), vandrarhem Godby. My room as you see is kind of military style. They have other more comfy ones though, too. I don't mind because I had mine all for myself last night. And tonight sharing with a biker apparently. But I don't want to imagine how the room would be with all 24 beds taken!!! Toilet and showers across the corridor. That's alright. Showers here are individual which is nice and have a toilet and sink, too. So you have to wipe the whole bathroom floor afterwards which is also nice because it means it gets automatically cleaned (-;. Kitchen is shared. Luckily like in most places you find basic stuff like oil, sugar and salt as shared commons. So far I got one hostel, which didn't have anything shared in the kitchen. And one hostel which even had free espresso coffee and a cafetera <3. In the pic you see my current favourite meal: eggs with tomatoes and sweet potato. Here pimped with smoked salmon and mustard silt.

25 May 2017

Umbrella special: Some fun with the recently in Zakopane acquired black umbrella and some extra pics with the umbrella of all umbrellas I sadly left behind in Israel (Avshalom, you have to keep it! I will come for it/them one day haha). Looking at it now I think I maybe should have bought a black one in Jerusalem back then and a coloured one instead for the grey mountains here. Might have saved us some trouble, Martin (-;

20 May 2017

Almost got on the wrong bus (-; Never miss the PolskiBus! Bye bye Berlin, see you next year! :-*

8 May 2017

preparing for the trip... start: 20 May 2017, Berlin expected end: 20 December 2017, Frankfurt route (to be adapted on the way): Poland, Baltic states, Scandinavia, UK/Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco.