United States of America · 4 Days · 28 Moments · September 2017

Birthday weekend in Seattle

2 October 2017

We hydrated effectively while stopped in Denver. Sad no little man ice cream at the airport.
Someone liked their tater tots! Good thing since he sent them back before eating so they could “crisp” them up !
Heading home. Sweet sorrow. Looking forward to being home with family. And sad that this adventure is over.
Heading home. Sweet sorrow. Looking forward to being home with family. And sad that this adventure is over.
The view below and above the clouds !!

1 October 2017

Seat upgrade at halftime !! Boom!
We had a great time at the game! Erin got a little rowdy but we were there to cheer on the Seahawks!
Made it to the game !
Starbucks reserve . Had to Drop in. No coffee but did get a comfy sweatshirt to snuggle and drink my coffee in!
Nick finally got his birthday ice cream !
Met up with Bob and Kelle at Yardhouse!!
Could not convince Nick to get this hat , scarf ,glove. Combo !

30 September 2017

Crazy steps today ...
Pizza for lunch ! 17,000 steps already so have calories to eat !
Happened upon a Tesla showroom . Had to go in just because . Nick ended up making a friend and business connection , selling him a car hopefully as he “needs” referral #3😊
Erin nailed it! Boat tour of the lakes. Amazing views. Relaxing. And learned a lot!!
More photos including one of Captain Dave! Saw Lots of cool things , boat storage , gasworks park , sleepless in Seattle house and more!
Longest floating bridge in the United States !
Morning birthday boat ride ! Relaxing and beautiful!
Worked out at Bassline Fitness. Great workout for both of us. Gonna have to go again tomorrow!

29 September 2017

Made it to the Westin! Now for a good nights sleep.
As the bartender says...you’re not flying the plane right? You need a second drink. :)
Erin hanging out with the Uber driver while I get ice cream!
What do you do when you have a 4 hour layover in denver? Uber it to Little Man Ice Cream!
Finally on a plane!
Quick stop for bananas and some vitamins. And supercharging!!
Breakfast with Erica and Dianne! Loved the egg crepes!
That look you have when you missed your flight because the alarm was set to vibrate only... guess we are staying in Omaha a bit longer. Let’s make the best of it!!