United States of America · 16 Days · 100 Moments · September 2017

16 September 2017

Lt and my

4 September 2017

Home safe and sound! With just a few bugs. Erin introduced me to hand washing a car. :)
Someone just got put into the tesla penalty box for going 93MPH while in autopilot. We will see if she learned her lesson...
Erin' turn at the controls. Getting crazy.
Erin- look no hands!!!
This is what happens when you leave Rick and Dianne alone for 5 minutes! Dianne swears the buffalo is real...
Erin's turn to drive! Watch out citizens of i80.
Rick posing for yet another photo.
Quite a contrast from the Plazzo in Vegas. Gothenburg or Vegas??!
Where the buffalo roam. I knew it was real because it had its tail up!!
Nebraska charging the Tesla. Notice the John Deer in the background.
Someone tell the John Deere he has to charge elsewhere!
Waiting her turn at the wheel.
Welcome to the beauty of Nebraska!??
These two things do not match ...
On our way home ! Last leg
We found the screen we can draw on. Hangman ensued. Sadly Dianne and Rick are so far crushing Erin and I.

3 September 2017

More Denver sights
Dinner at Range! Fancy night out with good food and great company!
Quote of the trip - Dianne when she is considering the pan seared scallops: "Is it real blood in there?" She was scarred by seeing someone else eating the bone marrow that was on the menu.
The Renaissance comfy lobby.
16th Street Mall, downtown Denver. A hopping place.
Papo and Mamo in Denver
This is the best ice cream on the planet!
Little Man Ice Cream. A Denver must.
Checking out the flavors!
Is the honeymoon over??
A different kind of Colorado mountain.
Bye mountains - hello Denver .
Express lane for the win ! $6 and guess what no license plate so no way to pay. That means FREE!
Potty stop so why not charge 👍🏻
Such different scenery on other side of the mountain !
Lunch at Thor's.
Lunch at Thors while car was charging ! Nick had the devil taco - 3 tacos stacked in one.😎
Ricks dreaming of his own Tessla.
Their song and ours . Wonder which is which ?!?
Utah beauty.
Mom thought journo was the app...
Adult claw machine !!
State #5- Colorado
Flat top mountains and long straight road.
Here We come Denver !!

2 September 2017

Definitely not the palazzo .... it will have to do ;)
So beautiful!
Charged by the Beaver .
When in Beaver...
Dinner followed by cupcakes . Yum
Pre dinner entertainment . Nick is determined to win .
Beautiful scenery going through Utah.
Red Rock in St George, Utah
Charging up in St George. Right next to a Starbucks!
And just like that we are in Utah. 3 states in a matter of 2 hours , Nevada , Arizona and Utah
See the face? Yeah, me neither. Still very beautiful!
What's your excuse?
Some beautiful scenery .
Arizona we have arrived
Still no hands. And some real racing!
On the road again
Couples pics!
An alternate virtual reality roller coaster! That's what she is!
Mom says this is the best lettuce ever .
Where the love began ... for Sprinkles.
Art inside - worth seeing
Palazzo room very nice and comfy for our short stay !
Look at these tourists 🙊
The Plazzo Hotel and pool. Beautiful
Good am Vegas!
Starbucks, the breakfast of champions.

1 September 2017

We made it to the hotel. There may have been a few naps taken on the last leg of the journey. Happy to find a warm comfy bed.
All charged up and ready to go!
Doing a little shopping while we are waiting for the car to charge. Dianne found herself behind the counter, and Erin really needed to buy this hat. :-)
First charging station. ❤️
Getting gas ⛽️
Charging the Tessla.
Dinner at Blaze Pizza. Supposedly LeBron James is one of the investors. The pizza was delicious.
The kids Would have been all over this invention!!
Radar detector install was the first stop with the new car. Should I be scared ?!?😬
Pictures from our ride
We see 🌽 growing - mom says it's For the corn tortillas 😜
Look mom no hands!
Here we go! Let the road trip begin!
We don't need no stinking Wrapped Maserati or Ferrari.
Nice welcome sign 😎
We made it! Someone is excited 😊
Denver from air. We will be back Soon by car 🚗
Worn out already !
Through security! Sadly no TSA precheck to breeze through like normal.
Out the door on time! We won't discuss how much sleep Rick got last night. #sleepytime