Europe · 11 Days · 75 Moments · April 2015

Trip to Norway, Iceland, Paris and Amsterdam

21 April 2015

看起來一開始很兇 但是其實很好的售票員 車上也是看起來很兇 但是當我提醒他東西掉了 看起來很感謝的人 後來迷路搭過站 回來被查票 他們知道我們迷路沒有罰 指出了路線給我們看

20 April 2015

超級有趣的服務生 畫畫 幫我找那張他畫的菜單 最後直接再畫給我 很親切

17 April 2015

16 April 2015

認識來這裡旅遊的杭州女孩 英國讀master 煮麵烤雞腿 繞口令 語言

15 April 2015

14 April 2015

捲舌不捲舌 台灣人哈哈
要看的會看 想看的會看 用自己的方式享受 Pepsi at Concert Hall 語言學習 豐富的旅程

13 April 2015

Coffee break Grocery shopping

12 April 2015

Guy from Hamburg
Got Encouraged.
Only light beer Icelandic joking tourist go to convenience store to buy "not alcohol"" Grocery shopping
City hall
First Viking/Permanent known settler from Iceland
Banking street Washing street led to hot spring for laundry Warehouse and shops for shipment from sea Flea market (the only market) Famous hotdog Clinton has been
Old town Rocky Village(need check) Toy from fish Drink holding glove
Entrepreneur Old city center buildings
Parliament Oldest church Old city center National father, Liberalize from Denmark Bankrupt, 2 year earlier election More tourism after bankruptcy Cheaper, almost half

11 April 2015

11 April 2015