Australia · 6 Days · 24 Moments · March 2016

Nick's first Ozzie National Champs:Adelaide

29 March 2016

28 March 2016

Could not risk missing our 7pm flight so missed the 2k men's race - safely on the plane and going to enjoy a good sleep !
Another bronze for us Sloth boys for the 500m ! Awesome work !!

27 March 2016

Sloths nationals Easter dinner - tomorrow final race day - 500's and 2k
Men's 200m - Sloths third ! Yay (I was reserve but still get a medal) x
Resting this morning for the club mixed 200m so hopefully I'll be in the men's later and maybe the 2k at the end of the day
Sloth State Mates !
Men's NSW prem team

26 March 2016

Forgot to mention we capsized the boat again in the masters men's 2k race !!
Today racing for NSW mixed senior A and men's Prems 20's - 2 gold medals for mixed and 2 silver for men's πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ˜˜
Update from yesterday's racing - got silver in the men's 10's masters 500metres
Silver is Aus Champs / bronze in Oceana champs
Sloths in state champs !

25 March 2016

Not sure of this link will work / men's masters 200m grand final / we came 4th -
Drama early this morning moving new boats on the trailer when the bracket holding the front wheel broke and took out one of the marshals - an ambulance arrived and he was treated for a bleeding head, hip and squashed foot. Amazingly by the arvo he was back working again at the regatta centre!!
Just chillin' - we came 9th so just missed out on the mixed 500m grand final πŸ˜–

24 March 2016

We made the grand final - masters men's 10s boat - final position 4th in Australia - and then we capsized !! See photo lol
After the finish we capsized !
Regetta Centre
Mixed Masters 200m just missed out on the final

23 March 2016

Arrived at car rental and thereafter followed 75 mins of to-ing and fro-ing and calling my bank twice to increase the limit on my debit card for the $1000 bond and the bank did that but the card still didn't work and I had a splitting headache and then I had the brain wave and used my British debit card which was accepted ! Arrived at the Princes Lodge more than an hour late - pfffff
My lodging for the next few days
Adelaide !
Arrived Sydney airport to a 20 minute delay and a splitting headache! Oh well - paddler spotting - they're everywhere ! Lol