New Zealand · 14 Days · 24 Moments · December 2017

New Zealand Trip

16 December 2017

Small family run campsite just behind the lake - this is the range that is in the communal kitchen and pitch!
Arrived at Lake Manpouri and its really very English looking as very green,similar plants and this is like Lake District but scenery so much more dramatic but place and roads quieter and hardly any shops - needed some milk and coffee so had to get it from this cafe come bar near the lake! Good cakes here as well - many like English this is carrot cake!
Quiet road on the way here and a few other pics!
Also stopped off to look at the Clifden suspension bridge and a local guy was doing jet boat rides down the river for £20 so decided to try it out - well worth it for 45min trip and like a fast log flume ride!
Travelled over to Lake Manpouri today and summer weather is back again sunny mid 20s - there are LOADS of second hand shops in every village or town and this is one we stopped near today!

15 December 2017

Parked up at Riverton overnight and had interesting pizza to eat - chicken, cranberry and cheese!
Headed down towards the south coast today and seen NZ equivalent of Lands End
Towns are very interesting- like ‘wild west’ design as lots of looking for gold round here!

14 December 2017

Busy day inc glacier flight today - will try and send a bit of video separately - also called in at this famous glider place!

13 December 2017

Onto Mount Cook today - very spacious but more rain in morning, better later pm! Impressed with the campervan as so easy to go from one place to the next without any packing up! Even the shower is good, plus was able to just take an ice cream out of freezer this afternoon after a walk up to see the glacier see pictures from today!

12 December 2017

Picked up camper van - very spacious and comfortable - I’ll send link via email! Now overnight in Lake Tekapo and stunning scenery although it rained earlier! Hope Dentist ok !

11 December 2017

Another sunny day !

10 December 2017

Still much better weather than normal so early in the summer apparently! Went out to interesting cafe come antique shop for lunch called primo - not many Christmas decs at all here but saw this Christmas tree in this cafe. Been out this eve to Lizzie’s Mum and Dads for tea, and here they are sitting in the garden - really is very English here in many ways - typical cool summer eve this eve, many of garden plants/lawn etc the same, people also etc. We sent this picture to Lizzie via Facebook and she sent one back of the snow!

9 December 2017

The cats improved and grew rapidly with the vet food and actually were very tame, but they’ve gone to a new home now at George’s son Andrew’s farm as he heard them in the first place !

8 December 2017

Another very hot day the hottest yet! Spent the morning getting balloon checked out and the envelope as Graeme thought it might failed it’s test so he now needs to decide what to do about replacing it or not. In the meantime plans to use the smaller one that is coming over on freight. Should work out ok as means can then also do some fun flying in Jan in this and other smaller balloon before he starts flying passengers. So hot went up Mount Hutt this pm where cooler and to see scenery from there (reminder to scroll on the pics as posted them in groups today and other days) Look up Rocky (see photo here) on Mount Hutt on google as it’s a really interesting story! Still got the kittens so had to go to vets to get syringes and special food as they were not eating or drinking at all, and are only about 3-4 weeks old, hoping George knows someone who wants two cats although apparently he used to have one but it died!!

7 December 2017

First NZ balloon activity this afternoon jetwashing the 210 which is based here and found 2 abandoned kittens in the basket c 3-4weeks old so currently brought them back in a box but need to find them a NZ home!
Here is the nearest pub and view down the road - lots of long straight roads!
Here are a few pics of George’s house - currently picking his raspberries and having them for breakfast!
Went shopping and on the way back managed to get a free ‘community bike’ which I can use for the next few weeks!
Another hot day so spent a couple of hours this morning g at pool!

6 December 2017

5 December 2017

Did not do much today catching up on sleep and adjusting to time zone, but went for a walk on outskirts of Methvin - this is irrigation canal in foreground, then spent the afternoon by local swimming pool - still very pleasant mid 20s like a good British summer day Also went to have a quick look at the balloon trailers stored here already

4 December 2017

Got a lift from the airport via this shortcut road!

3 December 2017

Arrived in NZ to great weather!