United States of America · 3 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

The Big Apple NY...

6 May 2017

Brooklyn Bridge, Friends Building, The High Line, Central Park Exploring
Meeting up with Alex, Staten Island Ferry and 9/11 Memorial

4 May 2017

We only went and won the Wicked Lottery for tickets to the Broadway Show...jet lagged on our first proper night in NYC but so worth it!
A visit to Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, Central Park and seen a wedding photo shoot and st in the sun, watched a game of baseball and visited Trump Towers when Trump was actually in the building, did not see him though, however did see a few protestors outside...
Our first port of call after a long day travelling and not so great nights sleep was Times Square. Although we have been to NY once before we couldn't really remember much at all and the atmosphere and bright billboards was a great start to our first day on our travels! CBS news were right next to the red steps, nothing mind blowing just a story on cereal but still interesting to see.
We are staying outside of New York in New Jersey in a neighbourhood called Weehawken in an airbandb. We have a private school directly opposite our apartment and have a snippet of a view from our apartment window. Best view of the city we have seen is from this side of the water and although we have had the bus journey it's been nice travelling with real New Yorkers on their commute through the Lincoln tunnel so would definitely recommend to get a cheaper accommodation for much much less.