United States of America · 278 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

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27 December 2017

Finally a pool day!
Found a store called Downhill East that sells returns from various online orders including Christmas stockings! I had to improvise so picked names as close as possible. Dan got "Dad", Conner got "Mack" because that's what Auntie Dee Dee called him when he was little. I am now Momma Olya....
Veitch Christmas tree 2017 Handmade by Laura. Made of driftwood drilled in the center and slipped over a dowel. Decorations of spent shotgun shells and spray painted flip flops finish the look.
Beautiful sunset at site #6 with the neon blue outline of our neighbors trailer.

26 December 2017

Christmas dinner at the campground. I ordered a pre-cooked meal from Sprouts: 12 lb turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce and creamed kale and spinach. Bon appetit!
Lots of wild burrows who are decendants of the animals used in the mines in the 1800's north of Phoenix.

24 December 2017

Christmas Eve services at the Peoria CCV campus. Pretty amazing.

15 April 2017

Picking up the Keystone Fuzion 417 at Lakeshore RV in Muskegon MI.

24 March 2017

Boone and I on our 4 day journey to Michigan to pickup up the RV.