Australia and Oceania, Africa · 30 Days · 105 Moments · March 2019


31 March 2019

Home Sweet Home! What a Journi it has been....

27 March 2019

So sad to say goodbye and so I will not. Instead I will say Fare Swell!

26 March 2019

So the Circle closes: a Ring of learning; experience; energy and growth. South Island can teach so much to the world: Cleanliness; conservation; recycling; manners; tenacity and spirit. History is protected and the future is valued on this island. For now rain comes and the skies are wild as the Autumn fades. Winter is coming as they say... 🍂 I will flesh out our experience with photographs and info but,for the most part this Journi is done.

25 March 2019

When the world entrusts you to look after it’s heritage - make sure you are doing it right! Antarctic has far more value to us than you realize....then again - so does the planet! I really enjoyed my morning here in ChristChurch....

24 March 2019

Walking around the cemetery we noticed that around the early 1800 to the late 1800s many woman and children died in what we have presumed was childbirth. I drove home the difficulties of early settlers not only here but in many other colonies around the world. In fact life expectancy appeared to be around 35 in woman and perhaps slightly older in men.. of course none of this is factual but I shall certainly do some homework. An interesting walk...
Let’s talk farming; gardens and agriculture for one minute - not everybody’s cuppa but he’ll you gotta see this to believe it. BaaBaa lives in the city with tons of studding Neigh——bours and fruit trees are part of the view in most urban residential areas. Didn’t see a partridge and missed the foto ofvthe pear tree literally - but take a look at this: (If it does not blow your mind then maybe your very own Wimbledon grass court might) Check the crazy colors of the hydrangeas!
Stopping for Cappuccino and salad. The home goes back just now and then we do Uber - so we can put more wine and beer and stuff into our daily regime. Building in NZ is very different to home as most buildings are made from wood. It has been interesting for me to watch how this happens and it is healthy for the environment here as there is a huge drive to eradicate the island of the pine tree causing so much damage to the ecology....
Miles and miles of Beach and Surf.. An old legend surfer passes us by - part Dali; part Santa; part Gnome; part Salty - Dave asks if he can take a photo of this wiry Neptune but he is busy - place to go, people to meet and an ocean for an office. Pity - he was beautiful! Long wet suites here and tanning meant you bared prickly chicken skin if you had not got that shave in for a while.... but the sun does shine in NZ and the water was becoming. Surf looked swell too! Don’t worry to bring your own bucket and spade kids - they have a toy library here - just put them back where you found ‘me!
So Dave swings off to the side to take a snapshot of what? Yip let me tell you - another classic car or bike or something... You see there is something to be said about these Kiwis! They all have Man Caves for sure! Some have Girl Caves too - and then SundaySunshine comes out and every classic vehicle you ever dreamt about hits the road. All sparkly and shined up in their Sunday best. You would swear you fell out of bed into the past and Hermit here is in his element! He is thinking about ManCave renovations and-all and in that accent too! Can’t have a classic without the Kiwi Accent mate!

23 March 2019

Hurunui Motel and Campgrounds. It is to be our last night in our little Crustacean 🦞 home. Tomorrow afternoon it must be returned and we will “retire” to a little rest of 3 days just outside ChristChurch until we depart for Sydney. Hermit the Crustacean driver is catching some well earned Zzzzzs in this sunny afternoon in the grapevines. I am sorting 1000s of photographs - going through the normal yo-yos of pleasures and disappointments and surprises. Wine might help if these grapes were crushed and old hermit here had not faded so fast. What is a girl to do?
Crossing the bridge on the Hamner River. This is a beautiful Place Wow!
A quaint town.. Waiua.... Dave calls it “where are you?” I think we got lost in an alcove on this very very long one way bridge... life gets confusing! Salmon run in abundance in this country - they are delicious!

22 March 2019

An old station becomes a wine tasting bar. Order your platter for two; insert your card that they give you at the counter and dispense your wine according to quantity/ cost/ taste - it will be tallied at the end of the meal.... The steam train or a scenic rail tour can be boarded from the same venue through beautiful wine estates of NZ.... Just when you thought there was nothing more on offer - wait till you taste the Sauvignon Blanc!!!!!

21 March 2019

A long day out on the Sound discovering ancient tales and following nature’s tails.. then onto the Irish tales for a wee dram and a passing thought for the Leprechaun... all this before we meander down to the harbor once more to catch the golden ray and a wave from a ray - no truly! Then we settled down to some chowder and salmon salad as could only be served in a corner where I think I will leave a little bit of my heart - I will remember this day as long as I live for reasons I cannot yet tell - but I will very soon!
Flags fly for the nations of that the staff who work there herald from. Naturally we all wanted to know which country the “rainbow flag” represented... so we decided to ask... Gay Pride... is the answer. We all learn something knew everyday....
Another Cook stop....
Where the rich and famous come to hide. Johnny Depp; Shania Twain and one that I never heard of but all the young’ens went quite wild....🤦🏼‍♀️. old age is a bitch!
Dropping off mail
Dave sent me the photo of the two little tugs... We watched from the side of the hill as the forklift picked up an entire load of logs off the truck...
On the way to Queen Charlotte Sound we are treated to a town that boasts tasty Green Mussels...I was game to munch them for brekkies... time🤨
We are passing through Rai Valley today on a great adventure organized by my husband. You see Ashley Wallis and Ian Corbishley have kept me well educated about my ancestors and so we are on a quest to see some more sites that my 6th Great Uncle William Bayly worked on: Queen Charlotte Sound.. Thank you to Ashley for sending me all the information and thank you to Dave for taking me to places that you know are very special to me....
It is 21st March 2019. Somewhere out in the night my eldest born grandson is being prepared to leave the shore of his birth to venture forth to a land unknown to him and his family. A land which holds the promise of a new and brighter future. He goes with his mother now, and soon his dad and older sister will join him... He and his older sister will carry my blood forward.... Today I paid homage to a man who dedicated his life to finding new land and new hope. Here I sit where he was back 1773. He helped charter this land that held a brighter future for many generations to come. Today I celebrate my yesterday and my tomorrow! I find magic in moments like is in my nature and I make no apologies for it.

20 March 2019

Snuck in another one when nobody was looking - him and what appears to be a chicken....
Awaroa Pizza Bar - 37km till the next beer - just when Dave thought he could drink cause he is not driving 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😝
Top of the morning all. We are collecting our lunch on our way to a boat trip around the Northern parts of the Southern Parts🤪 Ah - for the first time we just saw a Kiwi fruit plantation!

19 March 2019

So tonight we sit in the oldest city of South Island NZ and the 2nd oldest in the whole of NZ. It appears at first sight to be totally multi-cultural and is certainly much warmer than anywhere we have been so far. We were greeted by the late afternoon sun glinting off the extensive mudflats and I was quite impressed with the snapshot I managed from a moving car..... We arrived later afternoon at our Top 10 Campsite late afternoon and in time to do a complete clean out of our tanks and our little home. I cannot wait to show you our great photographs of Pancake Rocks and the Blowholes....
Still flowers scatters scatter everywhere even in the remotest towns in New Zealand. Some of these towns literally have one main road....

18 March 2019

Our first night free camping was quite an experience. Going “gypsy” sounds romantic but there definitely are a few essentials to check up before doing this.... How to keep sandflies out the vehicle when you get in would be lesson one. How to “spray” them dead without reading yourself - if I survive that - would be lesson two. (Trust me this is an infestation you do not want) Reading the manual that the Campervan guys did not give you is also a good one and for the smart asses now - try downloading a manual with this much signal: nope we do not know how to use the gas so no coffee or hot water for coffee and yes you are correct - the fridge does not maintain on battery all night🥶🤪🤣🤬 It is a stunning place. I am off to change linen tidy up and have a shower. (The linen was sprayed with MORTEIN FAST KNOCKDOWN ODOURLESS this morning and all the windows closed to kill the bugs - yes I am still in he vehicle 🐛 🕷 🐜
The West Coast of New Zealand - trapped between the mountains and the sea...
Hokitika - a town where New Zealand Jade is found in the alluvial deposits.... Town folk get to “mine” as much as they can carry - which is not a lot as it is damn heavy. Not all Jade is suitable for jewelers as it is flawed and crusty. It is in my opinion still quite beautiful. Another alluvial deposit is tons and tons of drift wood. The beaches are quite free from humans yet they run kilometers of coastline - they are kept pristine as they are the the sacred cemeteries of the Secret Forests that hold the land together behind us....
There was a small window and we got to see Fox. We are now sitting just under Frans Josef waiting for another window so that the Heli takes off.... Ok — and a choc brownie!🤦🏼‍♀️
Photography - the quest for the perfect photograph in somebody else’s perspective. Sometimes it get disappointing when you walk this far and this is what you should get but this is it. Yet I have learnt that if you open your eyes in the journey - you get to see something else that everyone else missed in their hurry to see the perfect view.....
So this morning we are waiting for a bit of light so that we can see if we will be going up the glacier to day.

17 March 2019

It is strange to think that for a while, a moment in time, you actually get to “live” in another place. We watch the weather; toss our waste; eat their food; parrot their colloquialisms; sing their songs; mourn their losses; adopt their accomplishments and look for ways that you were somehow personally involved in the earth; the water and the breathe of the country. If it is not enough to leave a trace of “you” - the imprint of your voice is imprinted somewhere in the history of the airwaves.... yes: they can track that info now too! You even get a number when you get a cell-sim card. it is like an identification card...👣. Is New Zealand my home. No - but it will certainly leave a huge print in my heart and I hope that once I have put my photographs and my thoughts together - I will leave an idea of how much that print impacted on the sculpturing of me....
We are at the bottom of the glacier. We are hoping to fly up tomorrow either by helicopter or over with a small aircraft. It is so cloudy up here we cannot see a thing... We are hoping for a window in the morning 🌞 If we go up by Heli we will land on the glacier... There are two here: Fox and Franz Josef....
At the Fox Glacier Top 10 Canper site. Has the Inn got a room? We cannot see a thing for clouds. It makes the stop more exciting....
Walking on the bridge was not allowed and so we had to wait until there was no traffic before we could sneak on to snap a shot. The falls are breathtaking - hopefully my camera will do their magnificence more justice
Blue Pools - a 30 minute walk meandered down through some emerald green fern forest where we had to pass over a metal suspension bridge to reach the pools. It was all so worth it. The water here is Aquamarine - not blue as Dave keeps pointing out... Sandflies

16 March 2019

Waiting in Wanaka for a circle to close and another to open. Does the essence of a person change when it has been decades since you have seen them? I know their culture and maybe an accent. Do you know the soul so well that the aging of us both is ok for us both? I am waiting in Wanaka for Janine. She is walking here with her husband who I have not met and will introduce mine who she has not met - we will talk of children and grandchildren.... She is my life-long friend!! This is a crazy feeling...
Waking up in Wanaka. Do these folk ever stop? Another cycle race! Life is abuzz with activities.... We meander along Mt Aspiring Rd into farmlands in no time at all. Not a great photo yet but glaciers still hide behind the clouds and sun is harsh here....

15 March 2019

To all family and friends as you wake up across the globe to hear the news of the “Darkest Day” in New Zealand. Know that our hearts are sad for all who have lost loved ones and for this extremely beautiful country who have shown us so much friendship and warmth in our travels. We are in Wanaka and will be traveling on the West Coast for some time. Let us hope that healing comes quickly to the injured. The radio stations have been incredible offering counseling to a nation whose hearts are broken that such a deed of hate could happen in this cradle of peace.🙏🏻🦋
Aquamarine waters of these rivers once carried alluvial gold that had teams of prospectors setting up quaint towns like Arrow Town. It was here that my cell fell out my bag and I had discounted ever finding it. It was handed in at a little shop in the town and using the tracking system it was not long before it was safely tucked back into my bag.... don’t you just love honesty? It is such a breathe of fresh air!
Nope! I was not getting in these boats!!!!
Got the wild Jet Boats - hee ha!
Sitting on a rock over Queenstown in the Wintery sunshine.....

14 March 2019

Since we are sitting in the Old Courthouse drinking Boindry Road Pilsner and a Double Jack, hearing the odd wind up of a bagpipe and ordering food from a bar inside the District Court: Births; Deaths and Marriages - I thought I would knock a history nail into my blog:
Flying high above Queenstown and about to jump on a ThunderJet...🤬
What a cute little town! Glenorchy
The skies are putting on a great display for us today.... learning new tricks with the cell too
A blistering cold day but the sun is giving us some great photo opportunities....
Listen here - if ever you felt like you just stepped off the planet or the edge of the earth and have fallen “whap!” Into your magic dream - you must be visiting MILFORD SOUND. As you can see - my hair stood up on my head! It was incredible.... I grew up reading a book called Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton and at the top of the tree was the ladder that took you into the Faraway Land... I wonder if Enid ever had the chance to visit Milford? Below the ‘bridal veil’ of waterfalls that enveloped the vehicle while it steadily climbed the wet and winding road, are the Secret Fern Forests with Mirror Lakes, filled with the sounds of melodious birds echoing (literally) within the moist gullies and crooks. A tunnel, fit enough to only allow for one direction of traffic at a time, bored us down through the mountain like a massive old “slip ‘n slide” (for those of you old enough to know what that is) and then: MAGIC SMAGIC: MILFORD SOUND

13 March 2019

THE SECRETS OF THE FORESTS DONT STAY IN THE FORESTS: Chapter 2 I was impersonating a fluffy Kiwi Bird with my ass unbecomingly in air, scratching around the cockpit of our RV looking for the engine-opening toggle when Dave called me to help read the digits on the petrol filler. I had found the engine toggle so sprung happily to the ground, squinted at the digits which were already rolling and in a “proudly South African Chick” way I flung open the bonnet to look for the oil. I was followed shortly by my now tattooed Maori x Boerman who yanked out the oil “wand” in a superior Hadhafang (Lord of the Rings Sword) manner .. heck we were working it! We must have made quite a spectacle for it was not long at all - well long enough to sadly fill a tank mind you - that the big boss of the petrol garage came over to declare that my Lord of ALL Rings was filling our Diesel tank with petrol. We had our vehicle unceremoniously PUSHED from the petrol bowser to the back quarters where we were
THE SECRETS OF THE FORESTS DONT STAY IN THE FORESTS: Chapter 1 So! When embarking on one of these ‘excursions’ there are certain obstacles and dangers that we must expect to encounter along the way - such as roads; rivers; avalanches; earthquakes; tsunamis; ladders and petrol. Now if you were not paying attention then please read the list again. The van shuddered and there was a clatter as a heap of rubble landed at my feet. It was Dave. I was brushing my teeth. In a wondrously successful yet unusual manner, Dave had acquired a sizeable Maori Tattoo on his hip by missing a step on the ladder and falling physically and egotistically. I know of another ‘mate’ who performed a similar elegant stunt while insisting on a closer verification of the identification of a small member of the Pachyderm species... I had at this point decided not to discuss the former incident to avoid any unnecessary retreats in the man cave.... until the petrol disaster.... At this point I decided the
Lake Gunn
Mirror Lakes...

12 March 2019

Fly high over the Lake and Mountains and yes my little Ava - this plane lands on water like the planes in your animated story... so here is Gappy and Granny BB about to board....
Oh what a beautiful morning Oh what a beautiful day! An Alice in Wonderland Tree!!!!! This is really what I saw when I step out of our camper on my way to the shower this morning. Luckily I had my cell in my pocket and my cell photography is really not that good so it does the scene no justice at all....

11 March 2019

Travel west from here or East and the next coast would be South America....
Into the Tasman Sea.....
So it is 7am here and still as dark as midnight in an Antarctic winter (oh hold on 🤨🙃🤓🤔) - anyway we are off to see one of the photographic wonders of the world and the blood bubbles are effervescent: Doubtful Sound. I know! I had never heard of it either if you feel as stupid as I did..... However if you are a Lord of the Rings fan - this is the place..... Anyway it is a landscape photographers dream and tops the bucket list destinations... Clickity click - I was up late making sure the disks and batteries were ready to whirrrrrrr 😬😻 🤪 (nooooo !) - what a very lucky wee lass I am!
Sometimes you have to look backward to go forward. It is something we learn in photography. When everyone else is looking in a direction - turn around. It paid off and soon all the folk standing on the roof had seen it. It was to be a sentiment I carried on this and over the next few days - looking backward to go forward. Understanding why the circles of life change. You see my ancestor was on Cpt Cook’s ship as the navigator: William Bayly. But that story is for another time. Today we are off to Milford Sound....

10 March 2019

Free-camping: a dream of many local and foreign traveler in NZ. It is no wonder as the beauty unfolds kilometer after kilometer. Yet it has it’s hidden issues: waste-disposal; dangerous “parking”; environmental impact and security threats to mentions few. The authorities, from what we have been made to understand, have humored the need though and within boundaries allowed “freedom” to prevail. They ask only for respect in return - and from our humble experience if there is one country in the world whose country-folk embrace life with warmth and respect - it has to be New Zealanders....
Which way, which way to the end of the earth? To the end of the yellow brick road? We’re as close to the South I think we’ll ever be, At the Bluff where South Kiwiland bowed... Stewart’s Isle in the haze,with it’s black tip light, Is one ferry closer than us. Not a chance am I riding the Tasman Sea I’ll settle for oysters and plus- In the great scheme of things, we now turn to the North Lyttleton, Dunedin - check🤪🐑🐐 Monroe would’ve loved this if we could keep up 308! what the heck!

9 March 2019

Cleanest, nicest campsite of all so far - on the outskirts of Invercargill, New Zealand’s Southern City and Capital of Southland: a very “unusual” place. It is now 18h26 - I am hungry and cold and we are off to find a combination dinner - Fisherman’s catch for me and a Little Lamb Chop for the Carnivore!🐑 Maybe some Jim Beam.....
One of the most wild and lonely beaches I have ever come across... This was Taurus’s Bay Beach - I had no signal at this point but I did get to stand at the lookout and try a Panoramic - I will post it as soon as I have edited the photograph....
Meandering between the ocean and the farmlands, entertained and sporadically lost in fern forest - we hunt for the natural flora and fauna of this Neverland. Where a boy could get lost and return as a Peterpan or a girl as a Mermaid, even Spielberg’s wildest childhood dream must be rivaled by the odd Jurassic outcrop or a chanted Tolkien minefield of Hobbit paradise - a movie-maker’s paradise and a photographer’s nightmare. Not enough time! Not enough light! How do I throw my net of light and pull this all into my little magic paintbox for I will do it no justice? So I just breathe and hope my mind will still soon enough to a controlled Dervish trance.

8 March 2019

Anneke this is your doing! Very good and highly recommended way to get a Crustacean 🦞 Home back to Base 40 undetected!🐑. P.S. nobody told us about goats in NZ - only sheep! 🐐
All aboard! All aboard! We’re off to Pukerangi via Taleri Gorge, Dunedin Railways..... Added some photographs - taken by Dave. Thanks hubby for the contribution - it was a bit scary out there on the platform specially when my foot slipped between the grid.... 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️ nothing more than a skipped heartbeat but enough to send me scurrying back to my trainseat! Wimp that I am🤓
Sometimes things just pull you in - how about the sound of Out of Africa coming from a Scottish Castle built in New Zealand. So into the Ballroom we went and sipped on some Hot Chocolate - for these are a few of my favorite things.... oh - and then we posted a card back home too!

7 March 2019

Salmon Fishcakes - home of the Scottish Settlers in one of the Southern-most cities in the world:
So before you start getting all British on us - Shag in New Zealand is Cormorant in SA - a bird! An old mine shaft turned conservancy for the most endangered penguin in the world: Yellow-eyed penguin. Nope - we never saw any.😐
The first light signaled this dangerous stretch of ocean to passing seafarers in 1838. In 1975 the system was mechanized but still the wooden beacon sends the message - I am sure on the ears of the lost souls whose voyages predated such elegant communication.
Round Boulders....
Fresh everything all over this country!even trust! They told us it is beautiful but I don’t believe anything can prepare one for the diversity of the land and the dynamics of culture; interest; ecology; geography and time.... yes time. We swing through time travel, sometimes seriously, sometimes tongue in cheek - backward and forward as a metronome: forever preserved and revered in Kiwiland.
So we stayed here and sat on the wall of this quaint little harbour last night to see the tiniest of penguins. We had given up as it was too dark and cold to see or photograph anything and decided to go inside our camper when Dave nearly stood on one. They are cute. Scurrying in the dark between the vehicles to reach their nests - really tiny. It made me think of Ava and our Stickee Penguins....

6 March 2019

This has to be one of the most interesting places I have ever been to - well not the brewery exactly. - Oamaru. Oamaru will make your head buzz. There is something here for everyone! Watch this space!!!!
Hopping through the grain land of Waimaite.... my first attempt at driving our home - I must be a snail not a hermit crab cause I was driving really slow. Little boy blue, come blow your horn The sheeps in the meadow The cows in the grain And the little little old house down Old Ferry Lane Is quite broken down .... Oh this country has it all - bunnykins and picket fences. McDonalds Ducks - Thelma and Louise in a Mustang pulling a Caravan and HunkyDory Dinkum Postboxes. Then there are rows of Seagulls on the Irrigation pipes. Alice in Wonderland could not be more confused!🦋🌻

5 March 2019

Local Lindauer Sparkling Brut - really good!
You know you produce a few things when you leave these at the coffee shop door... meat; sheeps and oh - I forgot - rugby!!!!
Bringing coffee to Kiwis.... Robert Harris
St Paul’s Anglican Church
Port Levy
The quiet near The Sounds of Silence....
1905 - 2005 I need to follow up on this history. Look back to oHuikai and 1863. 2018 new harbour was built. Look up Lochranza House. Passed Governots Bay.

4 March 2019

The only Pho made with Oxtail that I have ever eaten - “in the world” they claim! Absolutely delicious! 20h00s here and the sun is still shining out there. Home is charging it’s batteries and the cupboards are packed - where shall we go? Who will our Mascot be? Tomorrow - watch this space!
Images from the quake - today the Cathedral stands as a sad reminder - the crumbled stones still sprawled as they lay some 8 years back....
Welcome to Lalaland... headlines ChristChurch news.... I like it! Let’s start our LalaLand trip!
New Zealand South Island - top of a Monday Morning to you all. The time is now 8 mins past midnight!
Till the end of the month Koala - hopefully we will see for than a fluffy!
Layover in Sydney for 3 hours. They made me strip down and unload all my “stuff” getting through customs. Then Dave took a sharp right to the coffee shop and left me talking to myself heading straight. Sense of Humor Failure 1 (HF1).... I will find the suitable emoticon!
CHASING THE SUN When weaving a tapestry, we are bound to use not only the colorful, warm and rich fibers that tapestry is loved for - we must use the gritty, roughened thread to hold the structure and shape of the art in place. It is the same when relaying my travel-tapestry. I am naturally a romantic; talkative and dramatic writer - yet I need the grit; the humor; the nostalgia and reality to keep the shape of the portrayal of our travels intact. Come Journi with me:

3 March 2019