30 Days · 18 Moments · February 2018

New Zealand, South Island

28 March 2018

Day #19: we've spent our last day in idyllic 'French' Akaroa competed with delish seafood dinner watching magical sunset. For such secluded town we've purchased ring four Iwona from shop run by polish family from Sopot, than dinner was served by young Kasia from Zielona Gora followed by meeting another young couple travelling from Wroclaw. Also spent a few hours in Christchurch, not to be city but doesn't compete with those little gems we've seen through this South Island

26 March 2018

Day #17: on our was to last destination, Akaroa, we've drove totally different scenery to what we've seen before. Perhaps without the Wow factor but still petty due to wonderfully green hills and meadowsn via nice little towns or villages. Akaroa has noticeable French flavor, the town where free ch landed but half to sail back to bring money and goods to buy it but British bit then to it and purchased this land and called it New Zealand. British hacer chosen Christchurch (about 80 kms away)as their location and build the city based on English design and architecture. Prime point was the cathedral which was totally destroyed by 2011 earthquake,. Well, most of the CBD was destroyed but I can confirm after our day #1 thing are getting rebuild so it's start looking nice, lots of constructions going on but intend to take second look before or flight home. Today's weather was absolutely perfect, huge change from few cold days and nights down south and Iwona is planning to swim with dolphins.

25 March 2018

Day#16: spent most of the day around this amazing Lake Tekapo watching it's amazing colors, changing between crazy aqua blue to beautiful green depending on point of view. Thank goodness for digital technology otherwise would have run out of films in just that one place. Our tonight's destination for the night is only 60kms away but big change in scenery. Huge mountains replaced by beautifully green hills. Weather also changed so our thermal gear is packed away. Nice little town with good beer.

24 March 2018

Day #15: today we did short walk around Mr. COOK, seen another glacier, unbelievably aqua colored like and pulled for the night at another must see, totally blue Like Tepako. was planning to visit observatory but that might not work out with overrated sky and to take some pictures of stars (apparently this is the best place to do that in southern hemisphere due to elevation and no pollution, but tonight might not be the best night for it). The sight of mt. Cook was something to represent how small and insignificant we are. We've started at elevation of 700meters and walk to around 1000 meters but that mountain I front of us had another 2.5km + to it's peak. Even though we could not see very top of it as one cloud got stuck there but it was mind boggling.

23 March 2018

Day #14: we've survived coldest and totally unexpected night (temp dropped from 28 to +4 IN 3 days. Drove thru Queenstown for second time and it's amassing how your perception of town is changing with good weather - now it's great city. Didn't realised how cold last night was but this morning ALL mountains were covered with snow: gorgeous! Tonight we're staying just a few kilometres from Mt. COOK, the highest peak in NZ.

22 March 2018

Day #13: early start to drive to Milford Sounds and cruise. Now I understand why it's on must see lists, absolutely spectacular. We've seen so many waterfalls of so many different sizes that one in Grampians will not be attractive to Iwona anymore. Fjords or more correct Sounds (first were created by massive icebergs the second by rivers from glaciers). On the way back started to rain as we've entered long tunnel but on the other side of it was snowing heavily, pretty unusual for this time of year. Pulled up for the night at one of those honesty camps stranded by sheep, alpacas and nearby deers.

21 March 2018

Day #12: drive from Wanaka to Queenstown via amazing switchback roads unfortunately low clouds and rain all the way. Car a few minutes ahead of us lost control on one of the bends and flipped on its side resting on the other side of barrier but just a few meters from huge drop. Apparently pretty new Toyota Prado, people were taken to hospital but will be ok. Queenstown is where skiers go during winter. Town is very nicely set up with cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants next to each other. The guide claim "must have" burger place but there was long line waiting, apparently people are queuing up for over an hour, crazy with so many other choices. Went by world steepest gondola to top of one of the mountains for pics and coffee. After lunch drive to Te Anau for the night, last place to sleep before Milford Sounds (cruise tomorrow) - another must see.

20 March 2018

Day #11: time spent in Wanaka and around on push bikes. Again,the weather gods were looking after us with bit windy but sunny day. Memo for future travelers: whenever locals will tell you that the walk you want to take is easy and flat, don't fully trust them. Ours was flat but very, very steep. Reward was final view from the top overseeing 2 blue lakes souronded by decent mountains.

19 March 2018

Day #10: Left Franz Josef with small showers in the morning which turned into pretty heavy rain for most of the day. Just a few kilometres from our today's destination, Wanaka, rain cleared and sun come up and day turned into very nice one. There was heaps of riders and cyclists riding totally wet but speaking to one group that is staying in the same destination, they don't mind. Views on the way were again spectacular with much higher mountains. Seen so many rivers and huge waterfalls and ended up at absolutely gorgeous blue like (taken about 50 photos just of the like). Apparently it rains for 360 days in a year in this post of NZ but I'm sure we will be lucky and will catch remaining 5 or 6 without one.

18 March 2018

Day #9: today was all about walks with hike to see glacier than small lake. we are still vary impressed with all the views but I believe I've mentioned it once or twice before. To recover a little we're heading for hit spas R&R. The weather is just perfect so far. Why no-one is commentating? Jarred and Marta? And u Marek and Karolinka? Have u forgotten us already? U all MUST come to South NZ one day, it's amazing!!!!!!

17 March 2018

Day 8: drive along the west coast is a little similar to OZ but totalny different. On ot way we've stopped at massive blow hole and pancake rock formations, driving thru little towns sort of frozen in time eventually getting to Franz Josef so tomorrow we planning to get to glacier and perhaps another walk.

16 March 2018

Day #7: roads to Golden Bay were closed so we've traveled to west cost instead. Pulled up for the night at Westernport but nothing here beside beach so tomorrow moving further south. We seriously can't get over the views and how green this country is. It's just one huge mountain range with view after view. The campervan provides great freedom where to go without any worry for booking accommodation. We tend to stay at payed caravan parks to use showers but option for wild night is there just in case.

15 March 2018

Day #6: shortish drive along top of the coast to place with Sandy beaches. Driving coastline is an experience in itself with average speed arround 40kmh. We've found location with just caravan park + pub + beaches souronded by hills or mountains. I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself but views are spectacular. Tomorrow we are planning to move further north to Golden Bay but haven't decided if well stay there or start moving South towards glaciers but weather is still perfect so we'll play by the ear and decide in the morning.

14 March 2018

Day #5: day spent in Picton with 4 hours cruise thru Queen Charlotte Sounds. Another perfect scenery, spotting huge colony of dolphins. Visited one of the island populated with some rare birds and more picture perfect views. Was thinking that nothing can top those sceneries but the road we took to Havelock was silly amazing. That little town claims to be world capitol of mussels confirmed by Iwona. Was waited by 2 young girls from Czech. After dinner 1 more hour of GOR on steroids and we've pulled at Nelson for the night. Iwona: it seems Nelson it's a big town, if this is the case we will head off for another incounter with beautiful mather nature in NZ. I hope you all r well and how is my baby Nero going? You all MUST visit South Insland, love u , mama

13 March 2018

Day #4. Traveled for 2:30 (136km) to Picton, place where ferry to Wellington comes and goes. Very, very pretty place. The road along the cost was amazing with ocean on right and pretty mountains on the left, some had snow at their picks. Tomorrow we are cruising Queen Charlotte Sounds to say g'day to dolphins. For dinner we had fysh and cheps watching sun set.

12 March 2018

Pretty good day with perfect weather. Iwona was trying to book herself for swimming with dolphins but all places are booked week or 2 in advance so we went jet boating instead. Good one hour of fun with totally insane driver doing spins, burnouts and going 90kmh just centimetres from rocks. Total driving today was 1:30 or 2 with lunch breaks. Stopping overnight in Kaikoura where dolphin trip should've happen (on waiting list) but went for walk on strangest beach I've ever seen with only white rocks and found seal colony. Iwona was very close to stepping on one...

11 March 2018

Day #2 - really day one of the trip as yesterday shouldn't count as it was just flight, dinner and quick walk through Christchurch. Today we've picked up campervan and made 2 hours journey to Hanmer Springs. Krzysio (ja) discovered hit lower threshold: 41-42 Celsius, anything below feels freezing, spent over 2 hours in different polls and both feeling rejuvenated.

10 March 2018