New Zealand · 8 Days · 28 Moments · April 2017

New Zealand: Pie's Unexpected Journey

30 April 2017

Our next destination is Franz-Josef glacier, but we stopped at many nature attractions along the way. This one is Lake Matheson, also known as the mirror lake, but we arrived in the evening, the sun started to set, also the walking track took too long that we don't have that much time so we just walk only 1/4 of the track. The lake is not as mirror as we expected because it's evening. IF you want to see the real stunning mirror lake, you have to come in there early morning and take the time to walk to the end of the track. I believe that the scenario would be very awesome!
Stopped at lake Hawea, near lake Wanaka.
Off to Lake Wanaka. The colour of the leaves are beautiful, but it's a cloudy day, not a clear-sky day. We only spend time there for half day visiting the Puzzling World and the lake. The Puzzling World is exciting, full of illusions and tricked arts. It also has the maze, we played for almost half an hour but cannot find the way out. Finnally using the emergency exit door LOL.

29 April 2017

Shotover jet, which is said to be the world's most exciting jet boating. I think it lives up to its reputationšŸ˜‚ Note: NEVER sit at the back of the boat, you will smell the engine oil and when the pilot spins the boat, you will have a little seasickness.
The famous Fergburger. They said that the most ordered burger is 'Southern Swine', so we ordered it and The Fergburger. After having both I think I preferred The Ferg onešŸ˜‹ Also the fries are incredibly delicious!
We drove the car up to the Remarkable ski field to find a Queenstown lookout. And we got a chance to see not only the Queenstown, but also the nearby towns, Frankton and Lake Hayes Estate.

28 April 2017

We found a place to park our car and walk along the lake shores. It's windy, but the colours of the trees and the beautiful view never made me want to get back to the resident.
After talking to our apartment's manager, he told me that Queenstown has a bunch of activities, most of the jobs in this town depend on the tourism, that make this town the city of the youngsters.
At Queenstown, we took the gondola up to Bob's peak to see the whole city of Queenstown. After that, we played Lugeā€”a tiny cart driving along the track. Such a blast! After that we had a lunch and go check-in at the Ziptrek treehouse for zip-lining, another incredibly fun and exciting activity!

26 April 2017

We bought tickets to underwater observatory. So the cruise dropped us at the observatory station and let us stay there for 30 mins, then the next cruise will come and picked us up. Turned out to be a smaller boat, Southern Discovery's.
Milford Sound
Our cruising ship today: Milford Sovereign :D
On the way to Milford Sound, we stopped at Mirror lake. It's not a big lake, but the plants that laid beneath the lake and the water is still makes the views become the mirror.

25 April 2017

Finally! I've got to try New Zealand's fish n' chips!
Walking along the Arrow river in the afternoon. This river is not so deep that some 4-wheel cars can cross the river.
Today's lunch: Steak & mushroom pie and the well-known Patagonia's Chocolate & another signature flavour which I can't remember the name. Very Delicious.
At the Arrowtown on National Anzac Day(Veterans' day in AUS&NZ). There's a ceremony in the morning, most of the shops were closed, but later opened at about 12 pm. It's such a cute city, small town and a remarkably vintage shopping street that has everything you needed for a perfect shopping street. The weather is also very great, clear sky and not-so-cold temperature.
On the way to Arrowtown, we stopped for a picture at Lake Hayes in the morning.

24 April 2017

We went to (a little) trekking at Hooker Valley, Mt. Cook national park. The route is so near to the mountain, also we can see the melted glacier that had become the river, flowing down to Lake Pukaki. Additionally, this is my first time walking along a very long bridge, scary yet stirring.
2nd Lake: Lake Pukaki This one's larger than Tekapo. The background of this lake is the famous Mount Cook, which is also appear in a some scenes as background of The Hobbits: Desolation of Smaug
Today's lunch - King salmon sashimišŸ˜‹
1st Lake: Lake Tekapo There also have a small church and Collies dog monument beside the lake. But it's too crowded to take beautiful pictures without so many people in the background.
Noodles by the lakeā„¢
We stayed at Lake Tekapo village motel last night. The room was so good, and since there're no breakfast, so many life-saver provided(eg. microwave, boiler) which is great! Our motel is also located by the lake, so the view from here, in motel, is very great!

23 April 2017

New Zealand's road DO NOT have road lights. So be careful when driving after the sunset, the road will become quite dangerous. Better arrive at the destination before sun sets.
Our car for our roadtrip
After flight transfer at Auckland airport, we encountered a little exciting situation. Our bags didn't come with our flight even though we had dropped the luggages about 1 hour before the departure time. So we have to hang around the airport for a while to wait for the next flight...
Taken from the plane's window during flying over the south island. Remarkable.