New Zealand, Malaysia · 16 Days · 22 Moments · August 2018

New Zealand- North Island

16 August 2018

Finally... The first time being delayed for six hours. With the consequence disconnect to another flight. I can apply for the insurance this time 😝

14 August 2018

It's extremely cool to dig Your Own hot pool on the beach!!🍹 However, it's kind of luck to dig 😂 I dig cold water twice, super hot water once (it is too hot to touch, almost boiling). Fine, I get the pool someone had, it's warm and comfortable!

13 August 2018

12 August 2018

Waiting caves! I have visisted Glowworm and Ruakuri Caves. It is not allowed to take photos in glowworm cave, so there are the phictures of Ruakuri.

11 August 2018

Let's go to the set of The Lord of The Ring and Hobbits!
Blue spring😘 How clear and beautiful it is!有如仙境!!

10 August 2018

Hell gate 🔥
So much fun at Skyline!

9 August 2018

Top 10 hot pools in the world! Polynesia Spa 🎊🎊 Having deluxe pool spa by the lakeside. It is too dark to see the view of the lake though🙁
A local coffee and bar. The lamp and burger are so yummy
Well, even though I'm not a fan of the Lord of Ring. I still know this is one of the place in the movie. @wai'o tapu
Mine bay cruise- Maori rock carvings

8 August 2018

Hula falls❤a place worth to go. The best thing is the parking lot just located by the falls lol
Having brunch by taupo lake. Dishes in Dixie Brownsare so delicious 😋

7 August 2018

After 5 hours driving, I'm here in Taipei! Hot pools are so great! @ Taupo Debretts resort.

6 August 2018

The way to My. Victoria lookout. However, I give up when when walking up the the lookout. It is muddy due to the rain yesterday. This, it is too muddy to climb up.
City Gallery of Wellington. Wellington waterfront. A good place to stay and taking relax.
I like Wellington much more than Auckland. There isn't too much hills here.

5 August 2018

Take cable car to Wellington botanic garden

4 August 2018

On the Northern Explorser, the way from Auckland to Wellington.

2 August 2018

Mt. Eden. The scenery of Auckland City.

1 August 2018

Waiheke Island