North America, Australia and Oceania · 13 Days · 45 Moments · June 2018

New Zealand and Australia

22 June 2018

Home Sweet Home!

21 June 2018

We decided to leave LAX for dinner. We r at Rock &Brew.

20 June 2018

We decided to get our pictures with a koala this evening instead of tomorrow morning
1 acre of sugar cane produces 20 tones of sugar. It has to be processes within 16 hours of cutting. It will take almost 5 months to harvest a large farm
We ended the day on a train ride back to Cairns
Next we took the gondola over the rain forest and into Kuranda
Today started in Tjapykai—jab-a-kai. We learned out to throw Spears and Boomerangs and then watch a native dance
Busy last day in Cairns. We start heading home tomorrow

19 June 2018

Had a wonderful dinner tonight with some old friends and new one. Angela & Corbin Mullis and i had some fish nibble our toes. OMG it tickled so much we couldn’t stop laughing
It was a rough morning getting to the platform today. Waves were 6 ft tall with 28 knot winds. Yep. I got sick 4 times. The reef was beautiful, lots of fish even saw 2 turtles!! Smooth sailing on the way back. I stayed outside with my eyes on the horizon
Good morning from Cairns!! Today we r snorkeling ALL DAY

18 June 2018

Easy day today. Just traveling north to warmer weather

17 June 2018

Ended the day with. Tour of the Sydney Opera House. Climbed a lot of steps!
Next we had lunch in Manly Beach
The wildlife park was so great.
Wildlife preservation
Ahh. Great nights rest—ready to start another fantastic day

16 June 2018

Wow, we r exhausted! 14 hr day of sight seeing and mostly walking. Didn’t wear my Fitbit but I’m sure we walked a minimum of 20,000 steps. The bird is a White Ibis. Pretty cool
Planning on checking out VIVID tonight. Look up VIVID SYDNEY TO SEE WHAT IT IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE!!! A massive light show. Tonight is the last night of a month long event. Not going to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, it cost 300.😳
A lot to do and see today.

15 June 2018

We just landed in Sydney Australia!
This was AWESOME
Today we r going to the HOBBITON!! I’ve been excited about this since our tour guide added this as an extra excursion. Then we head 3 hrs back to airport and then off to Australia

14 June 2018

OMG!!! The Redwood Forest walk was fantastic. Enjoy the photos
Hells Gate was wonderful. We r all very relaxed.
Great tour of the thermal village. We saw bathing tubs that are still used, cooking pools for corn and leafy vegetables. All meats and root vegetables are all steamed in the ground. The crust of the earth in this area is very thin and changing daily. We were told to not go past the wooden fences because the ground was so fragile and could fall through.
First stop today. The “wh” makes an f sound...LOL... so to pronounce the name is....hahaha “fuck a where a where wa”
This the lake across from our hotel and wildlife
Good Morning!! Here is today’s agenda, nice relaxing day. Most of the ladies are planning to do the Hells Gate-mud and sulfur pools. A new excursion was added yesterday and has only been open for a few months—the Redwood Tree Top Walk.

13 June 2018

The Moari Village. We enjoyed a traditional dinner and dance. Tried a wonderful desert called pavlova. Mm mmm good
Beate and i hit the winery at the top of the gondola ride this afternoon
Time spent at the Agrodome. Sheer sheering. Pics of some of our group and the hat I wanted to buy but NOT for 184.00. Thought i looked like a Russian princess. Haha
Rotorua Ducktour on Blue Lake. Riding in 74 year old Lucy WWII amphibian.
Dab chick we almost took out on the boat. Seriously though we were going on a “duck” wildlife tour not a boat
Lake Okareka
Lake two. Known as potato lake where the locals used to grow sweet potatoes
Blue lake on the duck tour

12 June 2018

Today’s activities
Got a great workout climbing to to top of Mt. Eden. The bus did drive 2/3rds of the way up. We were able to walk around the rim. 150 ft drop to the bottom
We finically arrived in Auckland @ 5:49am on Tuesday June 12. Lost a day when we crossed the international dateline At airport waiting on one more group to arrive then we r off on an scenic drive of Auckland the 4 hr drive to Rotorua

11 June 2018

Our group ready to explore the Outback