United States of America · 5 Days · 8 Moments · December 2015

New Years 2016 in Philly

3 January 2016

New Years Day Parade!! Funny that in Philly, the big celebration is on New Years Day and not Eve. The parade was awesome. Best part was that all open container laws go right out the window on this day and everyone gets hammered. EVERYONE. Similar to Miami regattas, the "cool" thing is to have is a truck (the philly equivalent of a boat) with a massive hitch on it that can haul as many people you can fit + a massive sound system. Some had DJs, full bands, karaoke, etc.. To some it up in a nutshell: there was this one guy who was obliterated, walking in zigzags in the parade way behind from his crew. At first glance one can easily notice that his trajectory of said belligerent strut is leading him right into a police officer. Coming from Miami, I'm thinking this officer is going to choke slam him into the ground and throw him into a drunk tank.. But no, Philly always finds away to surprise you. The officer grabs him, hugs him and says "You are almost there buddy!"

2 January 2016

The Reading Terminal Market I could've spent my whole trip here eating. Most delicious and fresh food in Philly, also great way to support the locals. Dangomendation: Go to DiNic's and grab a pulled pork sub with sweet peppers and provolone. You would've never have thought that such simplicity could instill such emotion and joy into one's life.

1 January 2016

This city is so beautiful

30 December 2015

Home for the next few days
First place we went to when we landed. Small little bar called Ray's Happy Birthday Bar.. It was literally the happiest place in the world and the most amazing bar in Philly... Even though it is the only one we've seen thus far lol
Genos was definitely the winner in the epic battle vs Pats. Seriously though no comparison. Bread - Genos wins Cheese - Genos wins Meat - Genos wins Douchebags - Pats wins this one
Pre flight cousin love. Amber picked us up when we landed ;)
Started the trip loosing my credit card woo hoo! Got some cash thank god that I'm going to have to stretch.