United States of America · 7 Days · 10 Moments · August 2016

C'ville Beginners

26 August 2016

I decided to make an Instagram page for stuff as I discover it. We may still keep this one going for you all for things we particularly like and as a way to collaborate, but if it's quiet here it's because I'm putting mine in Instagram. That way I can get connected with stuff in the area at the same time and see what's going on. @lizzieincville

24 August 2016

Visited the Meade Park Growers Market today. A whopping half mile away. So nice. Met a possible raw milk jersey farmer. Trained Nessie to behave Thru the market. Even spotted 2 groundhogs(?) on the way home.
Keevil & Keevil Kitchen in Belmont area. Opened summer 2016. Small market and cafe. L Great breakfast sandwich already prepped and ready to take out. The egg was fried and still runny which was perfect.

23 August 2016

Market Street Market: walked through for the first time tonight ... Just off the downtown mall ... And I was not expecting so many items offered! They've done a great job of stocking a huge variety from gourmet to basic brands. Looking forward to going back and trying their deli and salads, bringing home a roasted chicken. And I grabbed an amazing granola that included graham cracker crumbs! So good!
Rethreads: consignment clothing and local handmade crafts. Great shop to check out. Most stuff wasn't as funky as the photo but I forgot to take pictures until I saw these... Penny loafers! I did buy a great pair of shoes sans coin and bottle caps.
We have recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia and are discovering the town. We also left a much more rural and suburbia background for a more urban, downsized life. Looking forward to sharing our discoveries.

22 August 2016

Java Java Cafe: on the downtown mall. Great stop because I can tie the pooch up and she can watch me through the glass door while I'm ordering. Then I can relax under the trees at the patio tables outside. Or inside sans pooch because it's a lovely, classy coffee shop.

21 August 2016

Peter Chang's: Sunday brunch was great. Shrimp dumplings and wonton soup. And some super spicy beef.
The Point Church: really enjoyed worshipping there for our first visit.

20 August 2016

City Farmer's Market: next to the downtown mall on Saturday mornings. So many booths with all kinds of goodies, produce, meat, breakfast and lunch, etc. I can't wait for Saturday! I had a breakfast pie from The Pie Guy. Tasty. And iced coffee from another booth. I need a lot of Saturday's to try it all!