United States of America · 5 Days · 25 Moments · February 2016

New Orleans Honeymoon!

22 February 2016

Whoa quick post-trip post script, the sky looked awesome during our flight and we got to be in the sky with the moon. Haaay girl. And hey NJ! Ok bye bye travel journal, til next adventure 😘
Final selfies of the trip, in front of the Mississippi and on the plane. Apparently we both feel we have a "side" to play to the camera like Mariah. In further diva style I'm going to sleep on the plane with a sheet mask on and then sunglasses on top of THAT, and a cashmere throw. Ooh or maybe get kicked off for unruly behavior. I'm not sure yet. Bye New Orleans!!! Stoked to see Crumby when we get home.
And just like that, we were back where we began *Carrie Bradshaw voice* Cafe Beignet on our first day and last day! Ryan is Mr. Big going after that bite

21 February 2016

Second batch of Voodoo Museum pictures. Beliefs with heavy visual/physical elements like altars and rituals are just so interesting to me, and double that interest if it might be a little creepy
Voodoo Museum photo...deposit #1. It was just 2 rooms and a hallway crammed with stuff and plaques explaining them on the walls, but I was way into it. With like one ounce less restraint this is probably what our house would look like
Didn't mean to set myself up to type "dump #2" but here we are now
Zoo photo dump #1
Off to a good start!

20 February 2016

Another awesome tour, this one walking around the city hearing ghost and vampire stories including about horrible person Madame LaLaurie's mansion full of slave torture, and OH also The Edge from U2 was in our tour group, annnd more legs up the wall before dinner
I'm a pretty adventurous eater but eating crawfish just felt like dissecting a plate of sea bugs. PASS
And that this is where they think she's actually buried. People leave offerings of cigarettes, alcohol and hair accessories for her, so I left her a bobby pin. So cool
Photo dump #2 of the cemetery. The tomb with all the Xs is where Marie LaVeau is rumored to be buried but there's enough evidence to think that's probably not true...
St. Louis Cemetery 1 tour- so so awesome. The pyramid is Nicolas Cage's kookoo future tomb, which people have left offerings of pennies at because he's gone bankrupt so many times and combs at because you know...
Breakfast at District Donuts and Saturday strolling. I thought I had over-ordered by getting a cinnamon roll donut and a pork belly breakfast taco and then I proved myself wrong and tried some of Ryan's fried chicken biscuit too. I do not feel so good.

19 February 2016

Late night- went to an art market on Frenchman Street, a witch shop, and walked by an art shop with an inexplicable painting of Elijah Wood
Had really great food bopping around a couple different places getting stuff- Pizza Domenica and La Petite Grocery, plus walking around Magazine Street
Getting half-price fancy pizza and half-price wine next to decorative logs
Legs in the pool and legs up the wall
Potato chip and coffee break at the hotel. Ryan wants to dip his feet in the pool but my $6 Target crushed velvet leggings stained my legs crazy black so I'll just sit next to him
Sorry to be an asshole, guys, but we're doing the ol tempy-flip on ya
Pharmacy Museum, where I made a very funny and very well-received joke about Wadsworth from Clue being the inventor of the toothbrush
First time drinking on the street. Legally.
Then the Audubon bug and butterfly museum (def not actually called that) where there were about 50 field trips of young kids happening and a butterfly traveled on my shoulder for a while.
Day 2 at sea. The ghost in our hotel room turned on the radio at midnight, no big, and we got up early to go to Cafe Beignet for beignets and a breakfast sam, then went to the aquarium.

18 February 2016

First day- traveling then chowing one million tacos at Johnny Sanchez. We took the wrong suitcase from our airport shuttle and had to chase it down the street but we got it!