North America · 13 Days · 58 Moments · March 2018

New Life Spring Break in Haiti

9 April 2018

Real food!
UGH, the agony of cleanup!

8 April 2018

7 April 2018

Me and Jo-jo on our last night in Haiti. 🇭🇹

6 April 2018

That’ll do pig; that will do.

5 April 2018

Last afternoon in the village doing a Kids Club, friends, sad goodbyes, dish duty, and a pretty view.
Kids club day! Gonna miss these little trouble makers
This little one is really on my heart today. She held my hand at each visit we had at Pst. Daniel's church. From day one she was feverish. At kid's club she was burning hot, lethargic, and coughing up white stuff. I prayed with her before we left. My only hope is in Jesus for this sweet girl.

4 April 2018

Thursday SVT and kids club in Bercy.
Lots of work on the bathroom project, then souvenirs and braids😄
It was a day spent sharing the Love of Jesus with women & children in Bercy
Wednesday fun.
Some pictures from the week, more when we hit Miami. The Lord showed up to guide us & share his love. Awesome!!

3 April 2018

Meeting our sponsor child Schnadine.

2 April 2018

Sleepy steve
Another fun afternoon!
Yep we can be VERY thankful for our porcelain, others aren’t so fortunate!
Second church repair of the day 😄
Inside the church in Bercy!
Bercy Baptist church
It’s a rainy morning which makes it very cool outside which is great. But it’s slowing the construction project we were going to be doing today.
These are the 2 Churches that New Life has partnered with on Monday. We feel your prayers!
Work project had a slight rain delay
Rain delays in Haiti! Who knew?

1 April 2018

Missed the photo of the TWO kids in his arms, it was Awesome!
Who’s Loving Who? Our God’s love has its own language.
School tour, and they let us in one of the rooms to see the space.
Logan in a state of deep reflective prayer. #dayofrest
Causing trouble on day one, locked in a warehouse 😂
Logan and I locked in the warehouse on the tour!
The girls hanging out waiting for the Village of Hope tour
Happy Easter!
Full base this week! Almost every bed full
Touring Leveque

31 March 2018

Kayla wondering what The Lord has in store for her in Haiti ...?
Next stop Haiti!
Last leg of the trip. Next stop Port au Prince.
We have all made it to our gate and our ready to board!!!
Our “problem” child! Mr. Seif or is it Self??
When American Airlines messes up your ticket/name and then after a long delay trying to fix it says: “well, hopefully your bags make it.” 😑
Traveling in style baby!

28 March 2018

Bags of donations are packed, ready to leave on Saturday morning!