North America · 11 Days · 65 Moments · October 2015

New Life Missions Scouting

21 October 2015

After having some time to debrief about the trip, we've concluded that mission of hope and Azua should be our primary connections. Mission of Hope is able to provide a long term and stable partnership in Haiti. They give us flexibility/excellence/permanence and a role to play in nation transformation. Azua is still in the early stages of development. They have a lot of potential in their city - specifically with a school that they have just inherited. However, the major way that we are interested partnering with them now is that they will lead trips all over Haiti. Mission of hope has a limited geographic area where church teams can go. Through Azua, we can minister throughout the most remote corners of Haiti. Also, Azua is very interested in repairing relationships between Haiti and the DR. At first, we expect our Azua partnership to be primarily centered around our relationships with Rodney and Rhodes who were by far our most gracious hosts.
On the way Home.
Leaving Punta Cana
La Romana

20 October 2015

Trip is almost complete. Scuba, china town and the Holiday Inn.
Jarabacoa is georgeous. They are doing an incredible job with what they are doing, but they don't seem like the best fit for us. Their program is highly centered around their school and their campus which is amazing. We would like to connect them with the azua base to provide consultation for their school.

19 October 2015

Doulos tour
Doulos center
Pictures on our way to and at Doulos Discovery School!
The road to jarabacoa

18 October 2015

The oldest church in the oldest city in the new world.
On the way to santo Domingo.

17 October 2015

Andy's drinking coffee, Kerri! :)
Pictures from today's adventures here in Azua - the salt mines, the water falls way in the back country, and coral rock . . . This is beautiful country and YWAM Azua has many many local opportunities and Rodney, the base leader, is doing a great job.
The waterfall
In and around Azua
The salt mines
YWAM Azua base.

16 October 2015

Dinner with our hosts in Azua and the view from their roof.
Just found out that all the busses are being turned away from the border. The only way to cross right now is the way that we are doing it. Tap Taps to motorcycles. Woot.
More border pics
On the way to the DR with Emmanuel.

15 October 2015

Last shots from NLCH - we all agree that this place is an excellent connection. They are right in PaP and very close to the airports. They will serve as an excellent place to spend the night on our way to and from other destinations in Haiti. We agree that NLCH is not going to be our primary partner.
Random shots from Port au Prince
In the middle of port au prince
Photos from New Life Children's Home. They are located right next to the airport, and they host a lot of third-party missionary teams for homebuilding food distribution and the like. The majority of their focus is the orphanage where they run over capacity and they have 15 to 20 disabled in handicapped children that they take care of, as most other orphanages will not take these children.
Yesterday morning I ran into 2 twins from the island of Lagunav and introduced myself, "Hi, my name is Jimmy." "Jimby," one of them said. Thinking he misunderstood what I said, I replied, "no, my name is Jimmy." He said, "yeah, Jimby." So I said, "your name is Jimby?" He shook his head yes and his twin brother spoke up, "yeah, like Jean Baptist" . . .
Got to New Life Children's Home way early, and found a beautiful hammock spot in a mango tree :)
Arrived at New Life Children's Home.

14 October 2015

Around St. Marc. YWAM has been involved in all sort of projects in the city.
Ballille, One of the villages we visited in section 5 of rural St Marc area. YWAM is involved in building homes and helping in various other ways at this particular village. They have their own school and pastor of a church
The road YWAM built to get out to this remote village
Ballagy - brick house is an example of a home of hope. The sort of thing that could be done by a New Life team. Homes are 2 8x8 rooms and typically sleep 7 people. They replace the bamboo structures.
Entering Section 5.
Once we coordinate WHAT we want to do, they will handle the details of getting it done. It seems like we would have an opportunity to develop significant relationships with specific staff. The staff is smaller and they have all been here for a very long time.
We are headed out to section 5 today. This is a poor area that St Marc has been investing in for years and is having great fruit.

13 October 2015

St. Marc has a cool house building program where you can pay for the house, and then come to build it and then help move in 2 families(homes of hope). All in one week. They also have a fishery where they are growing tilapia. They do food distribution. They can help us build our own out reaches around our interests. There is a huge wall around the base. The base itself would be totally safe for families. They offer a dance camp. They believe that their strengths are training and discipleship. They have the ability to gather pastors and large groups of people in St Marc. Homes of hope is their big connection point for churches. $6000 for a home. Approximately. They do prison ministry. They do a lot during holidays. Marti gras is a big deal and they do dramatic stuff during that time. Idea team size is 10-20 but they can handle up to 60. $495/person. They feel as though their largest needs are staff. There might be opportunities to sponsor Haitian staff.
Shots from around the St.Marc Base
So far we are just hanging out waiting to meet folks at St Marc. We have learned that the leadership has been here for quite a long while, and there are a couple of related families that are the leadership core. There are two bunk rooms with triple bunk beds. I estimate that they can house 50 people each..... But boy would it be cramped and hot.
Our view from YWAM Saint Marc today
On the way to St.marc
White people dint usually ride on top of the Tap Taps.
On our way to St Marc today, whilst riding on a tap tap👊, we got a flat tire. But, praise the Lord it was only 60!seconds later that an empty tap tap rolled up and we piled in. :) This pic is from before getting picked up by Boby to head toward St Marc.
It's almost 6am on Tuesday Oct 13. The sound of roosters and clanging pans can be heard across the courtyard of the mission we are staying at.After an amazing and jam packed day spent with Otis and Bobby yesterday, we'll be leaving mission of hope in a few hours to tap-tap our way 50 miles north to St. Mark, Haiti. Our new Haitian friend Bobby will be escorting us there and will be our interpreter for the next little while. Let's see what God has in store on this next leg of our journey!

12 October 2015

Today we visited: a pre-school to grade 13 school, a prosthetics creating factory with a rehab unit, eye clinic, dental clinic, urgent care, 3 cords (where they train workers in local trades such as sewing etc). Amputees and other handicaps work there. We visited a huge distribution warehouse. ....90,000 meals a day. They have a farm to table program where you can come help farmers plant one day and then the next day be a part of serving food that was planted. They are developing a Christian creole curriculum that is supported by government. Only one in existence. We saw earthquake replacement housing. The north campus has housing and old folks home, pastor training center. We ate chicken. Visited bobbies neighborhood with the spring fed well. We met mama chief in titanyanye and she prayed/sang for us. We drove up the mountain towards the farm communities. We came home and drank real Coke. In hammocks. Over the ocean.
Storm rolling in on the base.
Titaynye and the mountains above.
Our new friend Boby lives in this village about 15/20 mins down the street from mission of hope. Post-earthquake this cement was poured to create a constant stream of water flowing through the village. At the top of the village they can get drinking water, and then they bathe downstream.
Outlying bases. Laveque housing project. Bercy campus. (North campus)
Child sponsorship really goes towards the administration of the school costs. Parents are required to pay 3 to 5 dollars per child. If they stop paying that amount the child will not be able to be in school. It's common for children to be in school for your out of school for a year. There are three years of kindergarten and 13 years of great school. There are ways to be involved with specific villages as well as schools in those villages. Churches can do construction projects and work in homes and work with the medical clinics. They work with the deaf and prostitutes and with local churches. Each village has a champion that approves the work is going to be done in each of the villages. Hammocks and sandals. Eno and chockos.
The morning at mission of hope. Guest dorms and cafeteria.
MOH has steep internet prices!

11 October 2015

Grand Rapids Airport
Admirals club. Hurrah!
Leaving for Haiti!
Bye bye babies. I love you and will miss you! Heading to the GR airport.
First time I've ever walked to church wearing a backpack.

10 October 2015

Goooodbye Sweet LJ😘
Goodbye sweet Kayla. You are licking my face.