Germany · 21 Days · 4 Moments · August 2018

New Chapter in my life - University

24 August 2018

First Time taking the train alone to Gütersloh. I met my sister there, for some bonding time, a nice coffee break and some delicious Döners at the made in Bärlin in Gütersloh. The experience in general wasn’t that bad it was quite okay to find connections and everything, but there were some bumps in the road for example running to catch the bus or delays on the trains on the way there and back 🙈😂 Yet the autumn 🍂 is catching up on us it is getting colder throughout the days and adding to that an nice breeze

23 August 2018

Last few days have been going amazing. My boyfriend came to visit me with his mom, which also marked the first time I used public transportation. Not gonna lie was quite intimidating at first yet all went fine and amazing. I got to send some time in the city explore and finding new shops and things to do. But also exploring the gastronomical part of the city, for example Numa. This week also marked the first for official paperwork as electrical bill and more. Yet I’m very happy and thankful to have so many people ready to explain to me or to help me complete all this. How I’m feeling? Well last week I would have said it’s okay I don’t know but now since I’m starting to get to know everything and experience new thing and letting go of fears I’m finding myself being happier in my new surroundings as well as more open to do thing on my own and try new things. So in conclusion I’m feeling quite happy and amazed of my new surroundings.

17 August 2018

As easy as it sound moving and a fresh start it isn’t quite that easy. I’m very thankful for the help I received and still am receiving to start this new chapter. The first week was quite hectic yet very interesting, getting the keys, doing the paperwork but most importantly getting to know your blank canvas to create your own first home. Also building stronger relationships and coping with missing your friends and families. Yet although it hasn’t been so long I have already created fun memories and also got to know my new surroundings a little bit better.

7 August 2018

The process of planning, purchasing and building Ikea furniture. A lot of thoughts and labor go into designing the blank canvas that will transform to your own home.