North America, Europe · 24 Days · 215 Moments · September 2018


11 October 2018

Our Last full day in The Netherlands. We walked around Haarlem and visited the Corrie Ten Bloom Museum. Then we ate dinner at the Crepes place !

10 October 2018

The Rhine River
Traditional Birthday Food for me! Sushi and Carrot Cake... my favorite
Happy Birthday to me! Today we took a long trip on the ICE train to Koln Germany! What a stunning Cathedral! Inside and out... we enjoyed typical German Dinner and walked around.

9 October 2018

After a wonderful trip to Enkhuizen we decided to stop at Fetties in Haarlem for dinner! Healthy hot tea in the glass with fresh ginger, oranges slices, herbs and mint! DA BOMB🌱 The Hamburger was so healthy there was no Guilt involved 😋
After a wonderful Brunch and Bagels n Beans we decided to take the train North for the day and visit a quant fisherman village ~Enkhuizen ~ I loved this little town! It was not infected with tourists! We had reservations to stay here at the beginning of our trip, but because the weather was so bad we decided to forgo our plans. Im so glad that we made the time to visit !
Today we had a late start. I felt like I had a walking HANGOVER from HELL! We had brunch and Bagels and Beans. Soooo yummy!

8 October 2018

This was a first for me so I snuck a picture of him !
Loved this waffle stand ! Some of the stores already had their Christmas decor up !
Beautiful impressive architecture in Antwerp!
We began with lunch at Ellis . Mom and I shared one of the best Hamburgers I have ever tasted in my life! Of course the Frietas and their special mayo were the bomb too!
We walked through the main center where people were sitting outside on this sunny day enjoying their lunch.
Antwerp is a very majestic city.
Antwerp’s Central Station is known for being the most beautiful in all of Europe.
Today we ventured off to Antwerp,Belgium. We had reserved seats aboard the fast train called the Thalys. It was a quick 1 hourish trip from Amsterdam.

7 October 2018

6 October 2018

After a long day visiting Gouda, we headed to Amsterdam Central to inquire as to why my Eurorail ticket wasn’t working. The International department gave me a new one thank goodness! We thought about having dinner in the city but Amsterdam was crazy busy for a Saturday, therefore, we decided to just eat at the station again at our favorite German Restaurant!
Bikes~ Bikes and more Bikes!
We walked all around Gouda
The beautiful journey to Gouda!
After visiting Haarlems Boter Market, we hopped on the train and set forth for Gouda. We had to transfer trains at Den Haag to get to Gouda.
Saturday morning we ventured out to Haarlems Boter Market, where they sell fresh fruit,veggies, cheese and every baked goodie you can think of!
A few other cool Barbershops. Kapper Martin was just down the street from where we stayed and the other was in Gouda

5 October 2018

Friday we visited the Tyler’s Museum and walked around Haarlem. For Dinner we tried a Mexican restaurant. It was not very good therefore I didn’t take pictures!
Haarlems ~Amsterdam Dandy Barbershop! Barber Birdman and Just Marni!!! My two favorite Barbers here in the Netherlands!
OMG! AlmondKoak, Speculass Filled with Almond paste,fresh bread and Oliebolla! 5 different kinds -Nutella,Banana, Apple, Raisins and plain. My grandma would make Oliebolla every Christmas. It is a Dutch Tradition!

4 October 2018

Photos of Volendam! This was the cutest fisherman’s village!
This is what a typical Dutch home used to look like long ago. This was taken in Volendam inside a Stroopwaffle shop
We were going to stay at the Old Dutch Hotel here in Volendam, but plans changed. This was the cutest puppy!
Volendam boardwalk
The Volendam cheese factory, and all you can taste! And then some random photos of the cute town
Photos that I took heading into Volendam
More shots heading into Volendam
This was aboard the Ferry from Marken to Volendam. Notice the seagull only has one leg....
Marken fishing village. We took this ferry to Volendam, it was about a 20 min smooth ride
Marken wooden shoe factory and a few pictures on our way to the ferry
Marken Wooden shoe factory!
There are an abundance of these windmills all across the Netherlands.
There are several house boats all along the canals
Windmills sheep and Wooden shoes!
Beautiful day to explore the Windmills !
Windmills and more !
Our first stop was Zaans Schans. We had a tour of the windmills and why they are so important in the Netherlands!
But before we go we had they most delicious lunch and this German restaurant at Amsterdam Central!
On our way to Amsterdam central to catch our tour bus to Zaans Schans, Marken and Volendam

3 October 2018

2 October 2018

Mom’s home where she was born and lived in until 1947.
Outside of Haarlems train station.
Lunch at a Quaint French Cafe~ mom has split pea soup and I had mustard soup.
More of the St. Bavo Church
St.Andrew Bavo Church
We spent most of the day in the center of Haarlem soaking in all of its history.

1 October 2018

30 September 2018

29 September 2018

Everywhere we go there are Dogs & Cats💕 can’t wait to go have coffee with all the kitty’s 🐱
Love the outdoor cafes... lunch was great
Goodbye Rotterdam!!!!!

28 September 2018

27 September 2018

Sid n Nancy
Some more cool shots of the barbershop and where I ate lunch 2 days in a row, YUM
The finished product and some cool shots from inside the Barbershop!
My model Raymond

26 September 2018

My model Alex’s finished Hair. What a great day training at The Old School Academy. On my way home I took this picture of the canal and train . Then mom and I went to dinner at a Chinese Restaurant across the street, it was yummy. Then afterwards we went for a stroll to the Rotterdam World Trade Center .
My model Alex from Romania. I met him yesterday while I visited the school and I got to pick him for my model today ! He was a very nice young man!
Nellis did a demo haircut for us first.
Inside The Old School Academy!

25 September 2018

After getting settled into our new home for the next 5 days, I ventured off alone to fine the Holy Ashtray and Old School Academy! Easy breasy...
We took the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. It was a beautiful journey, but FML mom and I brought toooooooo much crap with us and what a pain in the A** to travel this way. OMG never again will I pack this way .... we want to ship our crap home:/ Also this is a view from our room on the 7th floor
This was our awesome neighbor Hans Hiltermann. He was such joy to visit with and gave us tips on what and what Not to see in Amsterdam.

24 September 2018

Our awesome amazing warm and cozy home in Amsterdam! 💕 Sander for allowing us to stay a bit longer.
Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our amazing Amsterdam home ! We ended up staying an extra two nights instead of traveling north by car in a rainy down pour.
Day 6... Today we ventured out to the open air market called Albert Cuypstraat Market. Here we saw lots of tourists shopping booths. We tasted a fresh Stroopwafel and Poffertjes (tiny pancakes with butter and powdered sugar) we came across s fish market which was pretty cool and cheap ! I ventured in a Barbershop and introduced myself, he was very nice and just getting ready to give a shave . We then ate lunch at the Bazaar, which was amazing ! I had fish soup and mom had a egg ham sandwich. There is also a picture of a vending machine with hot food in it. As we were walking home I came across this adorable kitty, I wanted to take him home ;) It was a great day and tonight is our last night in Amsterdam. We visited all the attractions we set out to see. It is a very diverse city with a ton of history and beautiful buildings and canals.

23 September 2018

Day 5:On our way to central station this morning we saw this adorable swan swimming in the rain ! After we went to the train station to get information we decided to go shopping for a new rain coat and I found this cute hat ! It was raining hard outside so we stayed inside the shopping mall and had a late lunch at OVIDIUS. I had Bitterballen and chicken soup and Mom had Kroquettes!

22 September 2018

Our last stop for the day was at The Madurodam. This unique attraction was created in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Maduro ‘s Son George who died in during WWll. It was built in the 1950’s. It is a miniature replica of all the important structures in the Netherlands.
Our next city we visited was Den Haag. This city is home to the courts and justice system. There are two different systems, the criminal courts and courts for disputes between countries. The government is ran by the Prime minister and representatives. There are four different parties and the people elect the representatives. The royal family has no power.
After leaving the Delft Factory, we headed to the quaint center of Delft. This little town is adorable and is home to many college students since there is a huge University there.
Day 4: We rested in the morning enjoying our coffee and the sound of rain. Later in the afternoon we took a tour bus to Delft, Den Haag and Madurodam. Our first stop was the Delft Factory. We learned about the history and how this beautiful Exquisite porcelain is made.

21 September 2018

After a LONG DAY of over 15,000 steps and 15 flights of stairs we headed back to the Jordan on Tram 2. When we exited the tram we were greeted by a down pour of Rain, Lightning and Thunder storms. I freaked out and ducted into a Hemp store and met the nicest woman who helped me buy CBD oil and lotion. Once the rain calmed down we ventured out and headed home. We were starving and didn’t know where to eat and we saw a cute young Lady standing outside of a very nice quaint cafe inviting us in. It was Lecker!!! Mom had beef stew and I had chicken Marsala! And for dessert we shared CremBrulé!
Next, we visited the Van Gogh Museum. We were more interested in the gift shop than the actual paintings themselves. It was very crowed and we were exhausted. My favorite painting was the sunflowers and moms was the Bed!
It rained most of the day, but after lunch we had a quick dry spell which allowed us to hop on Tram 2 and head towards several famous museums and the I Am Amsterdam sign. Our favorite museum was the Rijksmuseum. This is were the famous Rembrandt paintings are displayed including the famous Nightwatch.
As we were strolling around Jordan we came across a Cheese Museum, where we were able to taste several different kinds of cheese. Our favorite was Gouda! There was even Beer a cheese ! Then on our way back to the house for a quick lunch we came across a Cow Museum.
After visiting the Anne Frank House, we crossed over the canal to the wealthy side of the Jordan. The name of the street is Prinsengracht. We are staying two blocks away on Herengracht( which means Gentlemen) Here we visited the Tulip Museum! This was a highlight of my trip since I love Tulips!!
Our first stop on our 3rd day, was the Anne Frank House. What an in incredible, sad, story. We had to buy our tickets two months in advance, since it is the most highly sought tour here in AMSTERDAM. We were not allowed to take any photos once we were inside. We could only walk away with the her story and visuals we experienced.

20 September 2018

At the end of our 2nd day we decided to take a canal cruise. It was free with the purchase of our I Amsterdam Card.
After visiting the Artis Zoo and the Dutch Resistance Museum, mom and I sat out side at a little cafe in the Jewish Plantage quarters and enjoyed a treat while visiting with a local couple !
Just a few of my favorite photos from our visit today at the Artis Zoo!
This was outside of the Oude Kerk. As I was sitting on a bench people watching, a tour guide stopped at this and spoke of it all I heard was that it was good luck to tap it with both of your feet.
Today we visited the Oude Kerk.
Then we had lunch at this great place called In De Waag. I had a goat cheese salad and mom had grilled ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a side of ketchup.I didn’t know that it was popular until we finished and I realized that we got 25% off our lunch by having the I Amsterdam Card!!! We scored !
Day2: Today we started off by walking to Dam Square, where we saw the Royal Palace and then we ventured off to the Red Light District. No photos allowed but I got to see the hash and hemp museum!

19 September 2018

What a great trip! Our flight was smooth and comfortable~we took the correct train to downtown Amsterdam~ we attempted to walk to our Airbnb but just couldn’t make it the whole way so our host came and retrieved us~we took a nap, then went for a walk. I ate raw Herring with pickles and onions and people watched as much as we could. I love to ride bikes but it’s crazy here !!! Our place is absolutely amazing and if you inhale just right you could get a little high!! We are directly above a Coffeehouse....🤪 Can’t wait to catch some 😴 and see what tomorrow brings 🇳🇱

17 September 2018

Off to Ontario airport to meet my mom for our trip to the Netherlands tomorrow!!!!