Qatar, Nepal · 4 Days · 8 Moments · November 2018

Nepal: GA SFW Capacity Building Training

25 November 2018

The ambassador ‘class of 2014’ and coaches for the Nepali programme stayed on for another session today, as we waved goodbye to the ambassadors. We spent time at the futsal court this morning working on how to build a football for Development session that is directly linked to prescribed social themes. Each group (of four coaches/ambassadors) were given a topic and asked to to the following: 1) think of a practical game you’ve delivered before 2) identify a social ‘theme’ to focus on 3) think of words/common language to the game and the theme (decision making, limited opportunity etc.) 4) identify an ‘aim’ for the session to achieve 5) identify specific questions you can ask in the debrief that use the linking words and link the game to the social message 6) debrief effectively All groups did this with excellent attitude and knowledge. Games have been recorded and saved

24 November 2018

Amazing day today. Visited two of the GA pitches, one in Jugeda and one in Fulbari. Both really run down and in need of maintenance. The branding is struggling/non existent and the pitches need work. However, they are better than I imagined. They’re bigger, more we’ll used and very much the pride of the villages. 5-10km outside Dhangadhi, they’re accessible by tuk tuk or vehicle.. (vehicle would be more comfy!). Check out the photos of today’s visits and session.

22 November 2018

Had a great day. Started off with a late flight out of Kathmandu which wasn’t ideal. The flight was 1:30hours late leaving which meant we didn’t arrive until lunchtime in Dhangadhi. This pushes all the activations back, meaning we didn’t finish until 1900hrs! Absolutely shattered. The facilities are excellent. The football pitch, was in superb condition and, even though it is 15 minutes drive, it’s worth t for the standard of surface etc. The hotel is, well, is. The ‘classroom’ setting is fine, has all projectors and necessary things needed, like computer, printer, chairs, tables etc. Also, we have in abundance of paper, pens, flipchart etc. Food is fine.. basic, but fine. Roll on tomorrow.. I’m knackered! 😂
Chilling in the airport, easy access and never seen so many middle aged walkers/ramblers/retirees in my life! Fascinating place.
Found a great place to glance at my book and people watch in the airport.. the woman will get around the making my coffee from this little place, once she’s caught the rat that she was chasing around the shelves 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏

21 November 2018

Easy visa process.. 15 days, $25. Visa on arrival....
Good start, 40kg of kit in transit now to Nepal.